Character Recast

And no, to spare you the disappointment, it’s not Ciara. Details behind the cut…


According to Entertainment Weekly, Marci Miller (her IMDB page is here) has been announced as the new Abigail Deveraux.

Miller began taping her episodes this month in preparation for her debut on the NBC sudser this fall. Her credits include roles in indie films like Dog Bowl as well as the Universal remake of Death Race 2050.

Aside from cackling at the title Dog Bowl, I don’t have too many feelings on this right now. I like her look — which in different ways is giving me young Melissa Reeves and also Stephanie Johnson #1. I don’t mind that they went with someone who hasn’t really had TV experience; Kate Mansi didn’t have many credits when she took on the role, and she turned out to be a great find. And at least they aren’t just plugging a middling actress from one of the remaining soaps into Days and assuming that a “name” would take the place of writing.

Basically: congrats to Marci Miller on what could be a great break, and also, fingers crossed.

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13 Comments on “Character Recast”

  1. Geri Says:

    What a rational approach — I’m with you.

  2. underyourwing Says:

    i like her face a lot for some insane reason i thought when mansi was gone abi was gone…..hello? reality??? anyway looking forward….
    and yes a recast of sierra is overdue writers….anybody home?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think there’ll be a 3-month gap or so between actresses, which I like. The instant recasts can be jarring. Plus she might come back sane.

      • Michelle Says:

        Lol at the opening of this. We need a new Ciara yesterday.

        Kate’s last day is June 24th, and I read that Marci won’t air until mid October or so.

        I like that she’s completely different looking from Kate, hopefully that means they cast for talent and did not just try to get someone who looks like their predecessor (Ciara) that strategy worked when recasting Chad.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Yeah! And I don’t find her to be WILDLY different-looking. They had Mansi dying her hair blonde for the first few years of her run.

  3. Fluffysmom Says:

    I’m glad there will be a break between actresses. I’m okay with it as long as she can act.

  4. ADW Says:

    At least she somewhat is believable as Jennifer’s daughter as opposed to Jack going all Swatzenagger and diddling “the help.” 😉Seriously, to be honest I could care less what NuAbbie looks like as long as the writers make her less boring, annoying, and hypocritical princess. I’m hoping Abbie stops lying to others especially herself. It would be nice to see her feel remorse after being such a c-tease, home wrecker, and philanderer in the past especially with her being on the other side w/ this imminent close “relationship” with her husband and second cousin.

    • Dylan Says:

      I agree, she was insufferable under TomSell – self-righteous, self-involved to the extreme, and often too dumb to be alive (when the plot required it – for example she didn’t even think Clyde was creepy at all until the very end, even though you just had to talk to him for one second to see that he was a total creep). It’s not at all the actress’s fault, but the horrid writing. When Paige died she barely even cared, same with Will. She couldn’t be bothered to check on her mother in January after the accident when she started taking The Pills. Also when she worked at the hospital she was insufferable/annoying. I especially hated her behaviour during the EJ affair storyline.

      That seems to be changing now though, she’s been more bearable during this mental health storyline. She’s not really self-righteous anymore, she and Chad have an interesting relationship. I’m sure when she returns with the new actress she’ll be a totally different person. She’ll probably have done a Semester at Sea and have become a doctor/nurse/lawyer/CEO of some random corporation. These writers don’t care much for continuity.

      • ADW Says:

        Haha Dylan, so true in every way😀
        Yes, during Kate Mansi’s last air date she was in Jennifer’s dream sequence berating her Mother for neglecting Thomas and not being “there” when she needed her yet, Abigail didn’t bother to visit Jennifer (or anyone else) following the accident. Abigail could have at least stayed at the Horton house with Thomas to help Jennifer while she was recovering. Abigail didn’t even attend Daniel’s funeral and she loved that man. No wonder hardly anyone bothered to show up to her wedding.

      • mykleraus Says:

        They definitely have had Abigail take after her mother in some ways — being judgmental, holding others to higher standards than she holds herself, etc.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I didn’t *like* her behavior during the EJ affair, but I thought it was really interesting. She was clearly screwed up and making bad decisions. I was also just relieved they had her doing something other than waffling between dull love interests in C-storylines.

        The thread I really hope they pick up with her is the idea of following in Jack’s footsteps as a journalist. That would make so much more sense than another insta-lawyer or “executive” or whatever.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The one aspect of the potential Chad/Ciara pairing I do like is that it’s such a callback to Abigail’s affair with EJ.

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