Drake Hogestyn Injury Update

A little while back, there was a report that Drake Hogestyn (John Black) had been injured and would be sidelined from the show for a short while.


Today, courtesy of a statement from his lawyers published by Soap Opera Digest, we have more details:

His legal team claims that on May 5, the actor was injured on the set while filming a stunt that required him to “break” through a prop door on a set that “had not been properly prepared”. Hogestyn “ran full speed” toward the door and “smashed headfirst” into it, suffering “severe head injuries,” say his lawyers. The actor was hospitalized and is currently recovering in his Malibu home.

Yikes. First of all, I really hope he’s all right and on the mend. That sounds serious and scary. Furthermore, it’s interesting that the statement comes not from Hogestyn, but from his legal team. This has to be a huge insurance/liability issue for a show that probably doesn’t have much cash to spare in the first place. And I have a feeling that it speaks to the way they’re rushing to get through things on-set and trying to cut corners financially wherever they can.

If he suffered the injury on May 5, which was nearly three months ago, that could mean we’ll have John offscreen for at least that amount of time come this fall. If they’re around six months ahead shooting-wise, that material will probably air in November. We’ll see if it’s noticeable when this happened and how they had to adjust the writing on-the-fly to account for his absence.

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