What Happened in Salem: Week of May 2nd

I don’t want to spoil anything that might be shocking and completely out of the ordinary, but someone covered up a murder this week! Also…

Rafe planned a romantic night for Hope, which involved sneaking into her home and leaving romantic notes and trinkets for her — obviously the way to the heart of a woman who has recently had various maniacs stalking her and invading her home. Hope was unbothered by all this and went over to Rafe’s house, where he had just forced his mother to cook for his date and then kicked her out. Rafe and Hope, who was widowed twice in 24 hours mere months ago, exchanged “I love you”s during this, their second date.

Check out the full recap to catch up on What Happened in Salem!

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2 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of May 2nd”

  1. Shea Says:

    I have been really struggling to watch this show for the last few weeks but this week was a bit more enjoyable. I liked seeing some of the family interactions and it felt like there was more movement in the stories this week. Obviously we started a new storyline with the virus outbreak and we had some new developments in a couple of the other stories. I can’t say that I love any of the current storylines but a couple of things have peaked my interest so I am trying to stay optimistic.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It feels like it’s slowed down, which I like. We’re getting reaction scenes. But I still don’t really care for almost any of the stories. I just feel like the “vision” is really screwy.

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