What Happened in Salem: Week of May 16th

Spoiler alert: Ciara’s acting did not improve. Meanwhile…

A serum miraculously cured everyone’s virus, mostly offscreen. In the aftermath, Adriana was offered a job as a nurse at University Hospital. JJ, who smoked weed and was rude to people in high school (okay, and slept with his girlfriend’s mother) had to prove to Adriana that he is worthy of dating Gabi, a woman who had her friend kidnapped and then killed JJ’s cousin. Adriana was upset when a bouquet of black roses were delivered to Rafe’s house, and Eduardo admitted that they were meant to remind him of someone he killed years earlier. Rafe was pissed at the danger and the reminder of Eduardo’s past as an assassin, all the while longing to be with his current girlfriend, whom he recently assisted in covering up a murder.

Check out the full recap to catch up on What Happened in Salem this week!

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20 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of May 16th”

  1. Shea Says:

    It’s bad enough that they brought Aiden back with this ridiculous story about the Dimera’s keeping him caged up and we know he is lying to Hope about when the switch actually happened but I still do not get how Hope views Aiden as a VICTIM of the Dimeras in this whole thing. He admitted to her he was working for them all along and I don’t know why she never considered the fact that he was the one who changed her insurance. But the fact that his son raped her daughter is just too disgusting for me to even fathom the fact that there could be any kind of relationship future for those two. I could really just use a hiatus from Hope.

    I have been thinking about everything that is wrong with this show and I think the main problem I have with what these writers have done is that they do not write enough characters I can be sympathetic toward. There are very few heroes and good guys left. They made Hope a murderer. Rafe helped her cover it up. There is no one for me to root for in this Victor/Deimos stuff. This Summer crap just needs to end but honestly they have made Theresa one of the most sympathetic characters on the show right now and that is pretty unbelievable considering how I felt about her a year ago.

    I still love my Steve and Kayla and I don’t actually mind them using Fynn to give them a little temporary angst. I want to see what happens with Joey and Jade and I actually really like the Hernandez family (except Dario). I would love to see more of Jennifer’s addiction story but they have done a crappy job telling that story so far. I like Chad but I have no desire to watch Ciara mooning over him or whatever they have planned.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s a good way to put it. Almost everyone is either doing something despicable or being a hypocrite. And there’s way too little shading. I actually don’t mind Hope feeling some sympathy for how Aiden was a victim of the DiMeras, but yeah, she shouldn’t believe that he ever loved her based on what he told her, and the most she should be giving him is, “I loved you once, and I hope you’re able to move on and start over somewhere else.” It’s insane that she would even entertain the idea of taking him back, if for no reason aside from that it makes her a shitty mother.

      I like the Hernandezes, too. I find the family dynamics kind of interesting, and they’re clear but a little complicated. I get why some viewers are resentful of a “new family” taking screentime away from favorites, but at least they seem to understand what they’re DOING with that family.

      I think a simple, short-term Steve/Kayla/Fynn triangle could be fun, and it’s pretty clear that the ultimate point is to bolster Steve and Kayla as a couple. And I don’t really understand what the point of this Jennifer stuff has been. She’s snapped at a few people and messed up a report at work. Who cares?

      • Shea Says:

        I don’t really mind that Hope “murdered” Stefano because I am honestly surprised someone else in the Brady family didn’t do it years ago but I think it’s the covering it up part that has bothered me because it does make her look like a hypocrite in so many other situations.

        I agree with you on the Jennifer story because it does seem pointless since they have shown us so little of it. I have to think that playing this out while Abby was on such a downward spiral was part of my problem with it because Abby and JJ haven’t even seemed to notice their mom has an addiction. Maybe JJ can bust his Mom buying pills from Rory?

      • mykleraus Says:

        I don’t really mind it, either, because the guy has evaded arrest, death, and every other consequence for so long that it’s ridiculous, and he goes about gleefully torturing these people for no particular reason. I still wish they’d played it as a LITTLE more self-defense — Andre still could’ve been crazed for revenge, but it would’ve felt less like “dirty cops.”

        It was really messy to have Jennifer’s addiction going on while Abigail fell apart. They had Abigail cry to Chad one night that she was scared of her mother’s pill-popping, but aside from Jennifer being a little keyed-up during the wedding planning, it never amounted to anything.

  2. Matthew Says:

    Something that has been driving me crazy for ages… I’m not a fan of Jen’s addiction story or the Chase raping Ciara story. However, since they’ve presented both those stories and the attack took place in Jen’s house, they missed an obvious beat that could have generated serious drama by weaving the stories together.

    I really would not have used Alice’s iconic couch for that scene either, but I digress. Here’s how I would have structured it:

    – Jen arrives home. Takes her pills. Goes upstairs to rest.

    – Chase & Ciara come home. Call out to see if they are alone. No response. They think nobody’s home.

    – Attack begins. Ciara screams for help. (We know they’re not actually alone, but she’s just calling out desperately.)

    – Upstairs, Jen stirs in her sleep. Hears noise. Will she wake up? Stop Chase?

    – Chase’s hand covers Ciara’s mouth.

    – Jen thinks she’s dreaming. Falls back asleep.

    – Attack continues…

    Later, when the info about the rape comes out, they all eventually find out that Jen was actually home and could have stopped Chase.

    Now, Jen’s addiction has serious ramifications. She feels terribly guilty. Can Jen forgive herself? Can Hope, Ciara, Doug, Julie, etc ever forgive Jen?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I love this! Such a smart overlap of two separate threads. I hate that they wasted so much potential having Jennifer and Hope’s broods under one roof and barely having them intersect at all. Your idea would give so much more weight to Jen’s pill-popping.

    • Shea Says:

      I don’t know that I wanted them to go quite that far with it but they could have had Jen come home and find Ciara after it happened or something. My main complaint is that we needed to see more. They could have shown how she was getting her pills…forging prescriptions? doctor hopping? buying from a dealer? They could have shown that she wasn’t showing up to work and let her lose her job rather than just screw up one report. We could have had weeks or months of Jen and Eric spiralling together rather than one night. There are tons of ways they could have played it but the biggest issue is that we needed to see it! The same was true of Eric’s drinking but they gave us just the minimum we needed to realize there was even a story there.

      • mykleraus Says:

        It’s such a missed opportunity not even to show where she’s been getting these endless amounts of pills. Is her doctor still prescribing them? If so, does this doctor not notice that she’s taking them five at a time? The pills haven’t even really caused problems between her and her kids, aside from one or two relatively brief mentions.

      • Fluffysmom Says:

        Jennifer was raped so she should be there for Ciara as someone who understands.

  3. Dylan Says:

    I like your recap – far more entertaining than the show. What is the deal with Jen’s “addiction” storyline? She’s on one episode every two weeks for months, then suddenly she gets a whole episode? Terrible pacing. I’d almost forgotten that she even had a storyline. I still don’t get it – she hurt her back and just suddenly became obsessed with these pain pills? They need to provide more motivation than that for this “story”. It’s sad because it has potential but they seem unwilling to actually delve into it/motivate it.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ha. Thanks!

      The pacing is horrible. It feels like they wanted to give Missy Reeves an Emmy bait storyline, but they didn’t really have a story to tell, so they just threaded random scenes through episodes for a few months until it was time to have her “hit rock bottom.” It feels so flimsy.

  4. Cyn Says:

    Sadly, almost every female on the show has been raped at one time or another. Ciara could talk to Marlena, Maggie, Jenn, Kayla… There are probably more but I quit watching in the 90’s and only come back when S&K return.

  5. UnderYourWing Says:

    wasn’t eric raped also?

  6. UnderYourWing Says:

    it is really terrible how male rape is looked at differently than female….

    • mykleraus Says:

      I know. And a lot can be said about the way they even execute those rapes: the women are (usually) violently held down while they scream, and the men are either drugged (with magic drugs that make them unaware of what they’re doing but also super-horny and functional) or bargained into it. They also used to love the “I made you think I was your girlfriend while I was drunk and got you to fuck me,” which is also rape, though they rarely acknowledge that.

      • Shea Says:

        Well Sami was raped by EJ using the bargain method but then she decided it wasn’t really rape, right?

      • mykleraus Says:

        Yeah, though I think they re-decided later on that it was. Also, he had a damn gun! That’s pretty rape-y!

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