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I don’t usually just post straight story spoilers — in fact, I try to avoid them and just stick to casting news — so my posting this is a testament to how bored I am with what’s currently onscreen. Go behind the cut to learn which couple will be tying the knot… or at least trying to.


In an interview with TV Insider, Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) gives the scoop on Lucas and Adrienne’s upcoming engagement.

Now Days of Our Lives’ Lucas and Adrienne—played by Bryan Dattilo and Judi Evans—are heading for a wedding of their own. Lucas will pop the question in the June 21 episode of the NBC soap, with the ceremony set for the fall.

Dattilo does a nice job of being optimistic about the onscreen story (at least he’s getting paid for it) while also acknowledging how, uh, lackluster and one-dimensional a lot of the writing has been lately. This engagement feels like it’s coming completely out of the blue, since I think we’ve seen Lucas and Adrienne together about twice since the fall, but I’m not opposed to it. I like the actors and characters on their own, and there’s an easy chemistry between them that isn’t exactly Great Love, but it feels appropriate for a “second act” type of relationship. I’m a little concerned that Sonny is going to come roaring back into town as a total, illogical brat demanding his dysfunctional parents get back together, but we’ll see. In the meantime: at least it isn’t about Belle or Summer or Ciara?

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16 Comments on “Wedding Spoiler”

  1. Fluffysmom Says:

    I saw this mentioned in the new issue of TV Guide. I’d like to see both of them on-screen more often but a wedding seems sudden considering we haven’t seen them together since Abby and Chad’s wedding.

  2. Shea Says:

    Yeah there was quite a bit of excitement over on Daytime Royalty a couple of weeks back because Mary Beth Evans posted a little video on social media that apparently got a glimpse of Judi in a wedding dress in the background. MBE deleted the video quickly but then someone sent Jason47 a screen grab pic of it so the speculation began whether or not she would be marrying Justin or Lucas. This was the same day the guy playing Father Louis spoiled the fact that Kim and Shane were coming back on his social media account. I don’t usually look at the social media threads on DR because they have so much spoiler info in them. I don’t really mind being spoiled a week or so before an event but I usually hate finding things out months in advance. But I will say it was kind of fun that day with all of the speculation about what was happening.

    • mykleraus Says:

      They know EVERYTHING in those threads. Even the thread titles tend to be big spoilers. I’d go there more often if not for that.

      It’s fun that Adrienne and Lucas are getting something that focuses on them. It just feels really random considering what afterthoughts they’ve been!

  3. Michelle Says:

    I just don’t buy these two together in any way. I know there’s not a big age difference, but it feels like it. Lucas came on in the young story after Adrienne had already left and had 3 children with Justin. It’s just thrown together to me.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I didn’t think I would, but something about it works for me. Maybe just because I want both of them to be happy, and I was sort of thrown to how unusual/unexpected it was. I still think of Lucas as being “young” even though he’s a damn grandfather, though!

  4. Dylan Says:

    They’re getting married? WHAT? I didn’t even think they were still together. Last thing I remember is that Adrienne was waiting on some breast cancer (?) or other medical test result, then she was unsure of whether she wanted to be with Lucas or with Justin (who was a total jerk and seemed to never apologise for his affair with “Elsa”, who’s probably the same person as “Autumn” from Hong Kong). Then the whole thing was dropped and we basically didn’t see them for eight months or whatever.

    • mykleraus Says:

      They completely dropped that breast cancer thing. And they seemed to be pushing Justin/Adrienne back together last fall, but then nothing happened? I still feel like Lucas will get the short end of the stick here eventually.

      And I *still* want Autumn to show up crazy and desperate to get Lucas back, though with our luck, she’d probably be played by the same actress as Summer…

  5. Matthew Says:

    Judi Evans is the most underutilized actress on the show. She has been a major and super popular star on Guiding Light, Another World, and as two different characters on Days! It’s crazy to let her talent go to waste.

    I feel like this (lack of) storyline is just filler. It would have worked fine if it had actually been played out on screen. As has been pointed out on this site a lot recently, the more interesting stories are apparently happening off screen while they waste time with characters that don’t work and have already been written out.

    The way the show is treating Judi Evans reminds me so much of how they treated Mary Beth Evans, leaving her languishing in the background for years. Thank goodness MBE stayed around long enough for Kayla to become a major part of the show again. There’s still hope for Judi/Adrienne!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yes! It’s very MBE. I would love to see Adrienne (and Justin, and Lucas, among others) have a resurgence and become important to the storyline again. I hope Sonny’s return will kind of naturally push her back toward the forefront. She’s had a few surges of really great material since her 2010 return, and I’d rather watch her than a lot of people we have to watch regularly…

  6. ADW Says:

    I honestly thought those two would just secretly elope because their lives/romance seem to be primarily off screen.
    I feel like there were other plans for Adrienne/Justin as they put them back on contract only to remove them to reoccurring status.
    I wonder where Adrienne and Lucas are going to live? Last I heard, Lucas was living at Salem Inn due to letting Kate move back into her condo and Demios kicked everyone who was loyal to Victor out of the Kirakis mansion.

    • mykleraus Says:

      This new regime has mismanaged the show so badly. Why put Justin and Adrienne back on contract, only to barely use them, not develop a story, and then drop them? It’s like they had no idea what they were even thinking of doing!

      If Rafe has had a damn house all along that has enough bedrooms to stash his entire family, then I’d like to believe Lucas has a condo!

      • Shea Says:

        I think the initial plan was for Adrienne to get very sick…and possibly die but I think they changed course and cut 99% of the breast cancer story.

        I was not watching when Lucas and Adrienne hooked up so my initial reaction was WTF? Then I saw an video on YouTube of an interview with Bryan and Judi from Day of Days and they were laughing and seemed to be having so much fun together that it softened my opinion of pairing their characters.

        I will be honest….Lucas has never been character I really enjoyed. The early devotion to Sami and constant meddling from Kate just never did anything for me. It isnt that I dislike Lucas but I always found him kinda dull. My dislike for Sami probably doesn’t help but I think that maybe subconsciously the baby faced appearance just ruins him. ( I like my soap men a little rougher around the edges.)

      • mykleraus Says:

        There wasn’t even a story! She found out she could have the gene, took the test, talked about it, and… that was it? So weird. Not that I want to have a character I like played by an actress I like die of breast cancer, but JE would’ve at least turned in a powerhouse performance.

        I thought it was really weird when I first read that Lucas and Adrienne would get close, but it felt fairly organic onscreen. My biggest gripe is still that they had Justin cheat offscreen. I know Kurth was on busy with GH for a while, and they wanted to justify Adrienne moving on, but he was written so callously. It didn’t really make sense.

        I love Lucas, but I think a big part of that is because I feel like I grew up with him (okay, he’s like ten years older than me, but he was part of the young adult set when I was in junior high), so I’ve had the experience of seeing the character evolve from snotty teen to grandfather over the last two and a half decades. I’ve never been totally convinced that he works as a romantic lead, and as much as I loved his chemistry with Sami, that relationship didn’t change my mind. But he has a place on the show, and I think he works best when they use him with family and as kind of a little shit-stirrer making wisecracks.

  7. robin te koeti Says:

    this soap opera is still fun to watch

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