Internal Affairs

I am normally loath to type Lani’s name, for fear of lapsing into an immediate coma, but I have to ask: what was up with her earlier this week? This character, whose sole trait until now has been scowling at the many, many cases of police misconduct around her, is suddenly hounding Shawn to bang her in the “conference room” (P.S., guys, that’s actually just an office).

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.39.31 PM

Personality transplant much? Even Shawn, who spends 95% of his screen time being snipped at by Belle, was not having it. I actually thought Brandon Beemer injected some nice, humorous touches into those scenes, and Sal Stowers seemed to come alive when given a scene with some kind of discernible objective. Between how aggressive Lani was and the way she marched into the Pub later to square off with Belle, I can only imagine we’re in for a tale of her suddenly going bonkers over Shawn. Which… whatever. At least it might keep me awake and/or be funny.

I also thought it was bizarre how Belle just referred to her dismissively as “Lani” and not “Abe’s daughter” or anything — Abe was like an uncle to both Belle and Shawn growing up, and it should be noteworthy that a) he has a grown daughter and b) she’s getting involved with Shawn. You’d think Hope and Abe might even have a conversation about how two pairs of their kids are becoming romantically involved. But no, this is Salem 2016, where everything happens in its separate storyline bubbles. I’m still waiting for this Shawn to have a scene with his sister, Ciara, let alone weigh in on the fact that she was raped.

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10 Comments on “Internal Affairs”

  1. Shea Says:

    So I have not been actively seeking out spoilers beforehand but I have been keeping an eye on a thread over at Daytime Royalty that is tracking the cuts so I am looking at spoilers after they were supposed to have happened. I have also been looking at some of the recaps NBC publishes on the website because all too frequently they contain recaps of scenes that were cut.

    We have seen so little of Shawn and Lani that there was no context for the scene of her chasing him around the conference room table but according to recaps that were published…Friday March 25th NBC recap. “Earlier, Shawn and Lani, having spent the night together, consider staying in bed all day, but Shawn notes they need to get to work. Lani pouts, and while Shawn is in the shower, she goes through his wallet, disposing of Belle and Claire’s picture. Later, she climbs into the shower with him and they make love.”

    Months ago when Lani was lurking around eyeing Rafe I said that there was something up with her but we never got a clear picture of it. Who goes through a man’s wallet and destroys a picture of his ex and his daughter? If it was just a pic of Belle I could get it- but not a pic of Belle AND Claire?

    I had been thinking that Lani was going to become obsessed with hurting Hope or bringing Hope down. Between the jealousy over Rafe then her hooking up with Shawn- and maybe if Ciara breaks Theo’s heart that she is going to snap and blame Hope for everything and then target her somehow? I may be WAY off base because for a while I thought she could have been the one bullying Theo because she just gives me this vibe that she is a little off her rocker.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I keep forgetting to check that thread, but after the cuts were mentioned here, I went over. It’s bizarre how much they’re cutting, and what they’re choosing to cut. Those scenes of Roman expressing regret over covering up all the murders his family commits sound like they would’ve been interesting *and* filled in a major gap in this story. And not that I care about Shawn and Lani, really, but it seems bizarre to skip a couple’s first time!

      I hadn’t thought about the Lani angle with Shawn/Hope, but there could definitely be something there…

  2. Michelle Says:

    I read about all those cuts as well. They clearly had no idea what to do with Lani, and once they decided to fire her I guess they figured they’d just go back and cut most of her stuff to limit months of watching a character they never seemed too invested in anyway.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That could be. I wonder if they’re trying to get through these writers’ material faster because they really dislike it that much. It’s weird.

  3. UnderYourWing Says:

    she was unnecessary

    • mykleraus Says:

      YUP. Although I think it’s smart to inject some diversity into the canvas, she’s just so blah.

    • Shea Says:

      I guess we should have known that after the way they revealed her as Abe’s daughter. It was the most anti-climatic reveal imaginable. There was zero drama and conflict. Heck it didn’t even phase Theo to find out he had a sister.

      The biggest issue is that they just haven’t used her. They haven’t developed the character at all. I think they had a plan and then changed course so most of Lani’s material wound up on the cutting room floor. I could say I don’t mind because she is so boring but honestly we have to actually see characters do things before we can truly know if they are boring or not so who really knows?

  4. ADW Says:

    I agree with the the disconnect with the relationships. Abe is an honorary Brady and is friends with John’s and Marlena as well. Also, I agree diversity is welcome; to be honest
    it’s so sad that most of the African American characters: a.) no longer recieve much screen time b.) don’t stay in town long c.) only brought in as minor characters d.) were killed off.
    After Lani arrived, I was hoping Abe would be on more often. I sort of like how their is one character who is observant and basically is thinking what the audience is thinking, “like really WTF?! is up with this town and all the nepotism?” I’m sort of surprised Lani hasn’t made friends with any of the other females (ie Gabi, Abigail, or Theresa) but, then agian she’s sort of a bitch and probably just likes to have men in her life.
    Speaking of THIS Shawn and Ciara having scenes together, last time we saw Hope’s house which by the way was months after Jason Cook was (once again) replaced by Brandon Beemer the framed family pics of Ciara and Shawn, Shawn was still Jason Cook. LOL 😄 I guess they fired the only people with somewhat of a grasp on Photoshop following the awful Sonix cover and the Eric/Sarena picture.

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG, I didn’t notice that about the photos. Hahahaha. That’s terrible.

      You make a good point about how Lani hasn’t interacted with the other women in her age range at all, really. I wish they had committed to making her, you know, an actual character.

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