Confuse Me, Father, For I Have Sinned

So many returns in Wednesday’s episode: St. Luke’s! Jennifer’s involvement with the Spectator! Nancy Wesley, patron of the quietest café ever found in New York City!


Shane Donovan, disguised as a priest and hiding out in a confessional to talk to his daughter even though it wouldn’t seem weird for him to be talking to her in a normal setting!


I get what they were going for with the intrigue there, but would this cartel that’s suddenly after Theresa really have found it odd for her father to visit her and have a private conversation with her? One would think it’d be stranger for Shane Donovan to be spotted creeping out of a confessional in Salem and not letting any of his family or friends know he’s in town, but hey — this is the same cartel that only managed to locate Theresa because one of its guys was wandering around the mall and spotted her, as opposed to that time a year ago when all the HUGE FASHION MAGAZINES were touting her as the next Stella McCartney after she sent six H&M cocktail dresses down a runway. I guess Mateo doesn’t read Vogue

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8 Comments on “Confuse Me, Father, For I Have Sinned”

  1. Denise Says:

    How about Theresa suddenly deciding it was time for confession? Shane must have thought quickly and hijacked that outfit from Father Whatshisname! Nice to see Charles Shaughnessy though! He’s looking pretty good from what I could see. Love Shane!

    Great to see Days putting Jennifer back into the reporting milieu where she belongs. There is always great stuff to be mined for the intrepid reporter in Salem. My favorite Jack/Jenn stuff was surrounding The Spectator. If only they’d bring Matt Ashford back in some real way. Jack was at his finest when he was running the paper, before they decided he was only comic relief. I wonder though if upon Eric’s return Jenn will hire him as a photographer for the paper. They had a nice chemistry going on before Eric was sacrificed on the alter of St. Daniel.

    Always nice to see the actress who plays Chloe’s mom. I enjoy her. This Deimos/Chloe/Nicole/Phillip baby mess though – ugh!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, how the hell did Shane know Theresa would be there at that time? Let alone in that confessional? How many other people’s confessions did he hear?!

      I’m thrilled they’re going back to the Spectator. I almost think Jack is “safer” just being dead and remembered well, rather than brought back to be treated like a buffoon and a second choice, but of course I’d love to see him and Jennifer in action running it together. I hope this gives her her fighting spirit again.

      I love Nancy, too. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her. I’m dying for her and Laura to cross paths, because of the Mike stuff!

  2. Fluffysmom Says:

    Nicole could end up working at the Spectator. She was a reporter for Titan TV at one point.

    I enjoyed seeing Shane and Nancy.

  3. Dan Says:

    Nancy was a nice layer to Wednesday. Also, she didn’t move the storyline along too much, but it played a nice beat. Her going at Deimos was a nice change of pace from the usual. It’s minor stuff like this that DAYS still manages to do well, even if I don’t care for a lot of the bigger stories (the Hope trial / the Orpheus stuff). I hope that Darbo pops up again, but I suspect that may have been a one-shot.

    The return of the Spectator is interesting. It seems with each new regime some old business is revived by people who may or may not been involved with it and not really given a workplace setting. Throwing in Adrienne gives some nice drama for Justin / Adrienne, I just hope it manages to bare more fruit than the return of Countess Wilheimina and Basic Black did.

    With that said, Melissa Reeves looks rejuvenated as Jennifer. I hope they give her someone to play off of soon. Its a shame they dumped Aiden.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think I read that Darbo has more episodes, but who knows? I’m guessing she gets some scenes with Chloe at some point. She seems like she’d the natural/only person in whom Chloe might confide the truth, too.

      My expectations for the Spectator return are low, but I do think it has an advantage over some of the other revived businesses in that there’s a natural place for it within *other* stories. Jennifer can basically show up to report on/investigate anything else going on in Salem. I also really hope they build some kind of office set for it, even if it’s that damned blue room!

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