It’s Me Again

Look, I know times are tough and budgets are lean, but even I had trouble suspending my disbelief at a woman who recently had brain surgery decorating the local pier for a surprise romantic evening with her ex-husband.


“I know I just underwent surgery and our son was kidnapped and our town has been under siege and I’ve been working round-the-clock at the hospital, but I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than climb the pier to hang some Christmas lights! I presume absolutely no one else will walk through here during our date, considering that normal people don’t like to just hang out on a shady pier. And don’t worry, the only lingering effect of my surgery is hat head!”

I do think they’ve done a decent job shoring up Kayla and Steve as a couple, considering the impossible-to-solve conflict the previous writers gave them. Throwing them into major crisis bonded them and helped Kayla realize that a) Steve’s tendency toward heroics is not a bad thing, especially when the FBI can’t even be arsed to help an entire town being held hostage, and b) her family and friends attract an equal number of dangerous lunatics and psychos! So this is solved, right? Because I don’t like Kayla when she’s a nag, and I want to like Kayla.

I didn’t entirely hate the wrap-up they gave Aiden, either.


Daniel Cosgrove once again proved why he deserved a less-muddled character with a fighting chance at lasting, and I was pleasantly surprised by the way they had Hope stand up for herself and call that what it would’ve been: rape. This woman has been through too much and is too smart (in theory) to just cower at his demands. And having Aiden realize she was right and reverse course was an interesting way to show that he still has some dignity at his core. Of course, it remains to be seen whether he passed that recording along to Andre after he told Hope he’d wiped it, or if Andre already had it, but at least this digs us out of a story I can’t say I’m sorry to lose.

And just as some things end, some things begin. In the case of Dr. Valerie Grant, everything old is new again.


No, literally. This character, who should be about 65 years old, is a good decade-and-a-half younger than that. But I got a good vibe from Vanessa Williams on her first day, and I was thrilled that they had her and Julie cross paths so quickly. I’m pretty sure Julie wasn’t against Valerie’s (interracial) relationship with her son, David, back in the 70s, and Julie seemed pleased to see her while Valerie was the standoffish one, so something’s gotta be up here. I’m calling it now: Valerie found out she was pregnant with David’s baby before she left Salem and, fearing all the local racists and blowback, skipped town and never told him that she had his kid. I mean, this is Days, so that’s a logical conclusion. The real mystery is whether they’ll actually say the name David Banning, which Julie couldn’t even be bothered to spit out while explaining the history of her own son’s father’s mansion last year.

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8 Comments on “It’s Me Again”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    yet another hilarious critique on the S & K pier debacle. I have had enough of them…….Yea for Hope finally saying what is what and I have no clue who this valerie person is so….meh.
    mikey you are on a roll. !!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’ll just be glad for S&K to have a new conversation. They’ve been going in circles for like four months!

      Valerie represents a lot of history, so it’s cool to have her on the show again after 34 years, but I wish they’d explain or give more context when they bring these people back. For all we know, she could just be some retconned old love of Abe’s.

  2. Barbie Says:

    I will always love stories that Steve and Kayla are together in. Truely they are a super couple. I watch Hope stories but I I can do something else such as paper work while I am listening while she is on. Can’t get to envolved with her and Rafe. I thought the Aiden and Hope story was going pretty good as stories go I definitely did not want Aiden to stay and him and a Hope getting together but some sort of triangle with him forcing Hope to do what he wanted and Rafe not knowing what was going on and Hope not being able to tell him.They cooked Aidens goose when he came back. I don’t know what they planned on doing with him or what the fans wanted from him as far as a story would go. So really why did he come back?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think Steve and Kayla are strong enough characters to be in stories that aren’t about their relationship being in jeopardy. I hope they start writing them more from that angle. Let them be anchors, in a way, and handle conflict as a team.

      I have no idea why they even brought Aiden back. The writers even seemed to be hedging their bets, like, “Is this character viable? Ummm… let’s make him bad but not too bad just in case.” So weird.

  3. marypickford Says:

    Ohhhhh I would love it if we got a David Banning/Valerie Grant baby! Now I won’t settle for anything else. 🙂

    They mentioned David’s name on Friday, which made me very happy. I want him back in Salem!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was sort of shocked that they actually mentioned David! I don’t think that name has been uttered on the show for as long as I’ve been watching, though I guess we’ve seen his Christmas ornament.

      • Shea Says:

        From what I remember David was barely mentioned even in the 80s when his son Scotty was on the show,

      • mykleraus Says:

        I’m not surprised. Scotty’s SORASing was such a mess. Julie was like 45! How the hell could she have had a 20-something grandson?!

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