Another Actor Exits

Can’t say I’m super-surprised about this one, but I’m still oddly annoyed? More behind the cut…


According to Soap Opera Digest, John-Paul Lavoisier is out as Philip Kiriakis. They clearly brought him on mostly to have Philip around, without any particular plan beyond him having been in cahoots with Deimos. This Philip/Belle/Shawn thing has never had any discernible shape, and they’ve barely played him in any other relationships (he and Victor have just had the same scene once a month since like January).

I was willing to give Lavoisier a chance as Philip, especially since it didn’t sound like Jay Kenneth Johnson wanted to return, but I haven’t been able to shake the sense that he has been playing JKJ dress-up. He’s turned in some decent performances in certain scenes, but there’s also been a lot of the mugging and smirking and whatnot that One Life to Live viewers warned us we’d get. Mostly, I don’t think they’ve used Philip’s history or given him material that would’ve allowed him to dig in and find an interpretation of the character — kind of like how they did Sal Stowers no favors by never giving Lani anything legitimate to play — so whatever. Give Philip a rest until there’s an actual story to tell utilizing him.

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10 Comments on “Another Actor Exits”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I know he screen tested with Jen Lilley. I wonder why they never did Philip/Theresa? It would have been better than the Summer stuff for her and better than round whatever of Phelle/Shelle for him.

    • mykleraus Says:

      His first few appearances seemed like they were going to try Brady/Theresa/Philip, and then he never had scenes with them again. They also dropped the entire thing about Brady being drawn to Nicole because of Daniel’s heart (stupid as it was). It’s like they just over-populated the show with characters they had no actual stories for.

  2. Shea Says:

    I get a definite “cheeseball” factor from both the actor and character but I honestly haven’t hated his portrayal of Phillip. But just like everything else on this show there just isn’t much there. I actually think I could have enjoyed a Phillip/Belle pairing if they had just let them be the full on scheming, lying, slimy human beings they both seem to have the potential to be. I would have preferred a Phillip who was willingly working for Deimos and knew about his part in Bo’s death than this stupid blackmail crap we were fed. I honestly don’t know what the point was of even having Phillip, Belle and Shawn back on the show. It’s all been a waste of air time.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I feel like they were trying to go there with Belle for a minute and then backed off. They even tried it again yesterday — Philip telling Shawn how Belle wasn’t the sweet, innocent girl he took to the Last Blast. No, she’s a self-centered, rude philanderer who uses people for her own fulfillment. And a bad mother. What a great character progression!

  3. underyourwing Says:

    you forgot bitch

  4. Dylan Says:

    Ugh. Yet again, new writers come and fire a bunch of actors just hired from the previous regime. I miss the days of TomSell, at least everything wasn’t so insane and inconsistent. If they keep this up the show won’t last more than another year. I don’t recognise the show anymore, even this Abby storyline which should be interesting is severely weakened since the writers have forced Ciara into almost every scene, and she’s unbearable to watch.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I know. This is not the solution! Utilize the canvas you have. Ditch characters without story potential only, and bring in characters who will serve to create story for the existing cast. That’s it. Just replacing a bunch of badly cast, ill-conceived characters with a different set of badly cast, ill-conceived characters will fix nothing.

  5. ADW Says:

    I really tried to like this Phillip but, I was spoiled by the uber sexy JKJ. You have a point about under utilized characters. I would have enjoyed more interaction with Phillip and his family and old friends ie Chloe as opposed to the same old BS scenes on repeat with Belle and Victor disowning him.

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