Carry On

I accidentally read a spoiler about yesterday’s episode while I was at work, so before I even dared to fire up the DVR last night, I poured myself a shot and tossed it back. Because I knew I’d need it to deal with this on my screen:


Frankly, I’m glad I was prepared to see Daniel again, or I might’ve lit myself on fire on the spot. But you know what? Something weird happened while I was watching. I… didn’t hate those newly created flashbacks or the story itself. I’d read plenty of speculation that the child Chloe is carrying would turn out to be a Daniel/Nicole baby, and it made me seethe every time, but then we got there and… I was sort of digging it.

We saw Nicole and Daniel together so infrequently last fall, after they got engaged and before he died, that it was plausible they had this going on offscreen. Most of Nicole’s scenes related to Basic Black, and it makes perfect sense that she wouldn’t have said anything to anyone — especially Theresa or Kate — about this uncertain, private thing she had going on. They gave Chloe that visit last summer to deal with the news of Daniel and Nicole’s engagement and reconcile with Nicole. And the fact that Chloe would’ve gone back and tried one more implantation with telling Nicole worked for me, in a “these people are from Salem so of course they’re all bonkers” kind of way.

Maybe I just love the idea that Nicole is finally going to have a biological child who (presumably) makes it to term, but there’s still story built into it. I don’t love that Chloe is probably going to keep this news to herself because of Nicole’s relationship with Deimos — why is Chloe, a known idiot, the only one with a firm stance on this guy?! — but the drama and payoff could very well be worth it. And I’m thankful that the flashbacks weren’t about what a GREAT MAN Daniel was, but that he played a secondary role in what was a story about Nicole and Chloe’s friendship, and that they clearly shot these recently so we didn’t have to be dragged back into the flaming hell that was Nicole’s hair in 2015. Oh, and shout out to Chloe talking to herself and narrating in the most bored voice ever, “And then it got worse… Daniel died.” Even she, as the mother of his child, could barely get herself to believe that was a bad thing.

Look at me being all positive, though. Maybe that shot was stronger than I thought.

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27 Comments on “Carry On”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    all of this pulled me right back in the the show. i was so happy to see these scenes and am really excited to see what is going to happen now…….in other news, i am going to go out soon to try to find my real life. bravo days!! good stuff around teresa tate and brady also….just tired of waiting for abigail to show up again since i missed the parts where she disappeared…dast i say i am looking forward and might stop sleeping through the show now? yippee!

  2. Robin Says:

    Once again… You are such a wealth of information… Due to the fact that I am ALWAYS 5-7 days behind on the DVR… LoL I’m always glad to see your blog and laugh at the $#!+ that I haven’t even seen yet! I will be prepared with something a little stronger than my usual Sangria… LoL Totally agree with “underyourwing” comment… that’s pretty much the only way I get caught up is to sleep through a couple of shows each week! I am also really worn out waiting on Abigail… Gabi is not gonna be so thrilled to see her “BFF” return… imo… So by all means “CARRY ON” mykleraus great job as usual!!!

    • mykleraus Says:

      At least you’ll have the heads-up to be ready, hahaha. Sometimes I need a good bottle of wine at the ready for the particularly hellish episodes.

      I’m ready for Abigail to be back, too. This gap has been an awkward length — too long for her to be such a constant presence, but too short to feel like she’s really gone.

  3. Erin L Says:

    I JUST finished the episode and came right here to see if your page was on fire lol. This story actually surprised me and I dig it too. Not something that happens for me with this show very often.

  4. Denise Says:

    I was thanking God that Daniel didn’t have that beard of evil going on in the flashbacks! It is interesting how they keep adding more and more weirdness into this baby storyline. So what does Nicole do NOW? Go back to Deimos and say “oh btw, I was wrong, the baby isn’t yours after all – my bad.” Yikes. And Eric is coming back in the New Year, and he must be the drunk the nurse was referencing during the scene at the fertility clinic, right? Was that an anvil or a throw-away reference to the timeline? Will they cram him into this too, as another bait and switch?

    I thought Chloe’s monologue was hilarious. I don’t know how soap actors keep a straight face sometimes.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ew, yeah. I hated that facial hair on him.

      I meant to mention the line about the disorderly drunk in my post. If that was just a throwaway, it was WEIRD. Why would drunken Eric have been at the fertility clinic?! And they mentioned the drunk right around the same time they mentioned that Daniel’s sample had been collected and labeled — incorrectly, I’m sure.

  5. marypickford Says:

    Ha ha, and here I watched this totally unprepared!

    It was all so loony, and wacky, but I’m kind of grooving on it in a weird way. As an Ericole fan I’m hopeful about the drunk in the lobby –thinking about how they will present a sperm sample switch is just so so … crazy. (I almost wrote nuts, lol.)

    Dena can sometimes, sometimes, hit on a soap plot that is has a weird geometry to it that is somehow satisfying — emotional depth isn’t her strong suit by a long shot, but sometimes I can get into the loony soap logic of it all.

    • mykleraus Says:

      “Geometry” is exactly the way to put it. She’s come up with these configurations a few times — primarily the Sami/Nicole baby switch and Chloe’s first pregnancy — where the shape and natural thrust of it kind of carries the story because characters are forced to interact and there are built-in stakes. I think this might be another one.

  6. Mo Says:

    Yeah I will hate to see Nicole’s only friend turn on her but I feel like they actually payed for this story after years and years of groundwork! Chloe’s history with Daniel and with Nicole. Nicole’s history of wanting children. It was pretty terrific. THIS is how you cement Nicole as the legitimate female lead of the show! Something, I feel, like they have failed to do since Sami left town. Here’s hoping they pair Nicole with Eric as her relationship with Deimos is toxic and still makes little sense.

    Haha! Chloe doesn’t live in Salem so she hasn’t fallen under St. Daniel’s spell it seems. “…and then he died”. We never heard about when Daniel’s child support checks stopped coming and she was forced to raise Parker on a singing instructors salary.

    Now. How will DAYS mess this one up? 😉

    • mykleraus Says:

      At least I feel like Chloe’s actions make sense here, even if I don’t agree with them. I did NOT want to see the two of them fighting over another man, but Chloe is justified in not wanting to essentially hand this baby over to Deimos (or at least I get why she feels that way). So there’s some depth baked into it.

      “Cement Nicole as the legitimate female lead of the show” = this is exactly what they need to do. The Ericole story should’ve been the gateway to that, because it hooked her into the Brady family in a more solid way, but they screwed the pooch on that one. Here’s hoping they figure out how to rectify that.

    • Farah Says:

      I mean, Nicole DID give Chloe a flesh eating bacteria 😂

      I am also curious for how they play Nicole’s reaction to this. As much as I love Nicole, I wouldn’t be able to handle “How could you steal my baby?” from her. Especially since she spent time in the big house for babynapping. Soaps!

      • mykleraus Says:

        When Maggie told Deimos that Nicole and Chloe had a long, complex history, I was really hoping they’d mention the flesh-eating bacteria!

  7. Dan Says:

    And now we have a story with legs to it. If played right, this could play for several years with Nicole eventually making a play for Parker or even dealing with an adult Sydney. What I like about this is it pits Nicole against Chloe, keeps Deimos in a villainous role, plays of Nicole’s desperate desire for a child, and will have to revert Nicole to a scheming mama bear desperate to protect her child. Tying the child to Daniel is unfortunate, but I won’t cry because the next regime will reverse it.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, this is a really smart construction as far as long-term story. Very Higley 2.0, which is a good thing. For all her faults, she really has been the only one (outside of TomSell’s 2012-14, I suppose) to create these larger stories. As much as I gripe about Daniel, I don’t even mind him being a presence in it because it makes sense for the characters and where they are in life — though that “throwaway” bit about the unruly drunk at the fertility clinic sure was interesting…

  8. underyourwing Says:

    i love the way the deimos (deiless) thinks it is perfectly normal for him to barge into a lab in a hospital and watch a tech run a test to make sure it’s all legit. god i hate him. Nicole falling for him is typically repellent also. what a fool believes. grow the flock up nicole.

    Chloe sucks not telling nic about the babeh and i love the way chad thought taking the so called rich bushes to the freaking town square for after opera cocktails was apropos….get real!!

    also wignations strike again with mrs bushes melon…….putting the moves on chad was …..sexual assault…… loved his ‘stylist’ telling mrs. bush what the what was and getting her bush away from chad tho. brava!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I liked how Philip was like, “You can’t just not tell her that you’re CARRYING HER BABY.” I doubt that will get through Chloe’s thick skull, though.

      I died at them going to the damn Town Square for a drink. Was TGIFriday’s all booked up? This is why they need a Chez Rouge/Tuscany/Penthouse Grill type of place. Hell, Club TBD would’ve at least been better for that!

      • Robin Says:

        Ok… still behind but did get to watch 11/1 last night in between episodes of Dinosaur Train & Mickey’s Club House, which made entirely more sense… LoL
        Does the Town Square have a new “Club” the Spot or the Point? Seems like I heard that mentioned when Paul and Derrick & Sonny were at the Mansion “watching the Bears Game” in silly costumes. Did I miss something? Hence the reason I love spoilers…

      • mykleraus Says:

        My nephew is obsessed with Mickey’s Clubhouse. I feel you!

        The Spot has actually been around for a long while, though we’ve never seen it. When Will was coming out, he and some of the dayplayers talked a whole bunch about going there and having been there the night Stefano was killed. Better than when they were playing Gay Beer Pong in the Town Square! (Also they once mentioned a gay club called Unicorn Highway that I’m REALLY mad we never got to see… just imagine the decor!)

  9. underyourwing Says:

    …… when Paul and Derrick & Sonny were at the Mansion “watching the Bears Game” in silly costumes. Did I miss something?

    oh robin….i think we all may have…..they just kept that part of the video for eyes only special snowflakes to view on special invitation only balls. uh, galas…. ummm get three-gethers…….
    yes i know
    i am going to hell. i look forwards to reuniting with so many of my buddies…….

  10. Robin Says:

    Bwahahahahaaa! Love it, though I guess I totally missed “The Unicorn Hwy” scene… I was probably Chasing down a Tootle or Triceratops… LoL
    All of y’all are hilarious! Thanks for keeping me “In the Know”

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