Short Week, Short Fuse

Pop quiz: if you had an entire mansion at your disposal, how many rooms would you hang out in?

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.55.51 PM

If your answer is ONE, congrats, because you could live at the DiMeras’! The staging on this show has been generally bizarre lately, but even as someone who watched Joey and Jade run away from Steve, who lingered for four seconds before pursuing them but was unable to catch them, it was nuts how Chad just happened to stagger into the one room where Ciara happened to be standing around with a blank expression on her face.

And I get what they’re going for with her cuddling up to him while he’s asleep, but given that she just went through a traumatic, violating experience, you’d think she might have some regard for his personal space and lack of ability to consent.

Speaking of limited sets:

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.32.12 PM

Kayla’s subdural hematoma is apparently so severe that she didn’t even notice that Fynn just dragged a bed into her office (and Hope’s office, and Marlena’s, and the room where AA meetings are held) and called it a hotel room. I’m sure some Steve/Kayla fans are up in arms about this Kayla/Fynn thing they’re teasing, but I’m not minding it. Yes, Fynn is the walking, talking equivalent of a Teen Beat centerfold, but it’s nice to see Kayla be desired by someone besides Steve — this woman is not exactly some washed-up hag! — and I was pleasantly surprised by how they had them stop and have a reasonable conversation about what was going on.

Apparently that was going around this week.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.32.28 PM

If you had told me a year or two ago that “John Black’s retconned random son and a bit player who goes to high school with Ciara and Joey shared an episode’s worth of scenes,” I probably would’ve lit my TV on fire. But the Paul/Henry stuff on Wednesday’s episode was really nice. Nothing melodramatic, oddly realistic — both Henry’s bravery in asking Paul out and Paul’s completely reasonable rejection. I’m guessing the entire point of this was to set up Paul’s longing for Sonny, but they were very human scenes, which have been few and far-between of late. I still can’t tell if Henry is supposed to be someone we care about or if he’s just a dayplayer they keep plonking into random episodes, but I find the actor likable and wouldn’t mind seeing more of him, as long as he doesn’t mention Claire’s singing.

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8 Comments on “Short Week, Short Fuse”

  1. Fluffysmom Says:

    You had me at Teen Beat Centerfold. I had many of those on my wall in junior high.

    I agree that it’s nice to have reasonable conversations. I’m glad that Paul is finally popping up on-screen lately.

  2. Shea Says:

    I know when the SORASed teen set was announced I sort of thought that Joey might be gay (mainly because he is related to Ciara and Claire) but when they were throwing around hints that he was going to be “troubled” I thought it might be another teen struggling to come out story….but then they had him fall for his Dad’s former lover and then commit a murder and fall for a girl who may very well be insane…so clearly I was wrong. I like the idea that Henry would seek advice from Paul but the part where he asked him out was just awkward and strange to me. I like Henry but there is a limit to what they can do with him unless they continue to add more to the teen/young adult cast…unless they decide Rory is gay and that he won’t be going to prison…That’s it! Rory has been using drugs all this time because he doesn’t want to face who he really is…DUDE! LOL

    • mykleraus Says:

      I had the same thought about Joey. It just made sense because he couldn’t date either girl. I don’t even hate Jade, per se — the actress does well — but the story is dull and she seems crazy beyond what they’re bothering to explain.

      I liked that they had Henry ask Paul out because it felt like the kind of thing an 18-year-old who’d just come out might puff himself up to do, without thinking through the situation (like, Paul is a famous guy in his late 20s. Is he actually going to date a high school student?!). But yeah, I don’t really get how they use Henry longterm. I guess he could become another T/Rory/Anne/Maxine type, which would be fine by me.

  3. underyourwing Says:

    great get on ciara glomming into chads space….that whole dynamic is disgusting.

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