Judgment Day

“Hope, I’m always here for you — the way you’ve always been there for me!”


(“Except for the time I was hopelessly addicted to pain pills and you were living in my house and totally didn’t help me or even notice anything was off for months.”)

Speaking of which, OMG, you guys. I was involved in two car accidents in a 24-hour period earlier this week — and, for the record, neither was my fault, since I was waiting motionless at red lights when other drivers hit me both times, and also, I’m generally fine and my car isn’t damaged, and my dog is totally okay even though he was in the car for both collisions. My actual point is that I wound up at Urgent Care with a sprained neck, and the doctor prescribed me both painkillers and muscle relaxants, and every time I take one of the pills, I get nervous that I’m about to become obsessed with PILLS and wind up swilling beer out of a dumpster like Carly or crawling around my living room sobbing like Jennifer, not even caring what the pills ARE as long as I get some PILLS! Mostly what happens is I take, like, half of one when I’m supposed to and then I go to bed and I’m actually able to sleep pain-free, so it’s possible Days has not given us the most scientifically accurate depiction of how pill addictions play out.



The Hope stuff has been decent, yeah? Not my favorite storyline of all time, but the recent developments have done a nice job of shoring up what was an inherited trainwreck of a situation. The prison sentence feels absolutely necessary, even though we all know some foolishness will crop up that gets her out of prison and back on the police force, but at least they’re making her pay. On the other hand, I could do without scene after scene of people being like, “Hope, what you did wasn’t wrong! It’s fine! He deserved it!” Yeah, he kinda did (okay, he totally did), but not while unarmed and not from a cop. I guess they’re trying to show Hope as truly repentant by having her be the one to flog herself mercilessly for what she did, but it makes her family and friends come off as callous jackasses. I did like Jennifer admitting to Andre that she feels torn between Hope and Chad in this situation. That’s real. As was Steve’s outburst about how any of them could’ve done this — that‘s the part where I feel sympathetic toward Hope, and it was put in the mouth of the right character. Doesn’t let her off the hook, but there is a “there but for the grace of God goes me” element to all this.

I must wonder, though: for all the talk of Justin’s great legal mind, why did he allow them to skip straight to sentencing if he’s arguing that Hope didn’t commit first-degree murder? Shouldn’t she have pled not guilty to the first-degree charge, and then he would’ve worked to show the jury lack of premeditation during the trial? She confessed to the shooting, not to premeditated murder. Maybe I’ll just take a PILL so I stop worrying about it…

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9 Comments on “Judgment Day”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    omgerd wrecks are SO scary but thank god you and dex are OK…..well, except for the sprained neck. OUTCH. pills DO come in handy……no worries. sending healing energy your way and cyber treats to dex. i was so fooled by that judge. i totally thought she was gonna let hope off…..and i loathe that prosecutor bitch. ok then, since i started this hours ago i forgot where i was going….at least it wasn’t to urgent care. feel better. hugs and puppy cuddles.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Thanks! We’re really fine, so it could be much, much worse.

      Before the fall promo came out, I thought we might be in for another “race to save the hero from the gas chamber/lethal injection” story… which could’ve been funny.

  2. Denise Says:

    My Dad felt the same way after he had double knee replacements! He was obviously in a lot of pain, but kept cutting his pills in half because he didn’t want to become a 75 year old, crazy pill addict! Take them if you need them! The fact you are so worried about it probably means you are okay. If you start hiding them in the curtains and couch cushions, then you have to start worrying 🙂 Glad you and your baby are OK.

    I’m just glad they decided to actually sentence Hope in a “realistic” way, even though we know she will get out and probably be elected Mayor within 6 months.

    The jail stuff should be fun. Interested to see how they get Hope out of this mess. File in a cake? Haven’t had a good jail break in at least…oh a month!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Thanks. And my mom is the same way with painkillers! I think she’s made me paranoid. Though I guess it’s not so bad if you just have to go to one AA/NA meeting and speak and then you’re cured. That’s how it works, yeah?

      Hope will def be elected mayor. Hahahaha.

  3. Matthew Says:

    Sending good thoughts for quick healing after your accidents!

  4. JoBean Says:

    So glad to hear you and your dog are ok, so sorry that it happened to you. And don’t worry, if you end up like Jennifer or Carly because of the PILLS, I will browbeat you into attending an (anonymous) MEETING in a very public place with several of your family and friends in attendance, but not before I make sure you are wearing your best outfit.

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