Judgment Day

Who knew? People do occasionally have to pay for their crimes in Salem!

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.47.21 AM

I haven’t been a huge fan of the direction these writers have chosen to take Eric — away from the Nicole relationship, into this not-that-well-developed alcoholism — but this final part of his arc was pretty well done. It felt gritty and ugly and complicated. I’m still scratching my head over the choice to go through with writing him out even in the face of this surprisingly effective pairing with Jennifer, but I also feel it’s important that they not let someone off the hook for a drunk-driving death. Those scenes of him and Jen waking up in the hotel room felt the way those kinds of mornings feel, and as crazy as it was of Marlena to rip into Jennifer the way she did, I totally understand why Marlena did it. I’m not entirely sure how she knows about Jen’s pill-popping, but it was pretty delicious how she went in on her. (Also, lady, come on. You raised two kids who have been incarcerated for murder and also BELLE, so maybe you’re part of the problem.)

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 10.30.54 AM

That weird “location shoot” (right outside the soundstage, I presume) of Eric being loaded onto the prison bus and driven away kind of broke my heart. It was just so sad and dark. I really can’t believe that the kindhearted, faith-filled man who returned to Salem in 2012 turned into this guy, but in a way, it makes sense. There’s an opportunity for a fantastic redemption story down the road, and I’ll be disappointed if they never pick up that thread.

Speaking of things that need to be redeemed:

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 10.03.52 AM

I was howling during those Victor/Helena flashbacks. I guess it was almost a decade ago that we had to suffer through Colleen and Santo, but it still feels too soon, and this just seems uproariously goofy to me. I’m still shocked, however, that they didn’t slap a mustache on Eric Martsolf and have him play young Victor…

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31 Comments on “Judgment Day”

  1. marypickford Says:

    Ha ha, nice screenshot of that “flashback.” We’re ALL sorry.

    Eric’s exit broke my heart. I cannot for the life of me figure out why they got rid of him. Here’s hoping that down the road he comes back for a redemption story and maybe even an Ericole revisit.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The “I’m sorry” was too perfect. They should be!

      I’ll never understand this decision with Eric. The story (or fragments of one) that we got were pretty compelling, but I do not get WHY.

      • UnderYourWing Says:

        me as well. always seems (mostly) as soon as things start getting down and dirty great for a character its See ya Around When Ya Bend Over time……..Eric and Jennifer forever!! THAT would have rocked. Right in MarMar’s been done face.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I know. Now I want to see more of them! It was a spark for both characters that I totally didn’t expect.

  2. ADW Says:

    Eric doesn’t get away with murder bc he’s not a Horton, there was nothing Roman could do to save him (just keep him from getting raped/beaten in orision), and it was St. Daniel whom he killed. I don’t get why “JenEric” HAD to go to a hotel, nobody else was home. Btw that’s good name for them if they were to become an actual couple because it sounds like generic. I saw that coming (no pun intended) 😉 bc the Eric’s drunken kiss was sort of a prelude.
    Marlena knew about Jen’s pill popping bc Eric told her about it as he was seeking advice on how to help her. Marlena was rather nonshalant and unconcerned at the time.
    Haha 😂 I haven’t seen those episodes with Nicole in the black wig and the dread pirate Roberts from Princess Bride shirt.

    • UnderYourWing Says:

      “Don’t call me MAR” is a a bitch on wheels…”You didn’t stop him from drinking!!” please! don’t even go there mommy…. i hate it how everyone one on this show thinks they can run anyone else’s life and actions. I hate it how they expect people to do shit there is no way they can do then hold them responsible for an outcome that sucks balls…..
      Butt the flock out of what is NOT YOUR B I Z….. like Brady, trying to save Summer….GAAAAAA. ANd putting her before Teresa….if I was T I would smacked him upside the head and their stupid date night…sure, yeah, romantic, ask a drunk to join you to eat….how romantic.
      OK, no wonder jenn is a junkie! I LOVED how she shot back at Mar when she threw it in her face she knew about her drug abuse by saying DO you ever think why I had to take pain pills in the 1st place? speaking of pills, where IS my Take one every 6 hrs as needed bottle?? Just say YES!

      • mykleraus Says:

        How was it Jennifer’s job to stop Eric from drinking?! He’s a grown-ass man. Marlena is always like that with people, though.

        The Summer thing drove me nuts. She finds out she was knowingly given up for adoption (which a normal person would have assumed anyway!), so she goes on a bender and gets depressed and wrecks other people’s nights? Great. She just seems like such a pain in the ass to have around.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Well, Joey and Steve seem to be doing okay with the scotfree-murder thing!

      It’s become ridiculous how Jen’s family and Hope’s family are never at that house on the same day. What if Ciara had walked in on Eric and Jen? What if JJ had come home while Hope and Rafe were in the living room? It’s so weird.

      • ADW Says:

        So true, just like nobody ever seemed to run into one another at the Kirakis mansion. I thought Adrienne and Justin had a super secret enterance which nobody else used and they all used a spread sheet to detrimine what times certain people can be on the large den. Also, hasn’t the burned section of Hope’s living room been repaired? Why can’t Ciara and Hope go home? Last I checked Andre and Chase are in jail.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That always drove me insane. Think about the fact that Adrienne and Theresa lived in the same house for MONTHS and I don’t think have ever shared a scene…

      • UnderYourWing Says:

        what if things made any kind of sense and weren’t so convoluted?? guess there would be no Days of anyone’s Lives! They definitely missed your 2 great examples of sledge hammering even more trauma on the kiddies that’s for sure…

  3. Mo Says:

    Everyone did a great job with the goodbye episode. Even Roman! Even John Black although how did I know he’d call Eric “Kid” as they bro-hugged? Maybe if Eric had a better lawyer than Belle he could have gotten a reduced sentence? Not buying her as a lawyer, a mother, a credible love interest for Phillip OR Shawn…

    I admit it. These “outside” shots really do give DAYS a shot in the arm! If you can’t make things super-exciting every day at least it isn’t as claustrophobic. Jennifer has been one of DAYS most neglected characters for a long time (since she lost St. Daniel, to be exact) so I was pleased she was given something to do and even more excited she is acting very Un-Jennifer-like. I loved her standoff with Marlena but wish she had stood up for herself more. She and Eric aren’t some kids caught in the backseat of a car!

    Why is it that this show seems to be casting off it’s most interesting characters?! Greg Vaughan did stellar work the few days he was given since the car accident. Characters like Eric, Ben, Eve and Ava have all seemed to become my favorite characters right as they are shuffled off into the sunset. Ready for Sonny to come back so we’ll at least get to see mind-controlled model/baseball player Paul more often! DAYS has such a deep roster of talent but we are subjected to Belle and “Small Wonder” Ciara Brady 3 – 5 days a week.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s a real problem. They had Eve positioned to tell real story and unceremoniously left her in New York. And now Eric gets this C-story rushed exit even though there’s a ton to explore with him. I do not get it.

      These writers don’t seem to want to focus on anyone besides Hope/Rafe, Chad/Abigail, Victor/Maggie, Brady/Theresa, and Steve/Kayla. EVERYONE else is a supporting player to those stories. The canvas is huge, but there are so many people who have once-a-week “stories.” It’s weird.

  4. Denise Says:

    That flashback was funnier than any sitcom I’ve watched in 15 years! OMG the mustache alone! My eyes were streaming!

    As for Eric. Shame on Days. An interesting, conflicted character. A handsome guy with leading man potential. A workable romance for Jen? Let’s get rid of him! He must have dropped a flaming bag of poo on the producers doorstep or something. It boggles my mind.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’ll never get the decision to cut Eric in this way.

      I’m ALMOST hoping we get a whole slew of those flashbacks just for the laughs. They’re few and far between on Days of late.

      • ADW Says:

        I agree it’s a damn shame they send Eric up the river just as he was getting interesting and had something going on with Jennifer. I snoozed through his Priesthood “Days” and Eric being all emo and the whining about his vocations following the rape tape with Kristen 3-4 days/week. 😴 I think TPTB saw a dead end with Eric at this time and made exit story which at the same time leaves Eric’s return open-ended with some “unfinished business” with Jennifer. 😉 Maybe they will bring Eric back in few years after he’s paroled for good behavior and has a new career???

      • mykleraus Says:

        I loved Priest Eric. I thought he felt like such an unusual character for daytime, especially as a man. And the build with him and Nicole was great. After the video was shown at the church, I got SO tired of his sanctimonious shit with Nicole. He almost seemed to revel in berating her. And the Serena stuff was exhausting. I do think there’s a major opportunity for redemption with this character, so I hope they do revisit him down the road.

  5. fluffysmom Says:

    Greg Vaughan gave his opinions frequently in interviews. Maybe he finally made the wrong person mad.

    Everyone seems to forget that John was the sole parent to Marlena and Roman’s kids all the while that they were MIA while detained in one of Stefano’s plots.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I have a feeling GV pissed someone off. It’s one thing to be outspoken, but when it’s about your bosses, there’s a fine line.

      I always get confused about what the timeline of John/Roman’s parenting is supposed to be, because of Sami and Eric’s SORASing. Did he raise them for a few years? For the bulk of their childhoods? I agree that there should be way more of a bond there, though.

    • ADW Says:

      Good point, although I was a little kid watching Days with my Grandmother while John was Roman, I remember and he was a Dad to the twins for quite some time. Sami and Eric were born in 1984 around the same time Roman presumably died in Bo’s arms (and then his body subsequently disappeared thanks to Stefano). Sami was SORSA’ed early 1993, while the real Roman and Marlena were reunited. Eric didn’t follow until later on in the ’90s. As far as I can remember, Eric always had a good relationship with John. Sami on the other hand did not bc as many of us know she walked in on Marlena and John banging in the Titan office (while her Mom and Dad were still together) and went on a downward spiral from there.
      I thought it was odd John didn’t really bond much with Eric at all since he’s been back. When Eric came to visit and say good bye, John abruptly rushed out of the room like he left his iron face down on his best cashmere sweaters.
      Also, speaking of relationships between family members, Ciara calls Abbie from a blocked number…”Abigail?! Hi, it’s Ciara Brady, I heard your Mom talking and said you might need a baby sitter for Thomas.” Umm OK? How many Ciara’s are there in Salem? Also, your Mothers are cousins and very close so, that makes you 2nd cousins; Ciara being SORSA’ed makes her and Abbie closer to being peers too.

      • mykleraus Says:

        LOL about the cashmere sweaters. It IS weird how John generally just acts like Sami and Eric are “Marlena’s kids” and not children he actively raised (and, regardless, has been a stepparent to for decades!).

        I thought the Abigail/Ciara stuff was so weird. The formal phone call and then having an interview… but then Abigail brings up Ciara’s rape in conversation. It was like different writers wrote the different scenes and didn’t know how related they were supposed to be.

      • ADW Says:

        Yeah, so much of the writing is so convoluted nowadays and sometimes I feel like I missed something. They need to give all new writers an premlinary exam to access the new writer’s proficiency and knowledge of the entire history of Days and then school them as much as necessary. I realize some off screen, never mentioned before backstories are necessary to insert brand new characters such as Paul and Demios but, it’s getting rather excessive. Why don’t they bring back some old characters too such as Theresa’s brother, Andrew? Family trees are easily found on line.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I don’t mind them inserting new things into the old timeline, but I hate when they actively DO NOT FIT (like Summer). As stupid as the Daniel retcon was, at least it was plausible that when Maggie’s eggs were extracted, one of them was used without her knowledge.

  6. UnderYourWing Says:

    YOU MEAN GREG VOICED HIS OPINIONS? heavens! (what the heck did he think?) hollywood pffft it ain’t who know ya know it’s who ya blow? bye Eric! we missed you before you left………. don’t bend over k?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think I have MORE respect for him for publicly calling out the stupidity of the Serena story.

      • UnderYourWing Says:

        thanks…..i will do a bit of research… how 5th grade can these writers be?? sheesh…

      • ADW Says:

        Yes, SOMEBODY had to call the writers out for the insipid DUMBo s/l; Sarena was such a waste as a new character. 😝 OK, as malicious as this sounds, I’m greatful Eric bumper carred Daniel off my screen for good. 😉

      • mykleraus Says:

        I know. He gets punished for doing something GOOD?! 🙂

  7. ADW Says:

    So, speaking of Jennifer’s “job” why were all of her “missed calls” from JJ and not Seth Burns? This tryst was certainly on a week night and I assume Jennifer had to be at work in the AM? Right, Jennifer can come and go as she pleases and not get in trouble as Anne as already told us.
    I was laughing so hard bc Marlena knew what Jennifer did with Eric last night. 😂 Seriously, IF I was going to prison for 5 years or so, I would get some butt and drink enough Cap’t Morgan to sink a whole pirate ship.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, it’s not like she’s ever at work anyway. No one probably bats an eye when she waltzes in at noon and then “runs home” to have a conversation with her kids.

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