It’s About Time

I would like to personally thank whoever was responsible for these scenes.


Did Lucas and Anne (finally!) meeting drive story in any major way? No, not really. Did that matter? Absolutely not. As contrived as the setup was, I loved every second of it. I loved that Lucas knew who Anne was, and I loved her reaction to realizing that he’s the brother of “Jenny from the Square” (!). I also enjoyed how Anne says that she always mixes up Adrienne and Kayla, because as someone who wasn’t watching during their original runs and just knew they were blonde and played by women with the last name Evans, I can sympathize. And it seemed as if they were trying to flesh out Anne by getting into her relationship with her mother.

I’m not entirely sure what the intention of these scenes was — filling time in an amusing way? Pointing toward a possible pairing? — but I’m always in favor of putting two interesting characters in a room together and seeing what happens. I’ve long been in favor of pairing Lucas with one of Jen’s rivals, especially during the years when story was lean(er) for him, and either Anne or Eve would do… although the height disparity between Bryan Dattilo and Kassie de Paiva would be insanely distracting, so Anne Milbauer it is. Plus their couple name could be LuAnne!

Meanwhile, the Salem Three are gone, so everyone’s free to wander around the mall and the park aimlessly again. Not that they weren’t before, but now they can stop pausing at the top of each scene to explain where their bodyguards went. Xander’s exit, or at least Deimos’s involvement in it, was surprising and left the door open for future mayhem, but Orpheus’s… um, wasn’t that the exact same as Yo-Ling, basically? (Remember him? Not even a year later, he’s about as relevant to the present show as Don Craig.) And it’s a good thing Marlena didn’t yank that bottle of Fatal Potion out of her medical bag while she was “treating” JJ in the Square! I’d criticize that random cop who thought it’d be okay to un-cuff Orpheus while Marlena treated him, but I’m choosing to believe that he knew exactly what he was doing.

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8 Comments on “It’s About Time”

  1. Denise Says:

    I’m so on board for LuAnne! They must have been testing them out because obviously the scenes with Justin and Adrienne show that the show may be moving back toward that coupling. And Lucas has plenty of experience being in love with a wily schemer.

    The ending of the whole Trio of Terror was weird. I really liked how they got the entire town involved in the plan, and we certainly got to see move overlapping stories than we have in a long time – which was a lot of fun – but there doesn’t seem to be any lasting repercussions. It’s like the whole thing happened in a bubble, and now back to the other storylines, like nothing happened.

    At least Xander made it out alive! I like the character. I’m wondering if he comes back and has something to do with Theresa’s exit from the show. It would make sense if he killed or kidnapped her, and that would certainly make things a little awkward for Deimos.

    I suppose JJ getting shot is a repercussion, but…meh. I’m seeing little chemistry with him and Gaby. Chad/Billy Flynn’s solo chemistry seems to take over with any woman he works with! I like that pairing, but doesn’t new Abby start soon?

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, I felt like there was something significant to the Lucas/Anne scenes being played right up against the Adrienne/Justin ones. I definitely wouldn’t be shocked to see the show go back to Adrienne/Justin as endgame, but I like that they’re thinking of Lucas and not just ready to toss him aside (I hope).

      I was wondering if Xander will play into Theresa’s exit at all. They have to have some reason for letting him get away the way he did.

      JJ/Gabi sort of work for me, but it definitely doesn’t feel like a super-passionate romance. I like how they’re using Julie as a wedge between them, which is interesting and realistic. She and Chad definitely have chemistry, which I think is a combo of BF’s insane charm and the history between the characters. The new Abigail starts next month, so I’m sure they’ll make this good and messy right before she turns up…

      • Michelle Says:

        They never built up anything with JJ/Gabi, so it’s hard to invest in them. I think they could be ok, but we’ve already seen her more with Chad then we ever did with JJ. They have to show and not tell us when it comes to JJ/Gabi. So far it seems like their just setting this up as a way to keep Abby and Chad apart for awhile, maybe to ease in the recast or something. That may be better than throwing them right into a proposal and marriage, like what happened with Will and Sonny when Will was recast.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I know. They’re having to backfill JJ and Gabi’s entire relationship because we saw so little.

  2. Fluffysmom Says:

    Lucas and Anne would be so good together. I’m thrilled that they finally shared scenes.

    I feel like the villain trio story has put some things in motion. Kayla finally letting Steve be himself. We’ve seen a lot more of Gabi, JJ, and Paul. Chad is finally in scenes with people his own age. Jennifer and Hope finally remembered their close relationship.

  3. underyourwing Says:

    i was so….. pissed really, when they uncuffed whats his face with marlena……how much more obvious can they get? ga.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Why would any law enforcement official do that?!

      • Matthew Says:

        Plus there was no reason to do it. Even if we accept everything else leading up to that point (which already greatly strains credulity), uncuffing him was unnecessary.

        The injury wasn’t on the inside of his wrist! She had complete access to check out the injury on his arm with the cuffs on.

        Also, what kind of hand to hand combat training do the Salem PD members get? The criminal disarms the cop in half a second? I know, I know, but Orpheus was an ISA agent…

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