Get These People Some Help

Poor Arianne Zucker has really been through enough lately… but on the plus side, at least she no longer has to be known as the Salemite with the worst hair!


They should’ve offered to throw in an extra $5 million if Clyde took him to a Supercuts before returning him.

Speaking of crazy people with insane hair…


As much as I loved Lucas’s comment that Andre is exactly Kate’s type — “a homicidal maniac” — it’s also sad because it’s true. And then she had to go on and try to explain that Andre (a known serial killer and all-around loon) isn’t as bad as Clyde. WTF?! “He reminds me of my old friend Tony!” First of all, you knew Tony for like two years, and secondly, of course he reminds you of Tony, because he had plastic surgery to copy his face so he could take over his life! Someone get this woman a prison pen pal or two. It’d be much safer for all of us.

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9 Comments on “Get These People Some Help”

  1. otherweb1 Says:

    OMG WTF has been going on with Joey’s hair???!!! WHY would they do that to such a stunning kid?! I’ve been figuring they are growing it out to something nice, but for god’s sake, give him a decent transition style!

    Phillip on the other hand … that mess just can’t be saved. It seemed like an improvement when they finally cut off his mullet, except now his ends are flopping all over the place, making him look like more of a jackass than ever.

    btw, is is just me, or does Phillip tie or break the record with Guy Wilson for doofus faces? Can we get some screen shots???

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s so bad. Judging by his social media, it’s STILL long, which means we have to deal with this onscreen for a long time. Remember how cute he was when he showed up last year?

      I actually like Philip’s current hair in some shots, and in others, it’s NUTS. I think I like what they’re going for, but the execution is only about 75% there.

      And yes about the doofus faces! I hadn’t thought of it that way, but he really is the heir apparent to Guy Wilson’s ignominious throne.

  2. Mo Says:

    This “CRISIS” storyline is draaaaaging. When people aren’t whining about living arrangements Marlena is busy playing Dr. Laura dissecting the mind of three brainless boobs who can’t seem to keep child hostages or shoot the right people. I lost track if Salem lost power and everyone is using back-up generators or if power was restored? I like the writers intent with this story and the way it is bringing characters together but it is pretty boring. Xander taking his shirt off has been the highlight.

    Seriously though will everyone just pick a house and go live there?! On my Tivo the daily DAYS synopsis could read:

    Lucas asks Kate to move into the Dimera Mansion while Justin asks Adrianne to move out of the Dimea Mansion. Kate wants Tony to live with her at The Martin House while Chloe moves out of the Kiriakis Mansion. Doug and Julie sell The Martin House to move into Jennifer’s spare bedroom while Sonny sleeps in the Kiriakis Mansions breakfast nook. Theresa wants to get out of the Kiriakis Mansion but hypocritical Brady insists they are safer to stay put before dangerously leaving to walk across the lawless town to visit John and Marlena’s Townhouse. Roman, meanwhile, still lives at the Police Station.

    You get my point 😛

    • Michelle Says:

      Yup. This whole escape convict story has went on way too long. It’s bringing people together yet at the same time it seems like nothing is happening. Why are people so worried about security one minute, yet running around having tea at the pub the next? I just want them caught and the story to move forward. Everything seems to be in a huge stall.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I keep wondering the same things. I like the setup and I like a lot of the interactions it’s spurring, but it’s really hard to do this whole “city under siege” thing and maintain the tension while you still need to use all your sets and have people move around.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh, totally. It’s cracking me up how much of the episodes are just people proposing new living arrangements. Why are so many of these people opposed to free rent?!

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    Also, when is Demos going to remember that he has a bedroom for him and Nicole to do it in, rather than multiple times on display in the living room of a mansion that’s currently boarding a dozen or so peeps?

  4. otherweb1 Says:

    I TOT agree the Terror Trio is a total waste of airtime. The scary part is that if this is the new writers’ version of making a grand entrance, then I fear what else lays ahead for us under this new regime …

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