Use Your Head

Kayla, you had brain surgery mere days ago. You’ve already performed surgery on someone else, been held at gunpoint, fretted over your kidnapped son, and helped enact a plan to save the city from a trio of criminals. So I’m not surprised that you’re exhausted and that your judgment is impaired.


But that’s still no excuse to be borrowing Sami’s old clothes! In what universe is this a good decision?! I actually think Sami might have worn this very dress during her Everything is Better With Leather phase, but I don’t have the mental fortitude to venture down that particularly wretched sartorial memory lane.

This whole town-wide plan to smoke out the three villains has more holes than something Nicole would’ve worn in 2014, but it’s kind of fun seeing all the Salemites team up to turn the tables on them. Lucky for them Clyde didn’t just pump an extra bullet into Chad for fun, huh?


But I guess the shooting was worth it for that. (Why is he so cute?)



I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I also kinda like this latest chapter in the Hope/Aiden saga. Aiden is crazy as shit, but I like that I can completely understand his reasoning: he doesn’t see himself as a bad guy, and in his mind, if he can wind up with Hope, then everything he did was justifiable and all right. And his plan feels very classic Days. I even expected to be more annoyed by Rafe, but since he knows what’s going on (even though Hope won’t admit it), he’s taking a stand instead of just mooning around. And Hope is finally acting like, “Oh, fuck, I killed an unarmed man and could have completely ruined my life and that was a terrible thing to do”… even if it’s ten months too late.

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16 Comments on “Use Your Head”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    billy is just delightfully adorable and licka…uh…..likeable too. i really like him…… even his last name rocks. and it goes so well with billy. flynn. BF. love him.

  2. Shea Says:

    I don’t think that was the first time Kayla has worn that dress. In her defense, it is hard to find outfits to go with those turbans she is stuck wearing. Whenever she wears leather I get kind of a Grease vibe likes she is just trying really hard to catch Steve’s eye when she clearly already has.

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    Between performing brain surgery, retrieving her son the second time he was held hostage in 6 months, and smoking out The Three Amigos, the bigger question is how did she find time to go out and shop for such a prolific head wrap wardrobe?

  4. otherweb1 Says:

    I’m LOVING crazy as shit Aiden! (CASA) It’s my one and only SL that I like right now.

    Daniel’s subtle facial expressions and whispering sinister stuff is top notch … and his NYC accent is coming out more and more too, which is so hot.

    I’m hoping they write in some game playing between him and Andre. He always cowered to Andre, but now I think they could play them as equals.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, the accent is actually very hot. I keep noticing it.

      DC handles this material so well. Which shows that it’s a shame they’ve made the character such a throwaway, since he could be a real asset.

  5. otherweb1 Says:

    I caught on early that what went down at the mansion was a ruse (deliberate use of one of Salem’s fav words). I bought it when Andre baited Clyde at the docks and all the way up to when he came in though the secret door. But once Chad started egging him on about what a bad son he fathered, I knew that this WAS the big plan.

    btw, they all did a great job of displaying a united front (wish I’d been keeping a tally of how often someone said this).

    Still, wondering where the swat team and armored military trucks are in all this … it’s a tad bit unrealistic that JJ would make the arrest on a bomber with cops with more seniority than him coming in as back up.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I don’t really understand why two local cops and two civilians in their 60s are heading up this operation. You’d think the ISA would get involved in this, considering they frequently get involved in the love lives of their agents…

      • otherweb1 Says:

        Ooh, I almost forgot Salem’s newest expert PI … Paul. Given that his experience is limited to throwing baseballs, it certainly explains even more why the Trio haven’t been able to be caught. And, the Pub as command center? Shouldn’t they all be in a military bunker somwhere?

        Speaking of the pub, did anyone else catch it the other day when Gabi made some comment to Paul about the vendor for the chowder. Chowder vendor???!! Isn’t this supposed to be Caroline’s homemade recipe??

      • mykleraus Says:

        OMG yes about the vendor! Also, I love that the city is on lockdown, but these people are just casually going out for meals.

  6. Matthew Says:

    Caroline secretly went on Shark Tank. (Nobody in Salem would know. They never watch TV unless it is about a kidnapping or criminal activity that personally affects them.)

    Her chowder was a huge hit. Every shark invested. They now have a a co-packer and international distribution…everywhere except Salem where you can only find it at Brady’s Pub.

    So, technically the chowder vendor is delivering Caroline’s original recipe.


    This would make an awesome crossover if both shows were on the same network.

  7. ADW Says:

    Hahaha 😄 slowly but, surely I’m catching up on Days. I just watched this episode yesterday. I was enjoying watching the unlikely alliances, more overall interaction between characters, and some truces. Also, it was refreshing seeing the teens make themselves useful as opposed to just being bad after school specials. I was happy to finally see Blanca actually working as a nurse and be reminded she’s still in Salem.
    I’m almost certain Kayla wore that very same leather patch/piping dress sometime between Thanksgiving and Xmas last year sans the gypsy head wrap.
    Of course, Chad gets shirtless if not entirely down to his boxers with Gabi around, foreshadow much? JJ certainly has reason to be jealous this time around. I wasn’t watching as frequently while Gabi and Chad dated but, honestly I don’t remember it ever being mentioned before that they were close friends since they were small children???? I suppose Chad being shot twice in the chest for real was good practice assisting Andre in staging a shooting in the chest.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The consensus seems to be that Kayla has worn that dress before. Why did no one burn it the first time?!

      I don’t remember any previous mentions of Chad and Gabi having been close as kids. As I understood it, Chad met Will after coming back to Salem because he’d been sent off to military/reform/boarding school for a while, but maybe I made that up. I guess Gabi could’ve grown up going to the same school as him before that…

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