Cruel, Cruel Summer

Apparently Friday was Summer’s last air date, making her exit as bizarre and half-assed as, well, everything else about her time on the show.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 7.28.21 PM

I was hoping there would be some quick discovery that she isn’t Maggie’s child after all, but no such luck. I guess it could still happen, but more likely, Maggie will just wind up with one more daughter floating around out there whom she never sees or talks to. She’s had plenty of practice with Melissa and Sarah!

It’s also entirely possible that all my years of watching this show have made me dumber, but I was legitimately confused by a whole bunch of stuff this week. Like Summer’s hair: was that supposed to be a wig she had on when it was dark and straight? If so, why did she keep the wig on to come back to Salem and be interrogated by the police? And if she actually dyed and straightened her hair, how did it get back to its usual state this week? And don’t even get me started on this hotel room nonsense — okay, too late. Theresa went to confront Summer in her hotel room, which is apparently the same one she’s checked in and out of at least two times previously. Because¬†there’s no better way to ensure a good night’s sleep than to request the room where you accidentally murdered a man mere months ago! Anyway, if Theresa went there to confront her, and Summer left a note with the number of another room, what the hell other room was that? Between the lookalike hotel rooms and that space BlackPatch has been using as an office, I can’t even tell where things are supposed to be taking place anymore. It’s almost enough to make me wish everyone was hanging out at the single bench in the park again. Almost.

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2 Comments on “Cruel, Cruel Summer”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    i got vertigo reading this…..xo

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