Say What?

My reaction when Claire wouldn’t shut the hell up about her YouTube channel:


Honey, the power is out and there are three homicidal maniacs on the loose. I think your 12 YouTube subscribers, two of whom are your parents, can probably wait a day for your cover of “Fight Song.”

Philip’s reaction was also very fitting for how Deimos marched in there with that B.S. court order. I know he had Justin pull some strings or whatever, but on what planet does this random man have a right to order Chloe to take a paternity test? I could see if he were her husband. But he’s basically just saying they had sex once. Doesn’t the woman whose body is growing this child have any say? In fact, Chloe should probably go to that judge and be like, “No, I never had sex with him. He befriended me under false pretenses, using an alias, and only revealed that to me after he was left for dead but wouldn’t allow me to call the police or take him to a hospital. What kind of crazy person would have sex with him in the midst of all that?!” And the judge would be like, “You’re right! That would be ridiculous. Case dismissed!”

Other things that don’t particularly make sense: the DiMera panic room having absolutely no air flow that isn’t controlled by electricity. So let me get this straight: you take shelter in the panic room, and then whoever’s trapped you in there can just turn off the power and kill you? This does not seem like a well-designed system. I mean, I’m not going to complain too hard about anything that gets Chad down to boxer briefs, but really.


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10 Comments on “Say What?”

  1. Simon Parris Says:

    We didn’t get to enjoy sweatybChad in his. Opera briefs for anywhere near long enough. Just when it became interesting they were suddenly rescued!
    In the good old bad old days, a scenario like that would have lasted at least a week.

  2. Mo Says:

    Only on soaps do people trapped in air vents, vaults, safe rooms and elevators get naked together! It’s a classic! If it had been Lucas in that safe room with Chad would he still have been sweating seductively with his clothes 85% off? I doubt it. But I don’t hate the chemistry between Chad and Gabi. I’d like a nice slow love story that didn’t feel rushed or thrown together on this show. Adding The Deveroux siblings in as the two vying for Gabi and Chad and things could get interesting!

    Everything going on at The Kiriakis mansion has been beyond ridiculous! While I’ve always found the thought of just Victor and Maggie sharing that cavernous home silly now you have Sonny sleeping on an air mattress in the foyer the house is so full! All because of three B-level villains? Victor or Stefano would have had Clyde and Xander in cement shoes by now in their prime!

    Settling in with the new writers. At least they had Chloe call her mother finally. They seem to be trying to honer the history of the show. Glad Clyde finally revealed he switched the test results on Thomas too and allowed Kate to properly put him in his place for being a creepo. Now we just need someone to reveal it was Clyde who had EJ whacked. Knowing this show and the way it reforms villains Clyde will be Mayor/DA/Chief of Staff at the hospital within a year…

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yes! Can they please tie up that loose end re: Clyde/EJ while he’s around? Not that anyone left on the show would care — I guess Chad would, but it’s weird how quickly things shifted away from EJ even though so much of the show revolved around him for so long.

      “Sonny sleeping on an air mattress in the foyer” – LOL! Too true. By the time Deimos invited Philip and Chloe to move in, I was seriously cackling. It’s too ridiculous to believe.

  3. Matthew Says:

    Don’t give them any ideas! Especially since Clyde did give all that money to Jordan and Abigail’s project (which we never heard of again)…

  4. ADW Says:

    I think they are setting up a triangle with JJ/Chad/Gabi very nicely AND making things even more complicated for Abigail’s return comsidering Abbie and Gabi are BFFs.
    Claire is getting on my nerves, she’s such a pre-madonna brat and I would rather be locked in a room watching tone deaf American Idol rejects for 3 days straight than to hear Claire sing and sqwak about social media for 3 minutes.
    Theo is sweet but, I couldn’t even trust him to watch water boil let alone leave him to watch an infant and young child.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I like the setup with JJ/Gabi/Chad, and the potential for Abigail’s return. It could be a solid quad.

      Claire has worn me out! I’m glad she got kidnapped because of her idiocy.

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