Veteran Returns

Not one I would’ve expected, but I’m not mad at it.


In an interview with Glamour, Ken Corday confirms that Leann Hunley (who played Anna DiMera from 1982-1986 and 2007-2010) will be back on our screens in a few months.

There are more surprise returns from the past to come. Leann Hunley (Anna) will be back in Salem [as well]. …  You know, they come in for two or three months and then they go away and then they come back, and there’s a little mystery cloaked in it.

I’ve always enjoyed Hunley and Anna, so I’ll be happy to see her again, though I’ll be damned if I could guess what they’re going to do with her. Her last stint was all over the place. Are they going to pair her with Andre? Roman? A resurrected Tony? Will she turn out to have Tate as randomly as she had Sydney? Will they bring in Christie Clark (Carrie) for a day so they can finally be on the show at the same time? Nevertheless, her reintroduction and the explanation of where she’s been will at least keep me awake for an episode or two.

The interview linked above is worth a read for those who are interested in spoiler-ish material. It’s typical Ken Corday teasing, but he offers some glimpses into what’s to come that kind of intrigued me: an actual story for JJ and Gabi? A big return that plays into Nicole’s story? We shall see…

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6 Comments on “Veteran Returns”

  1. rustyspigot Says:

    So Carrie has never had a scene with her mother? It seems like such a wasted opportunity,

    • Michelle Says:

      I know, I’ve been waiting for a Carrie/Anna scene forever. I love Leann Hunley.

      • mykleraus Says:

        They had that weird period in 2010 when Carrie visited for Alice’s funeral, and Anna had been on really recently. Then when Carrie came back the next year, she and Austin talked about Anna, but Anna didn’t appear.

    • Dan Says:

      I don’t think Leanne Hunley and Christie Clarke ever had a scene together, even in the 1980s. I believe Jason who has that remarkable DAYS website mentioned that there was only a short overlap between Clarke’s arrival and Hunley’s departure and there was only 2 or 3 episodes both actors appeared in.

      I began my love affair with DAYS in the early 1990s well after Anna was gone, but knew of the character through Lorraine Zenka’s book. I never thought I’d actually see her back on the show or even in reruns. My first experience with Hunley was on reruns of DYNASTY where she played the sympathetic Dana Carrington and later on DAWSON’S CREEK as Tamara Jones, the hot teacher Pacey slept with. I like Hunley, and I thought her 2009-2010 run was pretty solid. I bought that Anna was willing to help E.J. kidnap Sydney to get back at the Dimeras for their role in Tony’s death. Nicole was a key witness to Phillip and Tony’s accident and Nicole could have made things worse for Phillip. I think that was reason enough for Anna to want to hurt Nicole.

      I do hope they play more into Anna / Nicole’s past. I also thought that Hunley brought out the best in Josh Taylor. I thought Roman’s Christmas phone call to Anna was sweet and one of the few human moments Josh Taylor played as Roman.

      Corday has me excited about where DAYS is heading. I think shorter arcs for the vets is a smart move compared to what I consider the disaster that has been Steve and Kayla’s return and Marlena and John’s emerging as a couple that drives story. I’ll be curious to see what DAYS will be like with Higley sans Griffith or Tomlin.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I don’t think they ever have shared a scene. It’s odd! I, too, never thought I’d actually see Anna onscreen on Days, and I was shocked when they brought her back in 2007, but I liked a lot of what they did with her. And I bought her as the kidnapper ENOUGH (it was a little forced, but it was one of those make-the-leap-for-a-good-story Higley things). I really hope they play the Nicole/Anna tension, and the Marlena/Anna, since Marlena hasn’t seen Anna since the Sydnapping. I just hope they don’t undo Tony’s death.

        I’m fine with shorter arcs for the vets, too. I don’t think Steve/Kayla has been a disaster, because at least they’ve had good individual scenes and I understand why I’d in theory be rooting for these people, but it’s had that hard sheen of 80s nostalgia instead of forward-driving story. The smart part is that they’ve used them to develop Joey (though not that well). But I feel like S&K are one of the most repairable parts of the canvas right now. I buy their chemistry and would be fine with them getting back together and supporting other stories, and neither has done anything so atrocious that I need my mind wiped to keep watching them.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Not since she was a kid! They even ALMOST overlapped in 2010.

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