What Happened in Salem: Week of May 30th

It was a short week due to preemptions, but don’t worry, it felt like an eternity…

Jade once again pressured Joey’s dumb ass into committing a crime for her (this time, stealing a “crystal” that, Heaven help us, will probably wind up stashed in an elephant statue). But when she realized that his heart wasn’t fully in being batshit crazy, she urged him to go home. Joey returned to Steve, who encouraged Joey to take responsibility for his actions but was for some reason shocked when the cops who’d come to Simone’s compound arrested Joey for admitting that he’d driven the getaway car in a robbery. Meanwhile, things started to heat up between Fynn and Kayla, who decided – in defiance of grand Salem tradition – that feeling like she was about to drop dead was good reason not to have impulsive sex. Since his entire personality has been altered since he first arrived as a potential Law & Order: SVU perp, Fynn was understanding.

Read the full recap to find out What Happened in Salem during last week’s two episodes!

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10 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of May 30th”

  1. Shea Says:

    I can’t decide if they “creepy” is what they are going for with Ciara but it is definitely coming across that way. I can’t tell if it what they are going for or if it is just Ciara’s terrible acting.

    Hope would know something about developing a crush. I vaguely remember a teenage Hope developing a crush on Roman while she was babysitting Carrie. Marlena was kinda jealous and tried to warn Roman but he didn’t see it until Hope tried to set up some kind of romantic evening with Roman. Bo was jealous and blamed it all on Roman from what I remember. There was an innocent naivety about the whole thing….nothing creepy. But Hope hadn’t just been raped and Roman wasn’t fragile and vulnerable like Chad is right now. And it wasn’t taking place in the Dimera mansion which adds a little creepy factor to everything to me.

    There is still something I like about Jade. I do think that the actress is pretty good and I like the chemistry she has with James Lastovic. They need to develop these characters more (and quickly) because right now they are so one dimensional that I am growing tired of the dynamic.

    I am intrigued to see Adriana’s friend show up. It’s an interesting concept to cast a telenovela star in an English speaking soap opera role.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I doubt they’re going for creepy, but she’s sure pulling it off! The Hope/Roman crush is a good example of how this can actually work — they did a mini-version with Belle and Brandon, too. There was also Abigail briefly going insane over Austin, which I think could work here if only because Ciara acting like a lunatic might be funny and it keeps Chad’s hands clean.

      I’m sort of dreading this woman Adriana called turning up, only because it means MORE focus will be turned to Rafe’s petulant pain over Hope paying attention to other people. I don’t hate the Rafe/Hope pairing outright, but Gering has a bad default mode in these types of scenes.

      • Denise Says:

        This Ciara thing is horrible. To put this young girl, who is so wooden, up against Billy’s Chad, just highlights how bad her acting is. I get the whole “crush” thing, but if he ends up sleeping with her (a recent rape victim!) I don’t know how I will be able to stomach it. The whole thing IS creepy and just a bad idea. Since they kept harping on how Ciara is 18, I’m afraid they are going to go there. How long after that until she’s knocked up? GAH. They need to either re-cast a more compelling actress, or dump this fast.

        I really like the actress playing Adriana, but the scenes with her and her two GROWN sons makes me want to throw something at the TV :). I would like more A Martinez please!

      • mykleraus Says:

        I know, it doesn’t make her look any better. Are they hoping Billy Flynn will up her game? Based on the material they keep giving her, I’m not sure they’re even aware what a week actress she is.

        I like Adriana, too. They’re writing her as a bit over-the-top, but the actress is good, and there’s something (a little) “real” about her that I appreciate.

  2. underyourwing Says:

    when do we talk about kate’s face peering out of the trees/bushes spying on nic and daymos? how is it that NO ONE in Salem EVER sees or hears people spying on them when they are practically in their freaking faces while they do it? oh, nvr. mind. xo

  3. Shea Says:

    Yesterday’s show was bad. Brady and Theresa are the only people who were on yesterday that I even give half of a damn about but there was a weird old school soapy vibe to the show that made it somehow more watchable. A few episodes back in the fall had that vibe to me too, one of them was the gala episode. The whole thing almost felt campy. Maybe it’s just me refusing to believe that anyone could take these storylines seriously?

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