Hello from the Other Side

I told myself I would reserve judgment on Friday’s cliffhanger until we get the actual explanation Monday, but…

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 12.49.14 PM

I’m already prepared to be irritated by whatever fuckery they serve up. I like Daniel Cosgrove, and I liked Aiden, but does he need to be back? Probably not. And if they didn’t want him to be dead, they shouldn’t have killed him. I need my smelling salts to prepare for whatever nonsense they feed us about how that was a brainwashed doppelgänger. He isn’t a viable love interest for Hope — he (or a man who looked exactly like him) attempted to violently murder her, and his son raped her daughter. I’d say those are some strong strikes! I’m wondering if they’ll say that Deimos engineered all this as… a part of his manipulations involving Bo? Or something? And Aiden has been Hope’s mystery caller? Because if there’s one thing better than revealing yourself to be alive as soon as possible and trying to explain your story, it’s using a disguised voice to make ominous, vaguely threatening phone calls to the very person who should be terrified of you!

But I’ll see what they try and peddle. I guess.

Meanwhile, line of the week goes to Anne Milbauer, who in her 30-second appearance managed to drop the hilarious “I once did a search for ‘I hate Jennifer Horton’ and came up with 16,000 results!” Amazing.

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28 Comments on “Hello from the Other Side”

  1. Shea Says:

    I don’t understand why they felt the need to bring Aiden back. I found him to be totally bland for most of his previous run…(and the fact that he has so many rude internet fans makes me like him even less.) I guess it depends on what they do with him at this point because I used to think Rafe was a bore but I actually really like him now.

    And I still don’t understand why they had Chase rape Ciara. I don’t feel like the follow up has given me anything that makes the rape seem necessary. It seems more and more like it was mostly done for shock value. Having Aiden come back makes it seem like an even bigger mistake to me.

    • Mo Says:

      He probably took some of Caroline’s vaguely defined miracle drug. It cures everything!

      I’m glad Aidan is back if he’s the crazy guy with nothing to lose he was his last few months. Hopefully he doesn’t run into Summer, who also played his murdered ex-wife’s concerned friend for a brief stint. THAT would be awkward. Seriously, with only 4 soaps on the air they can’t find different actors for these rolls?

      I’m just afraid it will be an excuse for Chase to come back and be redeemed in some way. I liked the actor who played Chase but DAYS has too long a history of rapists turned heroes, with Jack and Lawrence coming to mind. I’m pretty sure there are more.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I’m dying for an Aiden/Summer run-in! Haha.

        I really just do not get the point of this. They wrote Aiden into a corner. Trying to back out of it is dumb. He was a likable guy but they wrote and shot it, so… let it be.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I liked the concept of Aiden and I liked the actor, but the Hope/Aiden story was always a C-level story until last fall. It felt like they never committed to the conflicts between them or really anything about the story. And I just don’t get how they could possibly walk this stuff back in Hope’s eyes. Even if Aiden didn’t do any of that stuff, a guy who looked like him did, and Chase raped Ciara. She shouldn’t even give him a second thought. I’m not sure what the actual story will be.

      The rape still seems like a horrible mistake to me. They didn’t get into the Hope/Chase bond nearly enough, and while they’ve played Ciara’s trauma, it feels flat because of the actress and the writing. More and more, I think their point was to make her “the new Sami,” down to the rape backstory, which is a disgusting way to go about that.

      And I like Rafe, too. I don’t think he’s one of the best characters in history or anything, but I think GG does a nice job with him and plays the sort of sarcastic humor well, and his family stuff is at least interesting.

      • Shea Says:

        You think they are trying to make Ciara the new Sami? That had not even crossed my mind. Personally I think Claire would have been better choice for that kind of role….not only because the actress is a bit stronger but because of the Sami/Belle dynamic.

        I do not like Sami but I am actually starting to think she is coming back. Jason47 has been saying there are more returns lined up other than those that have already been announced so I cringed when Marlena mentioned her on Wednesday. I am not sure I could stick with the show with these weak stories AND Sami chewing up the scenery. I will say that I have gotten the impression that some of her fans were so upset that her return for Will’s funeral was so overshadowed by her searching for EJ that they don’t even want her back.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I don’t even know. It seems like they’re trying really hard to make her edgy and troubled. I agree about Claire. The dynamic with her and her parents is actually interesting, too.

        I don’t think Sweeney would return full-time this soon after leaving. But I could definitely see her popping in for another visit.

  2. ADW Says:

    Too bad Caroline didn’t see this one coming! I have mixed opinions about bringing Aiden back I like DC and I liked Aiden until his dubious intentions were reveled. I don’t like Chase and would not care to see more of him. If it wasn’t Demios who orchestrated this then my other guess is Stefano/Andre if not both. Shortly before the Aiden’s death, we learned Aiden was in cahoots with Stefano and hired to romance Hope; Aiden owed Dimera bc Stefano paid off his gambling debts. Possessing pawns, brainwashing, using imposters, etc have been the Dimera’s MO. I like how so many of the characters have ties to this s/l involving Demios though.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I liked Aiden well enough. I think DC is a good actor and could carry more substantial story than he had for most of his run. But it feels like the ship has sailed on this character, given how they wrote him out. Tying themselves in knots to undo his exit is such crap.

      I liked Chase, or at least I liked the actor when they aged him, but they tore that apart so fast that I do not see a place for him on this show now.

  3. ADW Says:

    P.S. If they can do this with Aiden, why not EJ? There were so many oddities about EJ’s rushed death especially that scene with Kristen injecting him with something at the morgue.

    • Shea Says:

      I think at some point EJ will return but right now I think the actor has a show on tbs or something.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Yeah, he seemed pretty confident in his decision to leave. I do think that if he ever expressed interest in returning, he’d be back in a flash.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh, EJ would be back in an instant if James Scott wanted to return. They only wrote him out because JS chose to leave.

  4. UnderYourWing Says:

    well, this epi sucked a big one……the one day i actually get up in time to watch and this is what i basically ignored 99% of….

  5. GnuHopper Says:

    Only 16,000?

  6. Dylan Says:

    Wow, today’s episode was garbage. I mean what, are we supposed to root for Aiden and Hope to somehow get back together? I can only imagine what kind of insane ‘logic’ led these writers to bring back Aiden under these circumstances. Completely schizophrenic writing. They totally trashed Aiden’s character during his last several months onscreen. If they wanted to bring him back, they could have just kept him as a viable character and not done this whole BS storyline with Andre. What is going through their minds?! Not to mention that there are tons of other storylines that they could focus on instead of doing this. This reminds me of when the writers of ATWT brought back Dusty in 2008 after ‘killing’ him six months earlier – it was practically the same thing, except that with Dusty some guy actually admitted to killing him, so that whole thing being a sham didn’t even make sense.

    The pacing of the show is totally wack too. I guess it must be due to all the scenes that have presumably been cut as you guys have been talking about – Friday’s episode ended with a cliffhanger about this mysterious ‘virus’ or whatever and they didn’t even follow up on it today. Also Friday we didn’t see Paul, even though at the end of Thursday he seemed ill and they were going to take him to the hospital. It’s honestly hard to even stay interested in a story when they don’t follow up like this. I’m sure they’ll have skipped all sorts of important things by the next episode, because that’s how these writers seem to operate.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s absolutely crazy. If he’s airing now, it means they decided to bring him back around the same time his death aired. This struck no one as NUTS?! And Hope is a horrible mother if she considers bringing the man whose son is in prison for raping Ciara anywhere NEAR her daughter! I just do not get this.

      I was annoyed that we heard Paul was admitted as a throwaway instead of seeing it happen. Such weird choices. Maybe we’ll just see Gabi again in two weeks and hear her talking about how nice it is that everyone was cured!

  7. Shea Says:

    As far as today’s show goes, I give them credit for once again trying something different. I was at least engaged by the structuring of this episode but the content is worthless. None of this makes any sense. Andre and Stefano were penniless for most of this time frame and then of course Stefano was killed and Andre has been in jail. I guess it can still shift to Deimos or even Yo Ling being involved. It isn’t like they never shifted back story before. Ernesto Toscano “killed” Hope then she was held priser by Stefano. Marlena was “killed” by Orpheus then held prisoner by Stefano. Steve was “killed” by Lawrence then held prisoner by Stefano….

    As far as I am concerned they still have a long way to go to make this work and there is no way to ever redeem Aiden in my opinion so it is all pointless. Once again there is nothing for me to pull for in this storyline.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m scared to watch! This reminds me of when they had Tony/Andre explain the Melaswen plot to Bart and it was so stupid and implausible that it didn’t even feel like scripted television. Like, just flash a card telling us to forget what happened, you know?

      I guess they’ve technically ‘redeemed’ Aiden with this dumb explanation I read about, but like, he did get into that debt and CONSIDER killing Hope. After what that doppelgänger did, she should not ever view him as a viable love interest. And after Chase raping Ciara, there’s no conceivable way Hope should ever be with Aiden again. It’s too gross.

      • Fluffysmom Says:

        I agree that Aiden is no longer a viable love interest for Hope.

        Either different writers brought Aiden back or it was done because many fans were upset by this.

        I think he should clear his name and move away from Salem. Aiden’s only tie to Salem was Hope. Chase will hopefully be in jail somewhere leaving Aiden no reason to stick around.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Agreed. I think there’s a world in which they could’ve had him as something of a pariah (even after clearing his name) but aligned him with another outsider, like Nicole. But is it worth all this? No.

  8. UnderYourWing Says:

    i don’t think the writers give a flying how many fans they upset!! there are too many examples of upset to list.

  9. Erin L Says:

    I really enjoy these types of 1 story episodes, but that being said I think they are (in true Days fashion) doing them poorly. Like the one with Chad and Abby. It was a good way to keep the story moving but why did they focus on them milling about repeating “Ben is on his way!” Instead of making the episode when Ben actually gets there and she set him on fire. That seems like a much more compelling use of the time. Instead of focusing on the truly interesting part of the story they featured the boring build up that didn’t even need that much screen time.

    I feel like they are probably going to go the route that Chase thought he was becoming like his father so he was confused and since his father isn’t actually evil that in turn makes his raping Ciara ok. Which is a piss poor thing to do but I wouldn’t put it past the writers to do that to try to redeem Chase.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I wouldn’t put it past them, either, but yeah, it’s lazy and offensive and bizarre. I just find this choice absolutely nuts and baffling.

      And yeah — the single-focus episodes are a fun idea. But they aren’t pacing them properly. I liked the atmosphere of the Abigail-centric one a lot, but I got really bored basically watching three people walk around a dark house for an hour.

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