Strangers in the Night

It was weird how Chad had a nightmare that they recast Abigail with a drag queen.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.16.55 PM

I kept rewinding to find out what the hell was going on there. Did they pitch Melissa Reeves’s voice up? Did they literally just grab some guy off the crew and tell him to “do a girl voice”? If Aiden somehow had a way of accessing Chad’s subconscious — okay, let’s be real, Andre could probably do it with some old screensavers — this whole thing would probably make Jen’s case a slam dunk.

Meanwhile, Nicole continues her transformation into Kate Jr.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.40.47 PM

At least Kate was able to get Deimos to fuck her in a bed. Don’t go for second-best, baby! Put your “love” to the test! No matter how hard they try or how good the actors’ chemistry is — Zucker and Irizarry are nearly managing to sell something that isn’t there — I just cannot fathom this as a legitimate pairing. Why would a vengeful, psychotic man want to be with, let alone change for, someone who talks about Daniel Jonas this much?!

This foolishness aside, I’ve found this week infinitely more watchable than a lot of what we’ve gotten lately. Sonny’s scenes with Paul and Gabi were great, and instead of rushing through them, they let the characters sit and talk through things. We actually got to see Paul find out that Gabi’s with JJ! Gabi/Marlena was much needed, too, and even the hooey about inducing Caroline’s visions kind of worked for me. Kind of.

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12 Comments on “Strangers in the Night”

  1. Shea Says:

    I’m still 2 weeks behind but I just saw the preview for what is to come after the break and I am definitely going to catch up and be ready to go after the Olympics are over!

    I just can’t go there with Nicole and Deimos. Deimos has been one of the biggest disappointments ever. I was so looking forward to Vincent Irizarry joining Days and it has just been a big steaming pile of shit. And I somehow feel bad about hating him so much because VI is working his ass off to sell it but it isn’t working at all. If I am being completely honest I think VI and Lauren Koslow were more exciting together that he VI and Adrienne Zucker. Considering my hatred of Kate and my disinterest in seeing her ever bed another man that is actually saying a lot.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It actually looks fun and exciting. At least it has some energy, and there are surprises. I’m cautiously intrigued.

      I just don’t get what they’re intending with Deimos. Is he a villain? Is he a tortured romantic lead? They keep changing their minds.

  2. Matthew Says:

    As we’ve been discussing recently (like with the Hernandez family scenes round the kitchen table), there has been a definite and deliberate (it can’t be a lucky accident) shift in the writing. It was long overdue and is much appreciated.

    Characters are not just doing things randomly…they are actually analyzing why they think/feel the way they do as well considering the consequences of their actions.

    Whether we like Nicole/Deimos as a couple, we have to admire the heart of that storyline….being self-aware of the kind of person you were/are/want to be. Doesn’t everyone struggle with that in different ways in their lives? How will your choices affect you going forward? Will they improve your life in short and long term or just one of those? Which is more important to you?

    I loved all the scenes with Chad when he to debated how getting what he wants (fighting Jennifer for Thomas) would be at odds with the kind of person he wants to be for his son as well as how Abby wouldn’t want him to hurt her mother.

    This is real character-oriented writing. There is so much more going on in the subtext beneath the surface. It’s what make soaps work. It’s the necessary foundation to then later sell the more outlandish, plot-oriented storylines.

    Look at the scenes between Sonny and Paul this week. On the surface, it almost seemed kind of routine – just two characters sitting around recapping info because they haven’t seen each other in so long.

    Yet, was there anyone watching who could possibly avoid wondering (hoping, praying) that these two will find their way back to each other?

    Steve and Kayla also faced psychological issues about being who you are/changing for someone else/accepting people/is love enough to overcome other differences, etc.

    Someone on the writing staff is also making a conscious effort to acknowledge the past and connect it in a common sense way to conversations. The Marlena/Gabi kitchen scenes were great as were Sonny/Gabi in that kitchen. (Damn, that kitchen set was the best idea to happen to this show in years!)

    Even though Mrs. Hernandez has been on for months, they made a point of acknowledging she’s never met Roman. (Maybe this is the end of everything happening off screen!) They had some fun interactions. It seemed like the beginning of/test for romantic sparks. Did anyone else notice that?

    Chloe and Dario acknowledged they hadn’t seen each other in so long and were surprised to find each other in Salem again. Adrienne and Deimos finally met.

    They’ve left the show in an excellent place going into the Olympic break.

    • Days Fan Says:

      I agree. It was almost weird all the conversations taking place but I loved every one. I usually have it on as background noise but lately I have had to actually sit and pay attention! I don’t care for Nicole and Deimos as a couple but I understand Nicole’s attraction. I think she’s more attracted to his offer of unconditional love than anything else. Dario setting up his father was kind of low but I was surprised by that reveal. I hope they can keep it up. If they could just add some happier/lighter moments into the mix. There is so much gloominess!!

      • mykleraus Says:

        I could see that about Nicole. I also think there’s an element of self-destructiveness at play — like she can’t resist putting her hand to the flame.

        I liked the Dario thing, just because it was actually surprising. He really is a skeeze, though. Which isn’t a bad thing, but then they can’t TELL US he’s a great guy, which they have a bad habit of doing.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Agreed 100%. I can at least see what they’re going for with most of this stuff (although I think the hard left turn with Nicole/Deimos is too tough a sell), and they’re finally allowing things to breathe so we can see what’s there instead of just hurriedly being told about it. Way less stuff is happening offscreen now, which I appreciate. Sometimes those ‘filler’ episodes are the building blocks you need to make a story actually work.

  3. underyourwing Says:

    sure….mrs hernadez…..i will tell you what i noticed about all that: here is a woman barging into her adult son’s workplace, confronting his boss and basically ordering him to get rid of hope as her son’s partner, and if anything happens to her son, he will answer to her. ….
    you call that a fun interaction?

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