Promo: After the Olympics

For the next two weeks, while NBC airs the Summer Olympics, we get to check out the disastrous infrastructure in Rio instead of that in Salem (zing!). But they’ve released a promo for what’s to come after the break and, well, it actually looks sort of good?

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 10.03.34 AM

Spoilers, obviously — but I’ll put my commentary behind a cut. You can watch the video here, since NBC’s embed code is giving me a headache.


I’m guessing these are the 2-4 weeks that follow the Olympic break. Interesting that they deal with Tate being found that quickly, but there’s no hint as to who took him — looks like they’ll be playing out the suspicion about Victor for a while longer. This whole prison break thing with three random villains is, well, random, but it’s kind of fun. I never, ever thought I’d see Orpheus onscreen in present-day episodes; I wonder what kind of motivation they’ll give him. But it’s high time they pay off the awful way that Xander was set up for rape and tossed in prison, and it’s an interesting way to bring Theresa’s redemption full-circle. And I enjoy Clyde as a villain, so this could be fun.

Meanwhile, this yawn-worthy Kayla thing is still going on. I’m sure there’ll be some good scenes as a result, but it’s like Kayla doesn’t even remember that she has a subdural hematoma half the time. And this doesn’t indicate much actual movement with regards to the Jennifer/Chad custody suit. Also, if Aiden becomes the D.A., who’s going to represent Jen in the custody suit? There are no lawyers left! I guess Justin could step in. I also don’t hate the idea of Aiden turning on Hope about her shooting Stefano, though I have a hellish feeling he’ll force her to marry him or something, and then we’ll be “treated” to a lot of Rafe moping around sullenly. Bleh.

Oh, and Eve! I love that they’re bothering to include her in Theresa’s wedding. And Jen Lilley looks fantastic in the wedding dress. Dare I hope that I’ll be entertained instead of annoyed in two weeks?

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14 Comments on “Promo: After the Olympics”

  1. Days fan Says:

    My theory is the Tate kidnapping was a longer story but got shortened when Jen lilley decided to leave. I thought RoJohn killed Orpheus? Granted I’ve only seen that storyline once…or maybe it was assumed? Poor Brady can’t catch a break at any wedding!😣 Eve being at Theresa’s wedding is great but no Kim/Shane? Can’t wait to hear why on that one. Theresa didn’t want them there, I’m guessing. Yet, they are involved in hope’s story? I think that’s great – at least I hope it will be a great. Not getting my hopes up on that one. lol.

    Love to read your POV! It always make me laugh and afterwards I usually question my intelligence for continuing to watch what more often than not is a convoluted mess but it least I know it’s not real vs what is sadly real life these days.

    • mykleraus Says:

      No one should ever get engaged to Brady! Accepting a ring from him is basically a death warrant, for everyone but Chloe. I’m still praying that Theresa doesn’t die, just because I am so death-ed out on this show, and because the character isn’t beyond recasting. Not that death is anything close to final in Salem, but it’s so depressing.

      Speaking of, I kind of thought Orpheus was dead, too, not just chilling in a local prison, but hey…

  2. Dylan Says:

    This actually looks pretty interesting! I’m excited – not so much by Clyde returning but I guess if it’s only for a short time it’s fine. There’s actually going to be movement on the show! And I’m so happy that Sonny is back. I agree with your comment that the show seems to have room to breathe – things don’t feel as rushed and slapped together, and there are way more character-driven interactions.

    However, this Nicole/Deimos story isn’t working for me, the show just wants us to believe this dumb retcon and now believe that these two are “in love” or whatever. I have a bad feeling that this is going to be long-term and they’re going to be married soon, ugh.

    Also, is Aiden sticking around long term? I wish he wouldn’t, I despise this new version of his character. And this Hope/Rafe/Aiden “triangle” is horrible. I just hope the focus is shifted away from this BS, I’m planning on fast-forwarding through all of it.

    Luckily it seems like they’re dropping the whole Ciara and Chad story, and shifting focus to this custody thing, which is not a very good storyline in my opinion but way better than any potential Ciara/Chad pairing (yuck!)

    • mykleraus Says:

      They definitely seem to be abandoning Ciara’s crush on Chad, which is fine by me. It was like someone had the idea, they twisted themselves in knots to try it out, and then they decided it was stupid and moved off it within three weeks. So weird.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Aiden cut again, but as far as I know, he’s still there. The character is such a muddled mess now that I don’t even care, which is a shame because I was legitimately upset when they killed him off last year. Are they just going to keep him as an antagonist for Hope/Rafe? I thought for a second they might try to pair him and Jennifer, which would at least have breathed new life into things. But him as the evil D.A. seems so blah.

      Nicole/Deimos is starting to look like an alleged “love story” to me, too. But then I’m not sure what Dario’s role is. Not sure that the writers know, either, but the whole configuration makes no sense.

  3. Barbie Says:

    And thank goodness for Steve , Kayla and Joey. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  4. Matthew Says:

    I’m surprised they gave so many details away, but it all looks good.

    One small thing….I’m surprised they’re calling the return after the break “a new season.” The concept of a “season” is relatively new as applied to soaps. I never heard that term used until it started showing up on the NBC website a few years ago.

    In any case, If there is such a thing, I would consider the DAYS season to change on November 8th every year.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The first time I saw it used for soaps was on the NBC site and the iTunes page for Days, too. I think November is considered the point at which the “season” changes, but I get the feeling they’re trying to appeal to viewers who might feel that the “it never stops” thing is overwhelming, and also to imply that there’s going to be a shift in tone and content.

  5. underyourwing Says:

    i will not be fooled by these teasers….yes, DOOL is having some movement but at the moment i am too dainty feeling to express what kind it is…….

  6. underyourwing Says:

    yah….maybe after olympic overload our old soap will hit the soap after all…..

  7. underyourwing Says:

    i mean hit the SPOT spot spot ( OCD you are a bitch)

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