New Days Are Here (Again)

If there was anything that was going to make me buy into this new writing regime, it might’ve been this:


Steve and Adrienne finally shared a scene! And not just appeared in a scene at the same time, but actually had an extended conversation. It only took a year, but it happened, and I don’t think the fact that it was placed near the top of Tuesday’s episode was a coincidence. This episode marked the first one officially credited to the new head-writing team of Dena Higley and Ryan Quan, and it felt like a bit of a declaration, even without an explosion or a murder. On the whole, I found it to be a really satisfying, enjoyable episode that felt much more in line with 2009-2011 and 2012-2014 Days. I’ll take something that feels like a serviceable imitation of a show I loved over the past year’s raging dumpster fire full of beloved characters committing murder and dropped threads involving aimless strangers.

It was also, a bit comically, one of those episodes where everyone’s living arrangements were randomly being switched around. It’s a bit much to justify Lucas and Adrienne moving into the DiMera mansion in the same episode as Deimos inviting Victor, Maggie, and Nicole all to live with him. For Nicole, however, this might be a good thing, because I’m concerned that she fell into a vat of Daniel’s bronzer while shacking up in that godforsaken apartment.


This was the first episode I’ve watched on my new TV, but did Nicole’s coloring look seriously off to anyone else? The screenshot above does not do it justice.

The closest to a Big New Thing happening in yesterday’s episode was the reappearance of Clyde and his new friend, who sat down and explained, “My name is Milo Harp… but I used to be known as Orpheus.” I got those great end-of-episode chills, and it was only mid-episode!


A little forced? Sure. But these villains’ plot for revenge is going to generate story for our main characters, as opposed to new writers coming in and just centering story on a bunch of new or returning faces. There was definitely a needed sense of energy in Tuesday’s episode, and I hope they can sustain it, because I’m really, really tired of dozing off in the middle of episodes and having to rewind just so I can write recaps.

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15 Comments on “New Days Are Here (Again)”

  1. Michelle Says:

    The whole tone of the show just immediately was better for me yesterday and today. I hated the shift in tone from the beginning at this time last year. I hated the stupid 60’s themed wedding. I hated Bo tortured for months only to spend 2 days in Salem and then die. I hated Ciara getting raped on the Horton couch. I hated the serial killer storyline. In the end what did it accomplish besides driving Abby to the crazy house? I mean nothing, no one else seemed affected. Everyone was in their own storyline and never crossed over. I hated it, as a fan since the late 80’s this last year may have been my least liked period ever.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ditto. This just feels like Days again. I know, to some degree, I said the same thing last fall — the Steve/Bo interactions, the disposal of Serena and Paige, etc. But that went off the rails FAST, and in retrospect, the writing was on the wall immediately as far as the stuff that would later prove that writing regime to be a flop.

      I’ll disagree on the serial killer story, though. Aside from the absurdly foolish mistake of killing off Will (instead of just sending him out of town to be with Sami and the kids until they found a proper recast), I thought it was really strong. It added major energy to the Chad/Abigail/Ben triangle, which until then had been dull; it finally turned Ben into a compelling character; it used Serena’s exit (which could’ve just been her leaving town lamely) into the jumping-off point for a big story; and it got rid of Paige in a way that showed how valuable Eve could be. After that, though, the show fell apart for me. And I still don’t understand why, if they were going to kill Daniel shortly afterward anyway, they didn’t just have him be the big victim instead of Will. They could’ve still had all the damn mourning they wanted over Daniel without sacrificing Eric’s character or the much more promising Eric/Nicole pairing.

  2. marypickford Says:

    I thought Monday’s episode was great, for all the reasons you say. Steve and Adrienne were terrific, and seeing Orpheus was just a treat. I also always liked Clyde, and I’m looking forward to having him back. I hope we’ll see more like Monday’s ep. I thought today’s was not so great, but I hope we’re in for a few good months at least. It seems like new writing teams often start out pretty strong, so even though my long term expectations of Dena are very low, I am more optimistic about the rest of the year.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I actually really liked today’s, also. They remembered the Kate/Chad bond, they had Laura and Kate square off, they gave us the long-overdue Julie/JJ scene re: Gabi… I was pretty happy. But yes, it could easily go off the rails, as we’ve seen over and over.

  3. underyourwing Says:

    nic looked fine on my lobotomy box. since your tv is new there are all kinds of controls you can change that can make you nuts. i have noticed settings for most channels looked shitty on others….it will be fun adjusting the crap out of it all. buono fortuna mikey!

  4. ATiger Says:

    I have to say, I’m loving the last few episodes, especially Clyde and Orpheus. I think the actors are sooo good, and they both make my skin crawl, unlike the laughable Andre (I think you described him recently as a psychotic Liberace–haha! Perfect!). When they both said–I think it was the end of Monday’s episode?–that they want to kill everyone in Salem, my husband and I started cheering. Perhaps this isn’t the reaction the writers wanted, but I’m having a lot of fun watching. (Also, can someone give me a quick primer on Orpheus?!)

    I think someone mentioned this already, but it looks like the writers are actually acknowledging friendships, which is really nice (Sonny and Chad, Chad and Belle, Gabby and Sonny, etc.). I’m often annoyed because it seems like none of these people have any friends, which is not only ridiculous but also a missed opportunity for drama, etc.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Orpheus actually scares me, which is great — Stefano and especially Andre have a cartoonish quality that makes it tough to believe they’ll actually do anything but cook up some convoluted scheme that can always be defeated.

      As I understand it, Orpheus had been Roman’s ISA partner once upon a time, but during an operation gone wrong, Roman (accidentally) shot and killed Orpheus’s wife. Orpheus blamed Roman and kidnapped Marlena to be the new mother to his children. Roman managed to shoot and kill Orpheus, but he couldn’t save Marlena before the plane she was (allegedly) on went down. This is when Marlena was presumed dead in the 80s. Sometime between then and her 1991 return, Stefano apparently got his hands on her, as he did with literally everyone who died during that time period.

      • ATiger Says:

        Ah! Thanks for filling me in on Orpheus!
        And, yes, he scares me too!!

      • ADW Says:

        I’m confused about a couple of things as I don’t really remember Orephus the first time around.
        1.) John was Roman during a chunk of time in the mid ’80s-early’90s. I’m assuming Orephus’s entire ISA partnership and beef is with John; John was in fact the one who shot anc killed Orephus’s wife by accident, not the real Roman??? After seeing some flash backs I’m clear as to why Roman’s reaction seemed a bit calmer and he didn’t really seem to recognize Milo Harp’s mug shot right away and resorted to some search engine.
        2.) What is Orpheus’s beef with Victor all about? I haven’t seen or read anything explaining why Orpheus dislikes Victor so much. We KNOW why Xander and Clyde have animosity towards Victor.
        3.) How did Stefano get ahold of Marlena? We all know Stefano was obsessed with her but, did one of Stefano’s minions snatch her up?

      • mykleraus Says:

        1) The real Roman shot and killed Orpheus’s wife. He and Orpheus were ISA partners back in the day (prior to Roman being on the show), and it was a sting gone wrong or something. So the real Roman *should* recognize Orpheus, though I guess it is 35 years later.

        2) I don’t know about the Orpheus/Victor stuff. I get really hazy on the Stockholm storyline, but basically, every time there was a random object people wanted, Victor was somehow behind it in the 80s!

        3) They’ve never explained how Stefano got Marlena from Orpheus, same as how they never explained how he got Steve from Lawrence or how he got Hope from Ernesto. I feel like he must’ve spent a lot of time on eBay looking for “dead” Salemites.

      • ADW Says:

        4.) One more thing, I really liked Orephus’s reaction to learning Paul was John’s son, “I don’t see the resemblance!” Orephus’s made some crack about wanting to know about that (affair) and John replies, “We’ll go have a beer and I’ll tell you all about it.” LOL 😂 It’s funny that Orephus’s seemed to know who some of the other offspring are (ie Brady) but, not Paul who would have been born sometime in the mid-late ’80s??? Well, if it’s any consolation WE weren’t aware of Paul either until fairly recently as well.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I thought it was weird that Orpheus claimed to know all this stuff about John but didn’t know J&M aren’t married. Weird oversight considering their upcoming remarriage has been referenced so much onscreen lately.

      • ADW Says:

        Thank you. 😀 They really paint Roman as such a dullard who is sort of on the background these Days, perhaps he should retire. I suppose Orephus only had access to so much info since his imprisionment.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I wish they could at least PRETEND to care about Roman!

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