Jeannie in a Bottle

Well, Kim is back, and they seem to be presenting her in-character — that is, with terrible, perplexing hair choices. This time, she’s veering into Barbara Mandrell territory.


Is that a wig? If so, can I rip it off her head and toss it out the window like Elaine did with George’s toupee on Seinfeld?

I’m still totally confused about why Kim and Shane have to have these covert meetings with Theresa. Yeah, “Mateo’s having her watched,” but what’s so weird about meeting with her parents? And since it’s impossible to discuss this whole thing without getting into spoilers, I’ll air the rest of my grievances behind a cut.


Jen Lilley really does give good ugly cry face, and I was totally buying into the emotion from her and from Patsy Pease. I sat up straight when she barked, “I know you slept with Victor to save Daddy, so you have no moral high ground here!” It’s almost as if there’s an interesting story to tell here, given time and depth. I actually don’t mind the retcon of this Mexico/Mateo stuff, in theory, because it isn’t so much a revision of existing story as it is a fleshing-out of Theresa’s offscreen past. There have been so many references to how out-of-control she used to be that it doesn’t seem insane to me (well, in a Salem world) that she might’ve run off with the son of a cartel leader when she was 19, then gotten bored and come home.

But for Theresa’s exit — this is so rushed and random. Xander probably got the least meat of the three escaped convicts as it was, but it’s even more glaring when you consider that they could’ve used him to facilitate getting her offscreen. (And/or said that he’d arranged Tate’s kidnapping from behind bars, rather than that sloppy Kate rewrite just to tie it up, but I guess that illicit freight ship has already sailed away from the pier.) Theresa had one more bit of wrongdoing in her past, which was that she lied about Xander assaulting her to get him sent to prison, and they could’ve just made use of that instead of having Brady brush it off like, “Oh, well, I already forgave you for trying to kill my father, so what’s a little false rape accusation against a distant cousin I don’t even like?”

I get what they’re going for, with Theresa’s old self coming full-circle to sabotage her new life — and I don’t hate that, given how easy they made her “redemption” — but I can’t help but wish it were all a little… more, you know?

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4 Comments on “Jeannie in a Bottle”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    i also was wigmatized every time she was in a scene……oi.

  2. Dan Says:

    There are elements of this I really like.

    (1) The scene with Shane and Theresa in the confessional worked for me. Theresa’s goodbye story seems to be tying up all the ends of her time to create a rather cohesive narrative as well as reposition the character for her eventual return. I like that Theresa has to make the choice to leave her family, and naturally fights against it because it is what her father had done to her. I think this is a very interesting situation, and provides Shane and Kim fans what they have wanted: a more ISA-oriented Theresa. Personally, I had no problem with Shane going incognito because Shane may be her father, but he’s also ISA. I’m willing to give the wiggle room on this point.

    (2) The potential for a downward spiral for Theresa. Theresa’s plan to “revert to the old Theresa” could quickly become messy, which could easily become engaging.

    (3) Shane and Kim are back in a rather natural arc. Hopefully, given the holiday season, we will get some interaction with others, but if not I’ll live. My understanding is the characters leave and come back, but who knows with this show.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I definitely like pieces of it. The conflict for Theresa is good and is making her face her past, which has sort of been whitewashed the past year.

      I find all the cloak-and-dagger hijinks with Kim and Shane really odd. What if someone who’s watching them had seen Shane creeping in or out of the church in a priest’s frock? Closing down the pub for a secret meeting was even weirder. Wouldn’t that raise major red flags? Kim isn’t ISA, and whoever’s following Theresa clearly knows where she went. I get what they’re trying to do, and it adds to the mysterious nature of things, but the story’s internal logic feels bungled to me on that front.

      I do like that it ties her in with her parents, though. That part feels right. (And I believe they’re back after this, yeah.)

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