Day of Days Promo: 2016 Edition

The annual Day of Days event is being held in L.A. this weekend, and as has become tradition, the show screened an extended fall promo for the attendees. You can watch it below, and I’ll put commentary behind the cut for the spoiler-averse.

(I’m glad they were prompt in putting it online, but weirdly, I kind of miss watching the bootleg version shot on someone’s phone where you get to hear the crowd gasping and laughing and occasionally shouting hilarious things.)


I’m not sure there’s a real “OMG moment,” as these promos have taken to calling them, in here, though if there was, I might not have noticed because the announcer continues to sound like he just downed a bottle of Tylenol PM. Anyway

  • I’m really glad that they’re sending Hope to prison. Even though we lived through a version of this story in 2010, it feels like the only way to clear the table of her having killed Stefano and get that monkey off the show’s back. I don’t envy these writers trying to clean up what was a terrible decision made by Josh Griffith. I have no clue how they get Hope out of prison, short of Stefano turning up alive, but maybe she’ll be lucky enough to bust up another organ-theft ring and get pardoned.
  • Hattie Adams! This is random as hell, but it’s always fun to see Deidre Hall play these alternate Marlenas, and at least it’s something fresh and weird.
  • Deimos torturing the truth out of Philip… There’s no way they can still think this guy is a viable love interest for a leading woman, right? If they just lean into him being a villain, cool, because he works as that and Vincent Irizarry is more than capable, but this weird attempt to play him as “gray” is even worse than how they used to ping-pong on EJ.
  • This Joey/Jade pregnancy seems like a nightmare, right down to the completely bored way James Lastovic delivers that, “I’m going to be a father” line. (I was giving him a lot of leeway on being green because he used to be so hot, but since that situation on his head doesn’t seem to be clearing up, I’m way less interested.) Theory: any chance the girl JJ had sex with while blackout drunk in Miami was Jade? They’ve made a point that she was out of town… and I don’t hate the idea of getting the next generation of Johnson boys involved in something like that.
  • Excited to see what Marci Miller brings to the role of Abigail. She definitely looks like she could be Melissa Reeves’s daughter. How many episodes do you think we’ll spend watching her lurk around in that huge hat before something actually happens? And based on the fact that Jen seems to recognize her, it doesn’t look like they’re going with the “I got a new face!” school of recasting, which is fine by me, since they eventually always forget and fuck up the continuity anyway.
  • I’m a little shocked that such a huge chunk of the promo — and the ending! — was given over to the Lucas/Adrienne/Justin triangle, which features three recurring players. But I’m thrilled to see all of them in story. Sort of sad that fewer people appear to be at Lucas and Adrienne’s wedding than at Hope’s sentencing, but at least it isn’t happening in a living room. Guessing this is the start of a breast cancer story for Adrienne?

What does everyone else make of this?

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12 Comments on “Day of Days Promo: 2016 Edition”

  1. Farah Says:

    God, I really hate Days’ promo. Compared to the other shows it’s really embarrassing.

    Nothing in the promo seems interesting.

    I was hoping we’d get a bit more of Chad & Gabi before Abby returned. There’s no reason for the triangle now. Even if I do like Chad/Gabi and am generally meh on Chabby, it makes no sense for Chad to entertain Gabi if Abby’s alive.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I know what you mean about Chad/Gabi. It feels premature for it to be a triangle right now. I’m curious to see how they come at this, at least.

      I wish they’d get rid of that lethargic announcer. There’s NO energy to these promos. Ever.

      • Denise Says:

        I can’t imagine they are serious about Chad/Gabby – I don’t buy it…although Chad will probably be understandably pissed at Abby. I think Gaby is a pickle though. If not JJ for her, then who? Who else is in the age range to try her with? I THINK they must be bringing Eric back for Nicole, so who does that leave for poor Gaby? Brady?

      • mykleraus Says:

        I think they’re probably serious about using Gabi as a spoiler for Chabby, which I don’t hate. If Abigail is still ‘off’ and Chad leans on his friendship with Gabi, I could see it working. But yeah, I don’t know who else you put Gabi with. Everyone else her age is dead or gay!

  2. Dan Says:

    This is an intriguing story.

    In my opinion, the only story I’ve been struggling with has been the Stefano murder storyline that has been so dependent on Hope / Rafe. Bringing Hattie into the story is something different, but I don’t know where they are going with it. Are we going to toy with the idea of a one-sided Hattie / Hope attraction, which would play on the years of history Alfonso and Hall have had together? Or is this what they are giving Hall to do because Hogestyn was sidelined at the end of the Orpheus tale?

    To be fair, this Lucas / Adrienne / Justin storyline is clearly the recycled plans for when Evans and Kurth WERE on contract. Higley has always played them well, and I suspect the storyline will eventually stop and start (as Higley tales do) until Lucas and Anne Milbauer have an affair. The one thing that hurts this story is that no one involved has a set to call their own, which is a shame.

    I’m disappointed we are going the Jade/pregnancy route as I think the stronger drama to play for the Johnson family was Steve / Ava’s son, which was dropped. I think writing Joey and his brother like Jack and Steve would give way to some potentially dynamic stories especially if Steve’s son was adopted by a now single man who started looking at Kayla in that special way…

    I suspect they will still keep Deimos around as a sort of gray character, but the writing is more black, than white, than black again rather than somewhere down the middle. The real issue, and I’m almost sorry to say this, is there is no story to play with Nicole and “a nice guy” other than “Nicole disappoints nice guy.” And then we have to suffer through “shamed Nicole,” which I have no use for.

    I’m fine with the Gabi / Chad / Abby / J.J. storyline. I think the plotting works and I think almost everyone involved has significant reason to be mad at their significant other to make this story viable for several months.

    • mykleraus Says:

      This Hattie thing seems to be coming pretty quickly after Hogestyn’s injury, so I have to think it was planned. But it’s definitely a, um, surprising, left-field turn in the story. I really do not envy them having to write Hope out of this, because it’s a mess and was a mistake from the get-go. They could’ve easily generated the same basic story out of Hope actually killing Stefano in self-defense. Andre could still be mad, Aiden could’ve twisted the facts against her, Rafe could’ve helped her cover it up, etc., but in the end, there could be some proof that it was self-defense, and she’s clear. And she wouldn’t be as morally compromised as she is now.

      There was a casting call apparently for the Steve/Ava child a while back. I’m not sure what came of that, but I know it was on the table. We’ll see if that ever comes to fruition. I just don’t see Jade as a particularly viable long-term character, and I don’t want ANOTHER young character saddled with a baby.

      You’re totally right about Lucas/Adrienne/Justin. This is probably the exact story that was starting up last fall before Griffith took hold of the show solo. I wonder if they’ll loop Eve back in. I liked the potential of that quad.

      Part of what’s driving me nuts with Nicole/Deimos is that we’re STILL getting the “shamed Nicole” dynamic even though Deimos has less of a leg to stand on than Daniel and Eric did. I’m really curious to see how they handle Eric’s return and what the dynamic is.

  3. Denise Says:

    This Hattie thing is killing me. OOOOoookay. Well, it gives D something to do while Drake is recuperating so I guess I’ll just go with it. They are in a big quandary with Hope here. How do they justify murder? Perhaps we find out that Stefano was terminally ill and they can convince a judge that he goaded Hope into shooting him? That’s the only thing I can think of.

    If Jade really IS pregnant, then I have to think she is this mysterious girl that JJ slept with (out of nowhere). If she is just mentally unbalanced and trying to keep Joey by claiming to be pregnant she would be found out pretty fast.

    I’m not loving Deimos/Nicole dynamic here. It’s now basically being used to keep Nicole from finding out she’s finally having the baby she always wanted. I get why Chloe would want to keep Deimos away from ANY child, but does this really justify her keeping this secret? I have to believe they realize this pairing is a dud, and they are bringing Eric back for a retry at Ericole, which has a lot of built in drama and history.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The Hattie stuff should be completely over-the-top, which I honestly don’t mind just because it’ll be funny. I really do not know how they get Hope off the hook. She shot an unarmed man multiple times. I don’t even know how you’d say that Stefano is alive. We saw her shoot him, we saw the dead body, we saw her and Rafe DUMP the body.

      I don’t think Chloe is justified in keeping the secret, but I buy that *she* thinks it’s justified, so the setup kinda works for me. It’ll be interesting to see Nicole on the flip side of something like this, at least…

  4. underyourwing Says:

    i just re-watched this and it was like a bad SNL parody….

  5. Damon L. Jacobs Says:

    YES — I had a dream that JJ was actually Jade’s baby daddy. [Curse of watching this show 45 years – you actually dream about plotlines]. It’s not such a stretch given JJ and Joey are first cousins, and the show is making such a big deal about this ‘traumatizing’ encounter JJ had a with a long haired-brunette woman.

    Did anyone else think Gabi’s reaction to JJ’s indiscretion was a little extreme? JJ has always been a man-slut. Her reaction could have made sense if they had played it as her own guilt for having such strong desire for Chad but instead they played it as moral outrage, which Gabi is in no position to sit in.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I do think they should’ve played Gabi’s guilt up more, but I also think she believes she has moral high ground because, at the time, she had been fighting her feelings for Chad (at least outwardly). And she ran right from that conversation to one with Chad where she kissed him, basically.

      I liked that they had JJ express to Jennifer that he’s worried this is who he is, because of how he also cheated on Paige, but I wanted Gabi to go in more on that. Paige was her sister. Couldn’t she have gotten in a bitchy crack like, “Do I even want to ask if it was with my mother?”

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