A Boatload of Casting News

There have been rumors flying all week long, but now it all comes together with news of one exit and some returns…


Jen Lilley, who’s played Theresa Donovan since 2013, has apparently chosen to leave Days. I’m genuinely shocked by this — she seemed like someone who’d stick around long-term, and they’ve invested a lot of screentime in positioning Theresa as a new younger lead. (I’m not convinced that all they’ve done has worked, but they’ve tried.) I’ve been way less interested in the character since they “redeemed” her and repositioned this pairing with Brady as a true-love scenario, but Lilley has done some really strong work, and there are lots of things left to do with Theresa.

Now here’s where things get complicated. There’s no word on whether they plan to recast, but per recent rumors, it now appears that Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease are returning as Theresa’s parents, Shane and Kim. And now comes word that Kassie dePaiva will be reprising her role as Eve Donovan later this year. Those tidbits make me very nervous that they’re going to kill Theresa off. I suppose they could be bringing in her family for her and Brady’s wedding, where something goes awry and she winds up leaving Salem as a result, but this sort of screams “funeral” to me. And if so: UGH. That family already carries the weight of Paige’s death — which I do think was a smart move — and heaping Theresa’s death on top of that is too damn much. As much as I like Jen Lilley, this is far from an iconic, unrecastable role, so I’m praying Theresa just slinks out of town, able to be brought back down the road.

Also, if Theresa does die, it’ll mean that of all the women who’ve accepted engagement rings from Brady, Chloe will be the only one still living. That is insane.

In unrelated but also intriguing news, TV Source reports that there will be a standalone episode on June 8 focused on Hope. Per the article:

You’ve probably already know that Andrew Masset was returning as the villainous Larry Welch. He will indeed appear in the June 8 episode but he’s not the only one. I’m hearing Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) and Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) will also make guest appearances. Sources also tell me a new actor was tapped to play a pivotal emotional character that will certainly bring viewers (and Hope) to tears.

I’ll be thrilled if they really did get Reckell to appear for this, and I like that they’re slotting Stefano into the show here and there. He honestly works just as well as this specter of evil as he did alive. And that last bit: that has to be Zack, right?

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27 Comments on “A Boatload of Casting News”

  1. Days fan Says:

    Kim and Shane fans always get screwed over so no surprise to me that they would kill Theresa off. We had to wait 20 years for them to get together and then we had to endure this retcon of Theresa and eve being these gold diggers when their father has an estate in England. Then they threw Kim and Shane’s characters under the bus as absentee father and overwhelmed/demanding single mom. They could have done so much more with this character, I wish they had made her an ISA agent to spite her parents and still had mommy/daddy issues. They also failed to reinforce that Brady connection. I really liked the scenes they had with Eric (Brady). Missed opportunity for Theresa to confront Eric about almost killing Brady and to also see her own past self/destructive behaviors in Eric. Kayla, Roman and Caroline were never in her life, no one comes to visit her and Tate. Eve left didn’t even say goodbye! I did like how they turned her around though, more like Sami. She was still a tough cookie, and could be good but don’t get in her way because she will come after you. I hope she does get a good satisfying exit. I could totally see them make this a mirror of John and Isabella and Brady. Maybe it’s corny, sappy but this is what soaps can and should do well. Especially, if they can get Kim/Shane back for it. I can also see this loss giving Brady and Nicole something to bond over once the Deimos thing ends. Even though I hate that Nicole has broken Brady’s heart in the past, I can see them together. I can actually see Theresa asking Nicole to look out for Brady and Tate. I guess time well tell if they screw this up. Sigh.

    • mykleraus Says:

      A lot of the backstory doesn’t track at all. Like Eve was so desperate to get Paige out of Salem but wouldn’t just ask Shane to front the money for Stanford tuition? I couldn’t buy that.

      I was thinking about Isabella/Brady and realized I totally get what they’re thinking here. I don’t like it, but I get it. If Tate ever stops being invisible, he’ll get to have issues just like Brady. Great!

  2. Barbie Says:

    I think the writers are so confused with all the hiring new actors,killing off actors,actors just leaving, actors being fired, former family members coming back. How can they possibly keep it straight. So to the writers, no one knows anyone. They need to get their list and figure out what they are doing. I was surprised when Julie mentioned in a former show talking to Adien referring to Hope as her sister, and I guess her stepmother. I forgot all about that. I thought Julie had misspoke.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m always shocked when they remember things that NORMAL PEOPLE would regularly mention, like the fact that Julie and Hope are sisters!

  3. Michelle Says:

    I really don’t want them to kill off Jeannie Theresa. I’d hate that. We saw her as a baby, so much death lately, ugh. I always liked Jen Lilley but I don’t think Theresa was ever written well, that character is a lesson in what might have been with competent writing. I mean they gave her a baby for what purpose? The child is never seen, counter that with Thomas who we see all the time.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m just over all the death. We had like a funeral every three weeks for a while. At a point, it loses its impact.

      And it’s really weird to think about how present Thomas is versus how Tate is always “in the other room.”

  4. Shea Says:

    I like Jen Lilly but I have pretty much been indifferent to the character of Theresa until I went over to Daytime Royalty a few months ago and read all the hateful comments toward both Jen Lilly and Theresa and I think it made me like her a little more. I generally find Brady to be a complete bore when he is sober and I have never been invested in any of his romantic pairings. It’s kinda strange but I think Eric Martsolf is just too pretty or something because I don’t find him sexy at all and I think it makes Brady’s romantic pairings feel flat to me.

    All signs point to funeral but I hope they just find a way to usher her off instead. And is it too much to ask that we finally get to see her big brother?

    I feel like I need a break from Hope not an entire episode devoted to her but if I get to see Bo again then I guess I will watch anyway but I would prefer an episode devoted to Steve and Kayla instead.

    • Days Fan Says:

      Yea that’s pretty much the reason I don’t go to daytime royalty or any fanboards anymore. People just tend to be very nasty not just about the character but the person, as well. I don’t particularly think it’s possible to have a constructive discussion with people like that. JMHO. I don’t see the point in being that ugly. I realize that when you put yourself out like that you have to have or develop a thick skin but it still has to be tough to read the ugly stuff people say about you or your character. I have to admit I was guilty of being on the please stop dannifer band wagon, but I had no problem with either character or actor, just the pairing.

      • Michelle Says:

        I agree with y’all, every board seems to have clique’s where they hate/love certain characters. I made the mistake once of going to PreviouslyTV’s Days forum and the hatred of not only Abby, but Kate Mansi was absolutely crazy. They were even making fun of her appearance, it’s like Kate herself had slept with EJ. DR tends to be that way about Jen Lilley. I may not like a character, but I can’t imagine talking about an actor like that.

      • mykleraus Says:

        The Kate Mansi hate from the rabid EJami fans is nuts. It was a story!

      • mykleraus Says:

        That’s so crazy to me. As invested as I am in this show, it’s NOT REAL LIFE. And these actors are doing jobs! It’s one thing to dislike specific stories or characters — I thought Dannifer was terribly executed, too — but it wasn’t the actors’ fault. And even cases like the current Ciara, who is not doing strong work, don’t deserve to be bullied. You can have the opinion that someone isn’t doing a great job without wishing death upon them.

      • Shea Says:

        I can understand some of it if an actor or actress is a jerk in real life. There are a couple of people from GH who have made complete asses out of themselves on social media and I could understand it if fans turned against them but the Jen Lilly hate is totally illogical. They clearly can not separate the character from the actress. I think it is mostly the John and Marlena fans. I mean I knew that John and Marlena had some irrational fans but it is as if they believe that Jen Lilly actually hit Drake Hogestyn in the head with a fire poker.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That’s terrifying. What is wrong with people?!

  5. Dylan Says:

    If they kill her off, I won’t be watching. This is supposed to be days of our lives, not “days of our deaths”. Honestly if the show continues on the current path I won’t be watching much longer anyway, I’m not feeling engaged by any of the stories. It got better for a couple weeks but May sweeps have been pretty much a total bore for me.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s overwhelming in how dark it is. It’s just not fun. I’m basically watching out of habit/for blog fodder now, which is… not ideal.

      • Dylan Says:

        Yeah, it’s dark, yet.. dull/boring somehow. It’s really an unfortunate combination. I could get into it if it were dark/gritty and realistic, more like the episode when Eric made his last appearance, but instead it’s more like dark and nonsensical, which just doesn’t work for me.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That’s how I feel. I’m consistently bored even though I’m fascinated by the trainwreck quality of a lot of the decisions.

  6. kathy Says:

    Take this for what it is worth:
    I saw a tweet from Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne) in which she said that Jen had filmed her last episode. She indicated that she hoped Jen would return one day. The tweet contained a link to M’s fb page that had a tribute to Jen and some thoughts on how Anne would handle Theresa’s exit. I went back to get the exact wording and the tweet and the fb entry are gone.

    I also stopped visiting DR because so many people there have some real anger issues that probably extend beyond the soap world.

  7. Fluffysmom Says:

    I hope they continue to use Anne. She could hook up with Lucas and then find out he’s Jennifer’s brother.

  8. ADW Says:

    Although I’m sad because I enjoy Theresa and Jen Lilly’s portrayal, I’m not shocked Jen Lilly is parting ways as she probably wants to move on to bigger and better things which probably means her music career as well (unlike Claire she can sing). I was guessing we would have Lilly for about 4 years.
    I’m holding out hope they recast Theresa. TPTB have recast much less exciting characters *ahem* Abbie and Nicole’s sister, what’s her name… There has been waaaay to much heartache for Brady to stomach and the Brady family well, even though Theresa is not very “attached” to most of her family–is she even aware (or care) Cousin Eric is in prision?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I wouldn’t blame her for being burned out and wanting to try other things. It’s a loss for the show, though they aren’t doing anything particularly interesting with the character and have done a crappy job of positioning her as a younger lead.

      I cannot deal with Brady losing ANOTHER fiancée and turning back to drugs!

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