Blowing It

My mood every time they reference how Orpheus and John used to be partners:


They were never partners! Orpheus and the actual Roman were ISA partners before Roman came (back?) to Salem and met Marlena. Roman accidentally shot and killed Orpheus’s wife in a mission gone awry. Then, when John was presumed to be Roman, Orpheus popped up looking for revenge and went after Marlena, which resulted in John shooting him and leaving him for dead. So he should want revenge against John for that whole debacle — but not the part where Roman shot his wife!


“And this is only the third worst thing I’ve had to wear this month!”

I thought the drama with Jennifer and the bomb was kind of fun, though. It’s always nice to feature Jennifer and Hope’s close cousin relationship, and there was an inherent tension to what was going on. I even enjoyed Rafe and Eduardo bonding as they worked together to help Hope defuse the bomb. And Rafe and Hope do work well together… as friends and coworkers. It says a lot that I forgot until the end of the episode that we were also probably supposed to be wrenched over the fact that they had to work together but can’t be together, but they didn’t even seem so bothered by it, so… meh.

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8 Comments on “Blowing It”

  1. Mo Says:

    When was the last time Jennifer wasn’t crying or terrified in the last year? It’s no wonder she dresses like a 90 year old woman. All of us will want to forget 2016 but this might be the worst year of Jennifer Horton’s life! Worse than when her husband fell down an elevator shaft… Jennifer was a big part of why I got into this show and they haven’t done her any favors for a long time. Hope Brady took the mantle of the “mature” female lead awhile back. I think Jennifer is much more likeable and strong as a lead when her character is written right. Where is the plucky reporter I used to love to watch?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m ready to see her a LITTLE happy. Part of the problem, I think, is that they’ve tried to write her as an adult with the same innocence and naivete she had as a 20-year-old — but that comes across as stupid or judgmental when it’s coming from a near-50-year-old woman with two grown children who’s been through all the crap Jennifer has been through.

      I’ve read some tidbits about what’s coming up that make me hopeful this regime has some better idea of how to play her.

  2. Shea Says:

    As excited as I have been to see Orpheus again it has been a headache having to just overlook the RoJohn confusion. I have enjoyed how much they have been using a lot of previously underused characters to tell this story.

    Funny thing…I was watching That 70’s Show reruns on AMC a couple of night ago and Kitty Foreman had spilled a secret and justified not keeping the secret by saying she hated the slow buildup on soap operas. Then she said something like – “Monday-Thursday nothing happens and we all know Marlena’s the killer”…..or something like that. I was laughing and my husband said “Marlena never killed anybody” so I started to tell him about Melaswen but he didn’t want to hear it…LOL.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s driving me nuts that they haven’t cleared up the Roman/John stuff. It’s playing as if the show doesn’t realize rather than just not wanting to deal with it.

      I never knew about that reference on That 70s Show! I guess the timeframe fits Melaswen perfectly…

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    O…M…G…I was absolutely mortified by the way Marlena said good bye to Jen!!!! She’s got a BOMB strapped to her (which btw, was completely out of Salem character in terms of the timing, as it had 5 minutes left on it … Salem bombs almost always have at least 15-45 min left.)

    But Marlena said goodbye to her the same way she might tell her she’ll catch her later if she was leaving the hospital for the day!!!! It was so unbelievably cringe worthy.

    Rafe and Eduardo came off like Maverick and Goose with the high-fiving after it was over.

  4. otherweb1 Says:

    Btw, Melissa Reeves is an astounding actress … when they give her proper lines! Which the old-new writers did … she was AMAZING in the Eric SL and in the scenes with Matthew Ashford and the custody battle with Chad. I’m praying these new-new writers give her some lines and SL that show off her amazing talent, which is always kept well hidden under crappy writing!

    And she DOES need a man. I thought her and Daniel were the perfect couple, even if nauseating … prob cuz they both are nauseating.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, she has often risen to the challenge when it’s actually there. She did great with the addiction stuff (what little of it they put onscreen) and Abigail’s “death” and a whole slew of other stuff. She has a tendency to come off sanctimonious when they give her material where Jennifer is self-righteous — sometimes I wish she’d play against what’s on the page in those situations — but she’s an asset, given her talent and history, so they should be writing to that.

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