Fringe Lunatics

Marlena has been a lot of things over the years — a terrible psychiatrist, a neglectful mother, a serial killer, the victim of Satanic possession — but one thing she’s never been is a rancher. So I’m not sure why she had this fringed abomination in her closet.


Maybe Sami left it behind? Look at this thing from the back:


Chad is like, “What is going on and how do I get away from it ASAP?!”

Meanwhile, Kate is all, “Listen, Marlena. As a woman of a certain age who worked her way up from nothing* to become a successful business executive, let me show you how it’s done — a series of connected doilies revealing your bra!”


*”What I actually worked my way up from was being a prostitute, but you’d never know by the way I dress, right?”

I actually really like that skirt, though. And the softer hair. And the way they had Kate explain how ashamed she is that she didn’t take Jordan’s claims of abuse at Clyde’s hands seriously. Finally!

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5 Comments on “Fringe Lunatics”

  1. Denise Says:

    Kate’s sense of fashion is very “bold” to say the least. It’s like she has a wheel of fortune closet, and whatever the spin lands on she picks up and throws on. One spin for the top. one for the skirt, one for the jacket. Nothing goes together! Buy a vowel!

    I like her softer hair too, though I wish she’s switch out the green.

    I’ll take Marlena’s jacket and Kate’s shirt over Kayla’s Rhoda throw-back head-piece!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I sort of love Kate’s fashion, as many misses as it includes. She’s chic even when she’s a mess. At least it looks like “fashion” and not like someone got blindfolded and had 30 seconds to fill up at a cart at Burlington Coat Factory, which is the way they dress the rest of the cast.

  2. otherweb1 Says:

    Kayla’s Rhoda headgear … LOL.

    I love Kate’s wardrobe this year … very fashionable and so fitting to her character. It’s come a long way since the lion tamer days! Although I don’t like her darker hair and new do at all … makes her look frumpy and so less cougar than she usually does!

    Marlena’s wardrobe has always been a catastrophe. At least Gabbi is dressing better these days than her old circus outfits. Jennifer was doing ok for a while, but lately she seems to be back into the weird shit.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Gabi’s clothes are definitely better. I’ve noticed that since her return. I guess it helps that they only need to dress her like once a month…

      The head scarves on Kayla are killing me because you can also see her hair, so what is she even covering? I guess it’s better than when people have brain surgery and then just wear a band-aid on their foreheads for two weeks, but still…

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