Actor Returns

This pleases me! Jump behind the cut for the reveal…


According to Entertainment Weekly, Greg Vaughan is returning as Eric Brady in January!

EW has learned exclusively that Vaughan will reprise his role as Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives. Vaughan, who first joined DOOL in 2012, left the NBC sudser earlier this year to pursue other gigs. He not only appeared on the Fox drama Lucifer but joined the cast of Queen Sugar on OWN as Calvin, a married cop who’s having an affair with Nova Bordelon (True Blood star Rutina Wesley).

Vaughan’s return is set for Jan 17, 2017.

There doesn’t appear to be confirmation on whether this is a long-term return or a visit, but I’ll take it either way. The way they sidelined Eric and tanked the Eric/Nicole pairing in favor of Daniel/Nicole was both foolish and dramatically unsatisfying. I hate that the character has the baggage of having killed someone in a drunk-driving accident, because there was such a purity to him when he returned as a priest, but that also does provide a lot of meaty material if they’re willing to go there. And if this is long-term, I wonder if they’ll revisit the Nicole pairing (since they finally had Brady and Nicole discuss Eric) or try something more substantial with him and Jennifer. Either way, it’ll be nice to see Eric in Salem again!

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10 Comments on “Actor Returns”

  1. Fluffysmom Says:

    I’m excited about Greg Vaughan returning.

  2. marypickford Says:

    Nice picture! Look at that hairy chest. Yum. 🙂

    I love Eric and I am delighted by this. I am hoping for a long term return and a revisit of Ericole. I am trying to brace myself to accept whatever they give me, but I’m afraid my hopes are already up way too high.

    Anyway, as you say, it was absurd to go with the Daniel pairing over Eric, but it was even more absurd to get rid of them both and put her with someone totally new. I swear I can’t understand this show sometimes!

  3. marypickford Says:

    Oh, and on Daytime Royalty, someone asked Jason47 how long the return was, and he said “January, February … ” So at least 2 months, and he seemed to winking at us with that “dot dot dot”.

  4. underyourwing Says:

    (almost) anyone but Jennifer…….. and yah, hirsute is nice.

  5. ADW Says:

    Sorry I guess I’m in the miniority here because I loved Jensen Ackles as Eric I thought he was sweeter and much better looking.
    I think they should revisit Jennifer/Eric pairing, they can drink arbor mist together and argue over who is more a sanctimonious. I assume we aren’t going to see Eric for another 6 months to a year and might be paroled for good behavior OR have s storyline while he’s in prision like Nick??? What I wanna know is if Eric has heard from Sami?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I loved JA as Eric, too. It’s just been so long since he was in the role (and he didn’t do that much of consequence, as a character) that I was more than willing to accept a recast. I thought GV did really well, especially distinguishing Father Eric from a lot of the other male characters. They lost some of that as they had him get all shouty and judgey, a la Daniel and Brady and whomever else…

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