Preach It, Sister

I was all set to rage about what a shitty butler Harold is, after the way Laura walked in and breezily tossed off, “Your butler let me in.” Why even have a butler if he’s just going to let any old crone or criminal into the house?


But then I realized it was last damn night that Chad trashed that room, so Harold was probably up all night rebuilding furniture and putting the place back together. So when someone shows up at the door demanding to see Chad, I can’t really blame the guy for being like, “Sure, he’s upstairs. You have a gun? Yeah, whatever. Head on up.”

Wednesday’s episode held my attention and delighted me about the same as Tuesday’s, so we’re on quite the streak (two days!) of me actually wanting to watch instead of jumping out my window. I saw a lot of comments in which people complained that Laura was being an irrational shrew, because we like Chad, but Laura’s POV felt completely authentic to who she is. She doesn’t really know Chad. Stefano and Kristen tortured her. Peter made Jennifer and Jack’s lives a living hell (and that’s been the missing part of Jennifer’s argument for months — she personally got involved with a DiMera who seemed to be on the up-and-up who turned to the dark side!). And Chad’s relationship with Kate is of course a giant red flag for Laura.


I loved how quickly those two slipped back into their sniping at one another. Terrific use of history that’s also relevant to current story. And just like the Adrienne/Steve conversation in Tuesday’s episode, it struck me as a declaration from the new (“new”) writing regime that they’re going to pay attention to these connections after a year in which everyone was way too isolated and too many of these interpersonal beats were skipped over. I felt the same about the sudden injection of Chad/Kate, Chad/Sonny, and JJ/Julie scenes.

Like with Laura, I saw people complaining that Julie was out of line for advising JJ to dump the woman who did time for his cousin Nick’s murder. And yes, of course, the situation was more complicated than that. Gabi was terrified of Nick and had been terrorized by him. None of Nick’s family members pushed for him to get the help he clearly needed. But it’s consistent for Julie to feel this way, and it’s long, long overdue. I can’t even have dinner with my parents without getting grilled about my personal life. You can’t convince me that Julie “Carnival Barker” Williams could live in the same house as JJ for weeks without registering an opinion on his girlfriend.

Point is, I’m enjoying the vibe of the show this week more than I have since the excitement of last year’s reboot, and while I’m fully prepared for the wheels to come off as soon as the dust settles, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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10 Comments on “Preach It, Sister”

  1. Dylan Says:

    The show has been so much better this week! Like you have said, they’ve started putting in more character-driven scenes. It feels like a totally different show, I actually recognise it again. Those scenes with Chad/Sonny/Gabi, the scenes with Claire/Belle (of course Belle becomes likeable and immediately leaves Salem afterwards, lol), the scenes with Laura and Chad and Kate. And Julie finally commented on JJ dating Gabi, it only took like nine months! And the show isn’t so dark anymore, there are actually lighthearted scenes even though there is intense stuff happening. What a relief, I was ready to quit watching entirely. Is Laura already gone? That was quite a short visit. I remember the last time we saw her when she was living in that small corner of the old rectory at St Luke’s in some unknown non-Salem location.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think she’s gone but coming back. That was a really weird pop-in visit. Like, they didn’t NEED her at all. I’m glad they brought her in, but it was so quick and random. And did she seriously plan to come to Salem and not even stay one night?!

    • Mo Says:

      The way they have been using characters like Laura, Eve Andre and even Chloe has been baffling. I know a lot of stuff was rewritten with the new creative team but they keep teasing us with these characters who they go away for weeks at a time. I used to be on top of “Who’s In” and “Who’s Out” but its a confusing mess at this point. Who’s in, who’s out. who’s recurring, who’s done with the show all together? Who knows?! Sometimes not even the show obviously since they tried to let the guy who plays Shawn Douglas go and then realized his contract wasn’t up yet. That must have been awkward.

      • mykleraus Says:

        It’s really confusing. Now Belle is leaving but not really leaving. I think Chloe leaves for Bjorlin’s maternity leave and then returns, too.

        I love the pop-in visits (Laura, Eve, a few others coming up) and wish they’d do more of that. But sometimes the way they show up is so hilariously casual.

  2. ADW Says:

    I was perturbed with Laura at her plain rude behavior towards Chad who was genuinely trying to be cordial. Yes, my sentiments exactly, “Laura doesn’t know the guy” and although his last name is Dimera he’s NOT anything like Stefano, Kristen, Tony, Peter, or anyone else who tortured her family and close friends. In fact, on the contray, Chad cherished and loved Abigail w/ all his heart; he’s half responsible for Thomas, her little slice of heaven” Great Grandson; he saved Laura’s dear friend, Marlena’s life twice…I’m sure Laura wasn’t expecting to see Tony and then Kate, her old nemisis in the midst of friendly interactions with Chad so, that of course didn’t help matters.
    I always enjoy the trips down memory lane but, Laura is a total loon if she thinks that she can sway Chad from hiring a savy business woman like Kate to help run NuDimera Enterprises with info which he is already aware of: Chad knows Lucas came from, Kate’s time working as a call girl with his Mother, what Peter did to Jennifer, etc.
    I’m sure Laura left with her tail tucked between her legs because she was rubbed the wrong way. Also, it seems like Jen’s house is pretty full at the moment especially with JJ back.
    On thing I really don’t get is Marlena already ascertained Abigail has PTSD, Shady Pines f’ed up on her treatment and drug regime for reasons we don’t really know as it should have been in her files, right???
    I’m always happy to see a Horton return to Salem but, if they behave like an obnoxious, sanctimonious shrew like Laura just did, I don’t want to see another one for a while.

    • mykleraus Says:

      My thing with Laura is that her attitude is justified BECAUSE she doesn’t know Chad. All she knows is that he’s a DiMera, really, and she has quite a track record with those.

      I don’t think it’s fair or even makes sense how people are blaming Chad for how crappy Shady Hills is, though. He isn’t in charge of it! And why isn’t Marlena being blamed?!

  3. Fluffysmom Says:

    I completely agree about the vibe of the show this week. I liked Kayla admitting what a nag she’s been. Chad, Sonny, and Gabi are great together. I was shocked and thrilled when Laura mentioned Peter. It’s about time!

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