Flip the Switch

We all know paternity tests in Salem are about as trustworthy as Kate Roberts, so I assumed that there would be some shenanigans with the one concerning Chloe’s latest spawn. What I didn’t expect is that they’d genuinely surprise me and, instead of just using the test as a way to string out Chloe and Philip’s lie, spin the story off in an unpredictable direction. As of now, we know the following:

  • Chloe had sex with Deimos a few months ago.
  • The test claims that Deimos is not the biological father.
  • Kate insists that she never had the opportunity to switch the test.


So either Chloe had sex with someone else around roughly the same time as Deimos (or, you know, six months ago, since even though Chloe is supposed to be around the end of her first trimester, Nadia Bjorlin clearly looks like she’s rounding home with this pregnancy), or someone did switch that test but doesn’t want it to seem that way. The top suspects:

Kate: She was in this for revenge against Deimos in the first place, so what if she switched the test and then let Philip and Chloe believe she didn’t? She gets to hurt Deimos by making him think this child isn’t his, and she gets to make Chloe look like a liar, thus freeing Philip from her clutches.

Deimos: Based on his accusations, he already suspected that Chloe would try to tamper with the results. Maybe he got to them first so that it would look like the child isn’t his — thus making Chloe bad and in essence smoking her out, because in trying to prove to Philip/everyone that she didn’t lie, she’ll have to admit that Deimos is the daddy after all.


Chloe: I can’t entirely wrap my mind around this one. If she switched the tests, she would’ve said so in front of Kate, right?

Philip: Same as with Chloe. Why wouldn’t he have admitted to Kate what he did, unless this entire thing is some kind of convoluted ruse? (Okay, then that’s probably our answer, because we know how Salemites feel about convoluted ruses!)

Nicole: I genuinely don’t know what side of the fence she falls on here. On one hand, she’s told Chloe to protect that child at all costs because of how dangerous and vengeful Deimos is, but on the other, she’s banging him on the living room couch 20 minutes later. Could she have switched the tests because she’s jealous of Deimos’s obsession with Chloe and the baby, and she wanted to break the spell for good? Or is there some insane way this could lead into my nightmare story of Nicole stealing another baby and trying to pass it off as her own? I can’t get the math to work, but we all know Salem’s dicey relationship with things like “time” and “biology.”

Victor: He gets to stick it to Deimos and call Chloe a whore, which is one of his most treasured pastimes.

Maggie: She could be the Caroline Brady of this scenario. She secretly still wants revenge against Deimos for causing her paralysis, and she wants Chloe to… uh… not give Parker any non-Daniel-related children? I dunno.

Caroline: It didn’t make sense the first time she did it to Chloe, so it doesn’t have to make sense if she does it again!

Anyone have any other theories?

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14 Comments on “Flip the Switch”

  1. marypickford Says:

    A theory floating around the interwebs is that this is Daniel and Nicole’s baby that is finally implanting after a supposedly failed surrogacy attempt before Daniel died. The constant talk of Nicole’s childlessness makes me think that somehow, this is her baby. It’s crazy but I can see them doing this.

    Whatever the truth is, Deimos has the blood samples (soooo unbelievable that the doc just handed them over to him) so he will uncover it. And keep it secret, because that’s what people on soaps do. LOL.

  2. otherweb1 Says:

    Daniel time release implant def sounds like something that would happen in Salem.

    Since the very beginning with the pregnancy test, my guess is that Chloe gives lets Nicole and Deimos adopt the baby.

    And yah, what’s up with Nicole???!!!! Never mind that she shacked up less than 6 months after her fiance was killed by her drunk driving ex-fiance and that she warns Chloe about how dangerous he is. But she constantly harps on Deimos about honesty … while she lied to him about him being the father????!!!… AND especially when she’s got her own trauma around losing kids!!!?????

    Btw, did new writers take over a month or so ago? I’ve noticed a SUDDEN and SHARP decline in the writing and storylines … since the new writers came in summer of 2015, I was so happy because it was like the old Days was finally back! But then all of a sudden this summer the writing started getting juvenile, dumb, and boring again. I can’t even count how many times I’ve laughed out loud at the stupidity … I haven’t done that since the new writers came in…

    • mykleraus Says:

      The new writers’ work started almost exactly a month ago, yeah. I actually find the show MUCH improved. I was at the end of my rope with the darkness, the isolated pockets of characters, the offscreen storytelling, etc. Some of it feels a little broader/sillier now, but I find the tone and general storytelling so much better. The only things I find appreciably worse are Claire’s irksomeness (through the roof) and Nicole’s flip-flopping over Deimos (I think they’re going for “conflicted,” but this show rarely executes that clearly or well).

      • otherweb1 Says:

        Wow, so there are new writers. It’s been like night and day … but I don’t like it! I think the show improved Aug 2015, through the 50th anniversary, and up until the middle of this summer. It right around the Olympics break that things started to go downhill for me … WAY downhill! Everything seems so juvinille again and just dumbed down. Take for example the 3 Muskateers … the Xander/Clyde/Orpheus SL has been SO SILLY!!! Like laugh out loud at how stupid it is! A SL like that is supposed to be edge-of-your seat exciting, and instead I’m laughing at it because it’s so dumb … like a bunch of 6th graders wrote it …

      • mykleraus Says:

        See, I felt that exact way around Oct-Nov of last year. The buildup to the 50th was so exciting — the production value was better, some of the dead weight was cleared out, Steve and Bo’s returns were awesome. But it got so sloppy and strange right around the 50th. Will’s murder was a HUGE red flag to me, and the Aiden fuckery, and the insane lack of balance (Hope/Rafe being on every day, but we didn’t see Nicole or Kate or Eric or Adrienne or like half the cast EVER, otherwise) really threw me off. And then they kept setting stuff up and quickly dropping it, like Justin/Eve, the three women doing Basic Black, and so on. It’s a little more cartoony now, but in a way that feels familiar to me.

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    Yes! Cartoony! That’s such a great way to describe it.

    It’s def familiar, cuz it seems things have unfortuantely gone back to Pre-50th before those pre-50th writers got booted.

    This whole Terror Trio is giving me flashbacks to the Adventures of Babar … a totally childish and aggravating storyline with ridiculous dialogue, etc. And Chloe and Phillip … soooo cringeworthy … reminds me of the old Danicole cringeworthy stuff we had to suffer through, though not as bad!

    I really enjoyed the stretch with the 50th writers … the writing was tighter and MUCH more mature and meaningful, and the dialogue was from the good ol Days … it SO showcased everyone’s incredible acting talent … especially the episodes that were all devoted to 1 or 2 characters in one SL.

    I guess in the end what it comes down to is ratings, and clearly, based on the new writing and SL, they are catering to a younger, immature, dumb downed network audience. It’s such a shame…

    • mykleraus Says:

      I really just thought the writing regime that took over last fall and wrote through this summer couldn’t actually back up what they were trying to do. Will’s murder, Hope killing Stefano, Joey killing Ava, Ciara’s rape — they kept going too far and didn’t have a way of buying any of it back. That was a dealbreaker for me.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        Good points … too much high-stakes stuff going on at once … and yes, totally all dropped and so quickly too … stuff like that usually goes on for at least a year or more before concluding… also weird that there’s been NOTHING from Andre against Hope since he got out of jail. The only SL I’m interested in right now is Aiden and Sonny/Paul. I’m just hoping the Terror Trio ends soon .. that’s been a huge glaring failure. Wish they’d bring Xander back permanent though, and hoping Clyde springs Ben and he gets back on the show too!

      • mykleraus Says:

        I like a lot of the interactions the Terror Trio is spurring — we’re getting everyone mixing it up in unusual ways, etc. The “story” itself is pretty weak, and it’s absurdly comical/ridiculous how they keep getting away over and over. But I do hope it wraps up soon. I think it’s mostly worked as a way to transition the canvas.

        The Aiden thing is working for me now, too, weirdly!

  4. otherweb1 Says:

    Aiden has become the new JJ … carrying the entire show for now since no one else can get decent enough lines to display their acting talent. And he plays sinister REALLY well … I hope his SL goes on for a while because it’s so great to watch. Unlike the rest of the show that’s soooooooooooo fast-forwardable!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, he does sinister very well. This is much better than when they were trying to have him be “gray” but the writing was all over the place. I still wish they hadn’t trashed him in the first place, but considering these writers inherited that whole muddled story, I feel like they’ve done a good job refocusing it. And Hope actually seems desperate and more sympathetic lately!

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