Say Uncle

I am truly in awe that this stupid, rehashed version of a storyline that wasn’t even good the first time is still going on.

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This Shawn/Belle/Philip triangle didn’t work ten years ago, and it has not grown more refined with time. Everyone involved comes off like a total moron. Why does Philip even want Belle? She cheated on him when they were married, blatantly treated him like some crappy consolation prize, and then turned around and cheated on Shawn with him. It’s like that great prophet of 90s R&B, Ginuwine, once sang: “You’re telling me it’s different, but what the hell is different? If you cheated on him, you’ll do it to me.” Didn’t Philip tell her like a month ago that he knows she belongs with Shawn? Does Belle even want either of them? Why is Shawn, who seems like a nice guy, putting up with this?

And on top of the fact that none of the motivations make sense, they’re ignoring so many layers. Shawn and Philip weren’t always this contentious. They’re related! Why is that connection not being played? Shawn isn’t just “some guy” Philip resents. It’s a crime that they cast an appealing actress as Claire and completely glossed over the fact that Philip believed she was his child for the first year of her life. Like, haven’t even mentioned it. And not that they’re doing a great job of using any of Philip’s history, but it’s as if all his stories from after Belle and Shawn left Salem never even happened. This guy was married to Melanie? This guy was engaged to Stephanie and fought over Pocket with Steve and Kayla? This guy reconnected with Chloe and raised Parker as his own child for two years? Thursday’s episode was the second time Chloe came face-to-face with JPL’s Philip — the first was a scene back after Daniel died — and then there was no follow-up the next day. I’d accuse someone of being asleep at the wheel, but I can barely stay awake watching this crap, so I’m not surprised the people making it can’t keep their eyes open.

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13 Comments on “Say Uncle”

  1. Shea Says:

    Phillip is a character I have never really cared about. I was never really a full time viewer when he has been on until now. Part of it might be my dislike for Kate but aside from the story of his birth there hasn’t been anything else about his existence that has entertained me. And I have never been able to reconcile how this character was ever in the military. It’s almost like he gets a whole new personality with each storyline I have seen him in.

    Did Phillip and Bo ever even have a connection? Phillip and Shawn were friends until Belle came between them, right? I just don’e remember there ever being any real family connection there while I was watching.

    Speaking of which, have Phillip and Lucas even crossed paths this time? I can’t even remember what their dynamic is supposed to be like…

    • mykleraus Says:

      Philip has really, really been one of those characters who’s been different things to different regimes. I mean, he’s gotten a new face, a prosthetic leg, was a POW (kind of), has run corporations, has lost THREE KIDS, etc. Aside from the marriage to Belle, almost nothing from the Kyle Brandt years really tracks with the JKJ or JPL versions.

      They never really played Philip/Bo as siblings, but Philip and Shawn were really close friends for years. They backed off it as soon as they paired Philip and Belle, and they never really re-established them.

      I’m pretty sure Philip and Lucas’s only scenes this run were last Thursday, when Philip stumbled through the Square while Lucas was with Kate. They’ve never really focused on that sibling relationship at all. I don’t even remember Philip having a reaction to Lucas getting with Chloe back in 2008…

      • Shea Says:

        I started watching Thursday’s show last night but I didn’t finish it so I guess that’s why I missed Lucas and Phillip together. Is this still the same day/evening that a drunk Phillip just hooked up with the blonde chick from the bar whose name he couldn’t remember (played by Billy Flynn’s girlfriend)? I’m so lost on this show…I feel like I am stuck somewhere in middle America with Steve, Kayla, Joey and Jade and I have no clue what is happening in Salem!

        And there is just not even a hint of romance on this show right now! Is this Shawn/Belle/Phillip thing supposed to romance? Is the Dario/Nicole/Deimos/Chloe thing? I really miss seeing characters actually connect to one another. Instead of catching up on Days this week I think I am just going to pull out my favorite romantic movie (Before Sunrise) or download some trashy romance novels to read. At least then I might find some compelling characters to actually care about!

      • mykleraus Says:

        I think it’s the next day? Because that happened before Deimos slept at Chloe’s, I’m pretty sure.

        There’s ZERO romance. There are couples, but not romance. I guess Steve/Kayla (in terms of the longing and push/push) and Lucas/Adrienne (in their brief appearances) and… that’s it. Everything is so dark and stupid and convoluted.

  2. underyourwing Says:

    that look on phillips face says how most of us feel about the show….

  3. Diana Says:

    I’m on the verge of ditching this show for real, and I’ve been watching it, on and off, since I was a little kid 45 years ago. It’s always been kind of stupid, but it was often kind of sweet, too, and it gave some interesting actors something to do. I don’t think the writing has ever been this bad. The good thing about a soap is that it has lots and lots and LOTS of time to develop characters and relationships, but these writers lately are more about tearing down characters and relationships.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m jealous of anyone who’s been watching for that long. But I agree that I don’t think it’s ever been this bad on the whole. I can usually at least tell what the writing is going for, even if I don’t like it — but I find myself confused on a daily basis both by what’s happening onscreen and by what the intent of any of it is supposed to be.

      • Michelle Says:

        I’ve been watching for 28 years with little breaks here and there and I’ve also never disliked the show as much as I have since around September of last year. I even hated the serial killer stuff because it was the same torturous stuff day after day. When there were more soaps I used to just fill my breaks with ATWT or OLTL or AMC ,but now their gone and none of the remaining soaps are any good imo, so I’m stuck watching Days hoping it gets better.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I liked the serial killer stuff at the time because it was an injection of energy and it felt like they were clearing off the canvas in a way that created new story, but it quickly became clear that it was basically torture porn. The two good things to come of it, basically, were Eve finally being used well (and then dumped) and the Chad/Abigail/Ben triangle. I’m just tired now. It’s a weird mix of WTF-y and boring, which is tough to achieve!

  4. underyourwing Says:

    i love the little boy who plays parker. he’s a boss actor for his age!! i really enjoy it if he is ever on……

  5. underyourwing Says:

    srsly……if you had to pick between him and ciara for acting ability……

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