Salem Standoff

Welp, Maggie’s on her feet again, so there’s another story from the past year that we can sweep under the rug.


Not that I’m complaining. There’s legitimate potential in a story about Maggie losing the use of her legs again after 40 years, but they didn’t really delve into any of that: having been that poor farm girl and worked her way up to being Mrs. Victor Kiriakis, her original love story with Mickey, any of it. Nothing even really happened besides her getting paralyzed and crying for months. Same with Victor’s rejection of Philip — they used the Orpheus standoff to wrap that up with an emotional look and a hug, and I’m fine with it, because in spite of potential, it just devolved into Victor occasionally barking at Philip when he took a break from mooning over Belle.

Speaking of Philip:


Praise the heavens! Someone finally cut that mop! He instantly looks younger, and I swear Philip was more tolerable this week on account of not having that disgusting long hair.

And sure, it was a little (okay, a lot) silly how Orpheus, Xander, and Clyde all got chased out of their revenge situations before they could actually do anything, but their mere presence stirred up a lot of excitement and gave Salem a much-needed injection of energy. What a relief to see some of the story bubbles burst, too. I love any event that requires information to trickle and disperse through Salem, where we get a variety of reactions and attitudes. I’m intrigued to see what they do next, even though it will probably be convoluted and ridiculous and also fail.

The highlight of the week for me, perhaps weirdly, was a pair of long, slow scenes between two characters who should’ve been sharing screentime all along.


Eve and Nicole are such obvious candidates for friends: outsiders, continual losers, well versed in loss and longing. It was rhythmically a bit strange to take time out of the fast-paced, tense Orpheus standoff to cut to these two women learning about one another and how much they have in common, but it was so satisfying. Really terrific use of two great actresses who’ve shoveled more than their fair shares of shit material. I’m so pleased that I’m not even going to harp on how their conversation eventually turned into — OF COURSE — referencing the loss of Daniel instead of, you know, the two children Nicole has lost.

Second prize for Surprisingly Enjoyable was Kate, who after far too long of behaving like a complete idiot finally called out Clyde on the similarities between him and Curtis Reed. It made zero sense that Kate Roberts, given her history, would ever have taken the side of a man who was accused of having beaten and abused his children. They tried to work around it by emphasizing Kate’s dislike of Jordan, but it was incongruous and made her look like a fool. (I also appreciated how they had Rafe mention having contacted Jordan about Clyde’s escape. Look, people don’t just stop existing when they leave Salem! Though I’d be cool if no one mentioned Summer for a while.) I am a little concerned about Kate’s decision to hang out in that mansion all alone after being confronted at gunpoint, especially since Clyde wasn’t arrested, but then again, it appears all she actually bought from Julie and Doug was a foyer, so maybe it won’t be so scary after all.

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18 Comments on “Salem Standoff”

  1. Fluffysmom Says:

    I really enjoyed the Eve and Nicole scenes. They are great together.

    I agree that the arrival of the villains has energized the show. I’ve enjoyed every episode the past two weeks.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Same. I’m not in love with every single thing happening (or the way it happens), but overall, it’s an infinitely more watchable show than it was 2-3 months ago.

  2. underyourwing Says:

    Nothing even really happened besides her getting paralyzed and crying for months………

    well, she did do a pretty alluring Colonel Sanders in drag debacle….

  3. Matthew Says:

    Spot on as always! Also liked the Chad/Gabi/JJ scenes which alluded to the past between Gabi and Chad and hinted at a possible triangle there.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I liked those scenes, too. Chad and Gabi have a complicated history that’s worth playing, and JJ/Gabi have enough potential as a couple and as characters to warrant having actual story.

  4. ADW Says:

    Maggie’s favorite song must be “Stand by your Man” by Tammy Wynette, they never fail to show just how much she truly loves that grumpy old man and would take a bullet for him.
    I’m enjoying the Chad/Gabi/JJ dynamic. I forgot Chad and Gabi actually dated briefly prior to Melanie and the first go around with Abbie. The tension between JJ and Chad is very much alive; JJ still partially blames Chad for his sister’s demise and JJ is very direct that he doesn’t appreciate Gabi working for or hanging out with Chad.
    The trio of villain escapees and their vendettas with different Salemites really amped things up. I thought it was interesting that Eduardo was on his own mission and basically hand a hand on their escape (litterallly). 😉 I hope this arc lasts a little while. It really bothered me how the boring s/l drag on for several months on end and the more compelling, climatic material is over in a few days.
    I enjoyed Eve’s and Nicole’s scenes as well; it’s always refreshing to see female friendships as opposed to bed-hopping and in vendettas with each other usually over a man. Those ladies have quite a bit in common, including some of the same enemies and they certainly could have been friends on their own prior to Nicole and Theresa being BFF/business partners. It’s always nice to have a friend to enjoy cocktails with share a big ass bottle of vino. 😀

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m terrified they will have Eve and Nicole fight over a man ASAP. Remember the promising friendship they started between Eve and Kate, only to have Kate throw herself at Eduardo right away?

      • ADW Says:

        Yes! OMG it was so shitty for Kate to go after Eduardo like that but, I love how he rejected her as she was on the rebound after Clyde.

      • mykleraus Says:

        It’s weird how they never let that get off the ground. I thought they had chemistry, though I would’ve preferred Eve/Eduardo as a pairing anyway.

  5. Matthew Says:

    I just remembered one thing that was inexcusable this week…why wasn’t Anne at Theresa’s wedding? She’s been part of all of Theresa’s storylines from the very beginning. She’s been helping Theresa with the wedding plans.

    Also, why wasn’t Anne with Theresa, Eve, and Nicole at TBD the night before the wedding?

    They could have brought some humor into the standoff with Orpheus not knowing who Anne is and then Anne saying, “If Maggie won’t leave, I’ll take her place leaving instead! See ya suckers!”

    – – –

    One more thing…and maybe they just decided addressing this would be too confusing since it all happened so long ago…

    Orpheus was on 1986-1987. He had a vendetta against Roman for shooting his wife in the past (off screen) when he and Roman had been ISA partners (off screen) in the past.

    When Orpheus kidnapped Marlena in 1986-1987 to take care of his children, (we know know that) Roman was John Black/Roman not the “real Roman” or Roman/Roman as I’ll call him.

    So, prior to Orpheus’s first appearance, the person who he had been ISA partners with is Roman/Roman, not John Black/Roman. So he was actually taking revenge in 1986-1987 on the wrong person!

    That means Orpheus should really be attacking Roman/Roman (since he never got revenge on the right person 30 years ago), not John Black/Roman!

    I suppose now he can want revenge on both of them since John Black/Roman did (we now know attempt to) kill Orpheus in 1987.

    Confused? We should be!

    • Mo Says:

      I wondered about Ann too. Hopefully she is still on contract with the show and didn’t just disappear forever like Maxine did.

      Orpheus would need to do exhaustive research at the Salem Library, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not to sort out the John Black/Roman chronology! He probably just flipped a coin…

      • mykleraus Says:

        I’m pretty sure Meredith Scott Lynn has posted about having filmed in recent months, so I think she’s safe. I wonder if she just wasn’t available for the shooting dates (since she isn’t under an actual contract with the show, she doesn’t HAVE to be) or if they couldn’t afford to throw another person into those scenes (which is depressing).

    • mykleraus Says:

      Thanks for the Orpheus history!

      There was a throwaway line about how Anne’s mom was sick and she had to go back to Brooklyn. I wonder if it was budgetary (which is so stupid — she’s ONE actor) or if Meredith Scott Lynn wasn’t available. She’s been on recently, and they bothered to reference her, so I don’t really take it as a sign that they’ve dropped her.

    • ADW Says:

      Yes! Good point I brought up the whole John was Roman during that era as well and you are correct.
      Also, it was briefly mentioned Anne Milbauer’s mother in Brooklyn was ill so, Anne left Salem to tend to her. I think Meredith Lynn Scott may have finished her tenure as Anne which royally sucks because I wanted to see some more snarky comments about Jen.

  6. Mo Says:

    Did something happen to Claire that I missed or did she end her DAYS week taking selfies at Club TBD before promising to walk home alone at night with three convicts with ties to her family on the loose?

    There must be a finite amount of brain cells in Salem and they were all being used in other storylines!

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