She’s All That

I was very nervous for Marci Miller’s first scenes as Abigail. The character has become pivotal to the show, and Kate Mansi was very strong in the role. I remember all too well the way my blood ran cold when Charity Rahmer first appeared as Belle and seemed unable to speak and move at the same time; I have a similar sinking feeling every time Ciara is onscreen these days.


So I was relieved to see that this woman can, you know, actually act. She had some pretty heavy stuff in her first scenes — and Abigail carries a lot of baggage — but I thought she handled it all quite well. I’m sure it’ll take some time for her to really settle into the rhythm of things, but this was a promising start.

And how much does she look like she could be Melissa Reeves’s daughter?!

Also, for all the faults that the present-day show has, there’s something fantastic about the fact that it’s 2016 and we’re getting a wedding centered on Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis.


Sure, there are like four people there, and Joey is so stupid that he’s blurting out the news of Jade’s pregnancy in the middle of the damn ceremony, but it’s a wedding. And there’s clearly emotional investment on the show’s part in her relationships with both Justin and Lucas. I was going to harp on Kate for continuing her usual “No woman is good enough for my son” craziness, since Adrienne actually is a kind, relatively sane person, but then I remembered that amazing scene where Kate and Adrienne got into it and Kate punched Adrienne in the face, so I guess her attitude tracks with what’s come before.

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6 Comments on “She’s All That”

  1. Mo Says:

    I just wish every wedding didn’t first involve the characters explaining why so many of the immediate family couldn’t make it. Billie? Austin? Lucas daughter? Adrianne’s other kids? Oh well… I wish they would at least fill the church with extras. There were more people at Hope’s sentencing! I guess that’s more juicy than a wedding of two (sadly) barely-there characters. More and more lately I find myself only perking up when “recurring” cast is on.

    Abby must have gotten over seeing Ben around every corner? Is it kind of bad I wish she was still crazy? I miss seeing Ben, no matter how creepy.

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG, I know. The minute they decree that it’s someone’s wedding day (even if it’s been that day for like six episodes already), you know we’re in for a litany of why this and that person can’t make it. They didn’t even mention Adrienne’s other boys! You’re right, though — slapping 10 extras in those pews would’ve made a huge difference. Are we to believe that Adrienne and Lucas don’t know ANYONE besides those six family members?!

  2. ADW Says:

    While I was never an Abigail fan since the beginning of her bratty teen days, I’m loving the new look (she does look like Alice/Jennifer) and portrayal; I think overall Marci Miller is doing a phenomenal job so far. I really like her tone/inflection, she sounds proper, spoiled, and entitled. Well, the thing about some of these mental conditions is people have their good and bad days. Also, Abbie mentioned being on medication, I suppose it must be Xanax times 1000. Furthermore Laura and her crazy eyes must have had some impressive therapy for her PTSD.
    I thought the turn out to Sami’s/EJ’s last wedding was downright pathetic, however the attendance at subsequent weddings has become even more sparse and pathetic. There are quite a few family members on both sides who have been away from Salem and out of the picture for far too long and as for some of the extended family in Salem, shame on them for not showing up.
    As for Joey’s outburst, how inconsiderate! Of course, I think Joey is so stupid he doesn’t know where babies come from. Also, when the heck did Jade in Joey hump in the last few months? Joey started pushing Jade following his recovery from being shot at the comune and Jade spent quite a while away visiting Grandma as well as getting kicked out of her parents house for the 5,567th time. Are we supposed to believe they got it on off-screen on Halloween?

    • mykleraus Says:

      They’re definitely being hazy on how ill Abigail actually is and what her state is now. Will she need to be on medication forever? (Probably not, considering even Philip’s prosthetic leg went away.)

      Jade made reference to her and Joey having hooked up on Halloween, which I guess happened offscreen. These writers seem to be big fans of withholding certain info and then filling us in later via flashbacks or exposition, I guess to avoid things being too predictable. I don’t totally mind it, though it definitely didn’t seem like Joey was going to have sex with her on Halloween…

      • ADW Says:

        Right! I suppose we will see some cheesy flash backs of Jode (my name for Joey/Jade) humping. I couldn’t stop laughing at Joey’s Disco costume. I certainly hope that Afro wig foreshadowing to how his hair will look in it near future because Joey is already starting to look like Richard Simmons and he desperately needs a hair cut.
        The “Super T” costume that Ciara picked out for Theo was pretty moronic too. Speaking of super heros, I laughed when Sonny ripped his Comic Con tights and I kept thinking it’s easy access.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Jode is a horrible name, which proves that they should not be together.

        I was dying at Joey’s Afro. It took me like three minutes to figure out it was even him, especially because they didn’t have him speak in the whole first scene where he appeared in it.

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