Tricks and Treats

Well, Marlena, at least this is better than the last time you were locked inside a coffin, which then shook loose from its grave, went hurtling through the Earth’s core, and deposited you on a tropical island where the loved ones you thought you’d murdered were actually gallivanting around in Tommy Bahama gear.


Hmm. Or maybe that was better? Who knows! At any rate, you’re fine. Everything’s fine.

Orpheus is really, truly, totally dead, though, right? Because although this was fun, he’s proven himself even more ineffectual than the DiMeras at accomplishing the relatively simple task of murdering the people he claims he wishes to murder without constructing a whole complicated song-and-dance that inevitably buys the good guys just enough time to swoop in and stop the entire thing in its demented tracks. I’m no fan of automatic weapons, dude, but maybe look into ’em for your next go-round.



In any non-Salem world, you know how it ends when three attractive gay guys in their 20s sit around drinking in skimpy costumes? A threesome. And they could just have it right there on the couch like the straights! Equality — what a time to be alive.

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12 Comments on “Tricks and Treats”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    #1. what the heck happened to sonny’s hair??? is that some kind of mini landing pad or what???
    #2. mar and kay would have freaking suffocated to death in those flimsy plywood coffins after those useless fires were set.
    #3. harrumph.

    • mykleraus Says:

      His hair has been changing a lot, too. It’s like no one knows what it’s supposed to be.

      Didn’t it sort of look like they couldn’t just rammed into those coffin doors and broken out? They looked cheaper than the walls of the Kiriakis mansion.

    • Mo Says:

      I thought the same thing about those coffins. Orpheus couldn’t get the door to stay on Marlena’s correctly. His henchman had to reposition it before even putting a nail in it. Maybe Kayla and Marlena both have osteoporosis?

  2. underyourwing Says:

    seems they figured screaming was more helpful….

  3. Mo Says:

    Was this the scene where Drake Hogestyn was injured?! I believe I read he hurt himself on set running into a door? He wasn’t there for the rescue and then was gone today. Hmm?

    As for Sonny, Paul and Derrick yeah not to suggest all gay men are promiscuous and sex-crazed but sitting around drinking in those costumes?! Show me a scenario where a male and female couple on this show would be in a position like that and not have to have the Kiriakis ugly sofa steam-cleaned in the morning… When Sonny’s costume ripped I felt like I was watching the first few boring minutes of a bad adult film.

    They need to get Derrick and Paul out of those clothes more often! Straight, gay or otherwise they have the best bodies of anyone on the show as you can see in their goofy costumes. Not getting them shirtless is just bad soap-opera-ing at this point DAYS!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Drake. Those cuts were really weird. These had to be the scenes where he got injured. I wonder how they’ll explain his absence for the next several months…

      And yeah, it’s ridiculous that those boys are not having sex, at least in pairs if not as a trio. Post-menopausal Kate can’t go two weeks without jumping on someone who’s tried to kill one of her loved ones, but hot-ass professional athlete Paul hasn’t had sex since Will?!

  4. Dan Says:

    I love how this version of Derrick seems to merge the previous two versions. There seems to be some subtext that Derrick wants both Sonny and Paul, and wouldn’t be against sharing. I’m not sure if that is written in or Neville’s doing, but, either way, I appreciate it. I don’t mind the slow burn between Paul and Sonny, and I appreciate that they may be building story for them outside of them as a couple. I do wish they would flesh out Paul a little more or play him with other people.

    I miss Henry though. I wish he stuck around the teen/college set to comfort Joey over all his drama. I sure would beat the Ciara/Theo/ Claire mess.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Derrick is a fun presence. And it’s just nice that the Paul/Sonny reconnecting isn’t happening in a bubble. I agree about Paul — he feels so isolated. I’d love to see what happens when you get him in a room with Hope or Jen or… I dunno. Just random people!

      Henry had potential. I’m really not clear on why he was brought in if there was zero plan. I guess to keep some of the ‘gay story’ alive even when the characters were gone.

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