This is the New Me

The minute I saw Andre in normal clothes, I had a suspicion they might be about to Tony-ify (Tonify?) him. And then there he was, eating a meal in a restaurant with Kate and not totally acting like a flaming Hannibal Lecter, and Kate said it (paraphrased slightly): “You know, Tony was your brother. You have some of him inside of you. If you could just embrace that…”


My first thought was, “No, Tony was his cousin” — but with this latest ridiculous retcon, they actually were brothers, which I guess shouldn’t even seem weird to me in the revolving genetic hellscape that is Salem, but still. And also, he has a bit of Tony outside of him, since he literally stole the man’s appearance, and maybe it’s worth delving into the psychology of a man who would have complete cosmetic surgery to impersonate his “cousin” on a serial-killing spree, but hey, this is Days of Our Lives, so we’ll just gloss over that and sort of have him act more like Tony and it’ll be okay, right?

There were a couple of other reset-type hitches in Tuesday’s episode, like Kate and Eduardo interacting for the first time in forever (are we going back to that pairing?), and Nicole’s incredibly bizarre flip-flopping regarding Deimos.


“Yes, Chloe, I know I’m sleeping with the man and constantly talking about how he’s changed, but do not under any circumstances let Deimos near you or your child, or you’ll both be in mortal danger!” Huh? I honestly thought she was just being a jealous bitch and trying to keep Chloe away from Deimos so she could have him to herself, but then it was clear that she was actually expressing concern for Chloe, and I’ve gotta say: if you have to warn your dear friend not to go anywhere near a man, maybe hopping into the sack with him is not a wise idea.

Or, you know, moving in with him.

I did like how they had Nicole resist Deimos’s invitation for a while, because it made her seem like slightly less of a crazy person, but I had a feeling that her moving in was inevitable once Deimos began filling up his commune with any Kiriakis-associated bodies he could find. Yes, it’s a completely ridiculous setup, but they might as well use the mansion sets and just have people live there and interact naturally instead of making up excuses to “drop by” each other’s homes 12 times a day, so whatever. I just hope there are enough bedrooms left after Maggie undoubtedly converted several of them into shrines to Daniel.

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12 Comments on “This is the New Me”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    we have to gloss over so much stuff in this show i don’t even know how to finish this observation!

  2. Matthew Says:

    With half the town living in either the Kiriakis mansion or the DiMera mansion, they can save a ton of money on sets!

  3. Mo Says:

    Will the Kiriakis bedrooms be Jennifer’s old office from the Hospital with a different picture on the wall? They haven’t dusted that one off in awhile. It seriously becomes stressful remembering who lives where. They have 7 “home” sets I can think of… Hope’s, The Hernandez’, Jennifer’s, Marlena and John’s (that doubled as Victor and Maggie’s and Brady and Theresa’s), Steve and Kayla’s and the two mansions. They also have the hallway to the boarding house (?) Kate stole from Doug and Julie. Does anyone live in a hotel currently? At least they are giving people somewhere to call home I guess. Abe and Roman have lived at the police station for the last decade.

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG, I sort of didn’t notice that we hadn’t seen the Dr. Caligari-angled office in a while. That can stay gone.

      I like the idea of consolidating people into homes. It makes interactions more natural. I still wish they’d construct some kind of boarding house, like using Maggie’s old kitchen/the current Hernandez one as the central spot in a house where a bunch of random people all have rooms.

  4. underyourwing Says:

    well, now at least we don’t have to lose our shit over people just walking into someone’s house to confront them over donuts, or just miraculously appearing peeping behind a door spying on _________.
    fill in name of choice….wondering how the hell they got in there in the 1st place. and they are really gonna need the cook and butler back now as well with so many fools to feed and keep track of…. they better throw some sleep walking incidents in there too.

  5. Matthew Says:

    Plus, they always talk about all this “security” (that we never see). Why do all these security people constantly let anyone and everyone onto the properties? Really, what good are they?

    I thought it was so funny the other day when Nicole said she had told the guard that Deimos hired to be discreet. (Translation – we, the producers, can save 140 bucks by not showing a silent extra following her around.)

    In many, many years of soap watching, the only time I remember actually seeing security guards was that “special episode” in which Ben had escaped and Abigail was freaking out in the DiMera mansion. Of course, Ben overpowered the (useless) guards anyway!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, there’s never security unless they will inevitably be killed/knocked out/distracted by something shiny. It’s like how everyone hired by the DiMeras eventually turns out to be incompetent or nuts.

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