Actor… In?

This is a strange one, and I’m not even sure I understand what’s going on, but here goes…


Brandon Beemer, who returned as Shawn Douglas earlier this year and was let go shortly after news of the new head writing team hit, is back. Kind of.

“They made a mistake with Brandon,” says a set side source. “They tried to fire him when he was just a few days into a new cycle. They would have had to pay him out for 26 weeks or use him, so they’re using him.”

Like… what? They decided they didn’t have a use for the character, then realized they’d have to pay him regardless, so they’re just going to come up with reasons for him to hang around for another 26 weeks? How did no one check that before firing him?

I honestly haven’t minded Beemer at all this go-round. There’s a certain likable charm about him that makes me wish they’d at least attempt to do something with him besides the old Shawn/Belle/Philip routine. I doubt he’s going to get any substantial story out of this, though. I can’t wait for the awkwardness of Shawn and Belle exiting together, whenever that happens, and then Shawn returning like two weeks later to linger around town for six months. Hey, maybe Belle will cheat on him offscreen again, and they can get a text-message divorce, and we can start this whole wretched cycle over!

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20 Comments on “Actor… In?”

  1. Fluffysmom Says:

    This sounds weird. Maybe he will have scenes with Claire, Ciara and Hope. It’s very strange that no one bothered to figure out his contract situation before they tried to fire him.

  2. Michelle Says:

    What? Apologies for all who like him, but he’s sooooo dull. Can’t this show do anything right.

  3. Shea Says:

    The whole thing is really weird. Why would they even announce this?

  4. UnderYourWing Says:

    those ‘in charge’ are seriously fucked up

  5. Dan Says:

    This doesn’t completely surprise me. Martha Madison was around a good eight weeks before Beemer arrived. The only way they could be written out together is if their guarantees for their individual cycles were currently up.

    I suspect Shawn D will disappear for a bit in the fall when Belle and Shawn leave. They probably realized the error and wrote Shawn D back in for the holiday episodes, which should be filming in the next month or so. He’ll probably get the Lisa Rinna treatment. It should be hilarious.

    It shouldn’t be that bad if they limit him to supportive son and father ala Lucas Horton most of his existence.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I know, I don’t know WHY they assumed the cycles would line up. I think you’re right: he’ll show up for family stuff. Since Claire will be in town, it at least makes sense/makes him look like less of a shitty parent…

  6. marypickford Says:

    I have liked Brandon Beemer this time around too. Not that we’ve seen him very much. I would really like to see him in a real story without Belle and Phillip, but if this is just “use him til he’s gone” it will likely be just family scenes.

  7. Mo Says:

    Wow, poor Brandon. – “Oops, looks like we’re forced to pay you so better come to work every other week and try really hard for us OK!?”. I know you said he’s got a low-key charm but if I knew I was getting fired AGAIN in 20 weeks I’d phone it in as much as I could!

    Then again this show has a habit of showing the door to their most interesting characters (Eve, Eric, Ben, pre-resurrection Aiden) so he’ll probably get really good around Christmas time before falling into a frozen lake or something for no reason.

  8. Shea Says:

    Is it possible that this is just BS and they knew word was about to leak that he was back on set and they released this crazy statement to cover some major plot twist that is to come?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I have another theory: that they wanted to write Belle and Shawn out together, so they tried to cut them together, and Beemer’s agent came back and pointed out they couldn’t release him at that point in his cycle. And they probably offered him a lame payout, and they refused and held Days to the contract, and now out of spite, Days is using him for the remaining 26 weeks but also “leaked” this story to make it clear they didn’t want him.

  9. Fluffysmom Says:

    Someone should lose their job or get a serious consequence for this incompetence. Did they even remember that Belle returned first followed by Jason Cook. Then Brandon took over the role? Get a clue!

  10. ADW Says:

    Yay! I love eye candy… Their loss, I mean f-up is our gain. Clearly someone was asleep at the wheel or drunk and thinks 2 cups of coffee will sober them up (as we have seen demonstrated on screen with Nicole and Eric).
    Hey, for all we know they could have Shawn and Chloe hook up.

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