Fantasy Friday

Since I’m getting a little tired of complaining about Summer’s improbable existence and Ciara’s bad acting and whatnot, let’s try something different. With the whacked-out plotting and haphazard re-editing of episodes, there’s a lot we aren’t seeing onscreen — even within the confines of the current, er, less-than-stellar canvas — and that’s part of what makes it tough for me to invest in a lot of what’s going on. So here are some of those scenes that I really, really wish we could see…

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 7.15.54 AM

  • Paul having an actual conversation with either of his half-siblings, but especially Belle, with whom he’s never actually shared dialogue.
  • Shawn reacting to his little sister Ciara’s rape, since everyone else in town seems to know about it.
  • Ciara talking to Hope and Shawn about her late brother, Zack.
  • Claire and Philip acknowledging their complicated history (he was her father for the first year of her life!) instead of acting like he’s just some guy her mother recently took up with.
  • Hope and Chase (is he still on the show?) reacting to the fact that Aiden wasn’t actually the Necktie Killer.
  • Marlena and Maggie being forced to exchange dialogue.

What are yours? The sky is the limit, except that in this case, the sky means “featuring people who are currently on the show” (so no “I wish so-and-so would come back from the dead” or “I wish Maggie’s actual damn daughters would show up,” even though those are completely valid wishes).

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11 Comments on “Fantasy Friday”

  1. Guhopper Says:

    I’d like to see some interaction between JJ and his Uncle Steve and/or his cousin Joey.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yes! I forgot that one — I really want to see the next generation of Johnson boys (JJ and Joey) interact, especially since JJ was troubled himself not too long ago and Joey could use a friend.

  2. Mo Says:

    I wish we could see Kate as a fleshed-out strong woman instead of a stiff in a suit or falling into bed with terrible men all the time. She’s really been written horribly for a long time now.

    Besides that I want to have Henderson and Herold move in together and maybe start a cleaning business. What kind of zany adventures could those two get into!?

    • mykleraus Says:

      These writers really do not know how to use Kate. It sucks. I think Lauren Koslow is capable of just about anything, but they keep making her an idiot for these deranged men.

      Henderson and Harold should GTFO of Salem together! Why do they stick around?!

  3. ADW Says:

    -Steve and John actually start their PI business they talked about shortly following Bo’s death and go on adventures. Steve needs more to do than obsess about “sweetness.”

    -IF Summer and Finn were “friends” in Malibu why haven’t they interacted?

    -More involvement from “psychic friend” Caroline in the Demios revenge.

    -I want to see Belle actually take on clients whom she is not related to by blood or marriage.

    -There has been minimal reaction that Ben was back in Salem and the real “Necktie Killer.” How were Marlena, Lucas, and Gabi (if she was aware so calm)?

    -Where the heck are Adrienne and Lucas? Outter Mongola? Are they still a couple? I thought Adrienne pumped the brakes. Why isn’t Adrienne THERE for Kayla, I thought they were BFFs?

    • mykleraus Says:

      Good choices!

      The Steve/John PI thing is so weird. They keep talking like they’re working together, but they’ve done zip aside from that rescue mission where John got his own dumb ass kidnapped.

      Adrienne should be on more. She and Lucas were together at Abigail’s wedding, so I guess they’re still a couple? Lucas also had a really weird line when he heard Ben had escaped — “That name gives me the creeps.” HE KILLED YOUR SON!

      • Shea Says:

        There have been multiple Steve and John scenes going back months ago before Ava was killed so I honestly don’t know what Black Patch has been up to.

      • Shea Says:

        I should have said they have had several scenes cut….it is really frustrating to me. Cut Summer and Rope…and I like Rope but I just need a break from Hope… but stop cutting Steve, Kayla, John and Mar.

      • mykleraus Says:

        The cuts don’t make much sense to me. I guess they’re cutting stuff they think is extraneous, in the interest of moving story along, but it feels so herky-jerky. There was a scene cut where Roman grapples with his conscience over letting Hope and Joey get away with those murders. I get that it wouldn’t have really moved story along, but you NEED those “in-between” scenes to keep the story coherent and the characters relatable.

  4. Damon L. Jacobs Says:

    I’d love to see:
    – Hope acknowledge Claire is her granddaughter instead of a complete stranger
    – Ciara acknowledge Thomas as her cousin, not just some kid she’s taking care of.
    – Theresa make some connection with her first cousins Ciara, Shawn, Joey
    – A scene where Ciara opens her mouth when she talks
    – Adriana and Marlena discuss being ex-mother-in-laws
    – Adriana learns that Kate used to do her son
    – Steve and Adrienne share ANY dialogue for the first time since his return
    – Adrienne and Deimos recognize each other from the distant past
    – Marlena tells Maggie why she’s so resentful towards her
    – Jennifer tells Brady how close she was to his mother
    – JJ finds out his grandfather Earl was also a rapist
    – Someone cleans that squicky Horton couch

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