Feel the Burn

Abigail, I know you aren’t exactly in your right mind at the moment, but I feel like there might’ve been other ways to come at this.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 10.16.03 AM

Like tying Ben up and getting the hell out of the house. Like calling the police (or your brother, who remains very committed to that Halloween costume of his). Like getting your baby out of the house before you burn the damn place down. I do appreciate the commitment and the intensity, though.

They’re really giving Kate Mansi material she can sink her teeth into, and they’ve managed to elevate Abigail into leading-lady status, which is no small feat. Whoever steps into the role next is going to have meaty history to play.

Also getting interesting character material? Steve and Kayla.

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I liked that they pulled a flip by having Kayla upset at Steve’s glib reaction to the charges being dropped, even as what made her realize she loves him is the fact that he was willing to sacrifice himself for Joey. And it makes sense — Steve’s penchant for danger has invited a lot of craziness into their lives. Kayla has always been one to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty, but she doesn’t seek that kind of thing out; the fact that Steve does probably has a lot to do with his chaotic upbringing. I thought the Two Steves device was sort of interesting, and it at least minimized the presence of that “Tina” character (who I swear looks familiar from somewhere).

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.19.10 AM

But I have a question here: isn’t the sort of thing Tina was asking him to do Steve’s job? She wasn’t requesting that he recklessly go hurl himself into danger. PIs have to, you know, do stuff sometimes. So I’m not sure how they resolve this, besides Steve becoming a house-husband or getting a job at the Pub.

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23 Comments on “Feel the Burn”

  1. Barbie Says:

    I don’t think Steve ever asked Kayla what she thought about him getting into the detective business. After she recovers from this brain surgery, they may be able to come to some conclusion about what she expects Steve to do with his time. We know back many years ago he tried getting a normal job. And did, but just not cut out for normal. Maybe it will seem much easier to make a decision after she is better. When he was talking to Tina, his questioning was more together and made sense. All the other fiascos he has gotten into were much more of a personal natures with his envolvement. We will find out, that is if the writers know what is supposed to happen.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s a good point — he started the company with John without ever consulting Kayla about it. It’d be nice to see them have a mature conversation about what each of them expects and what’s realistic.

  2. Dan Says:

    I didn’t see the Tina / Steve scenes. Were those on Thursday? Tina reminds me of the actress who played Giselle Von Hopper, the society matron that fell for Roman under Tomsell. BTW, wasn’t that the ultimate olive branch I’ve ever seen? We wont write for Jarlena but we will give your gold buddy a recurring girlfriend.

    Until they flesh out Steve and Kayla beyond 80s superhero and town doctor, I won’t care about what happens to this couple. Nichols had more chemistry with Peter Reckell. We’ve burned through two years of story in several months (a murder, a long lost child, faking cancer, son in love with couple’s enemy) but there’s no substance to it. The writing portrays Kayla as bitter and Steve is hardly repentant for his actions. Those scenes of Kayla and Steve the night before his trial were the closest I’ve come to enjoying the couple, but they need more of that to establish why I should care about them. This couple has had a story in 7 years and not had a good story in nearly 25 years. The show rushed to reunite them and they are suffering as a result.

    I appreciate that Abigail’s behavior is being painted as morally wrong because if this was any other storyline on the show, vigilante Abby would be the heroine. There is nice parallelism (Abby and Ben switching the roles in terms of sanity / the fires). Rob Wilson has grown so much as an actor. He should be grateful for his time on DAYS. His work with Mansi was well done. Ben not buying Abigail’s lies until she really drew him into her web. Abigail not believing Ben when he claimed he was a figment of her imagination. All really good stuff.

    I don’t mind Abigail not calling the cops. The cops weren’t able to keep Ben in prison or prevent him from entering hre home. Why shouldn’t she take this into her own hands? Plus, it’s clear Abigail is losing her mind means that she is going to make questionable moral judgements. What is the rest of Salem’s explanation for committing crimes without punishment?

    I hope they deal with the Thomas angle, but I doubt it.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s fair about the cops not having done their damn job. I’m enjoying the story, at least. It’s dynamic and engaging, and for once, someone is having a real, layered reaction to having been tortured by a psycho instead of just brushing it off and moving on.

      You’re right about Tina/Giselle! Hahaha. I had forgotten about that weird, dropped thread completely. And now I’m having flashbacks to Marlena doing mental illness-themed standup at the “gala.” BTW, I think Steve/Tina was Friday, but might’ve been Thursday.

  3. Barbie Says:

    I am still a die hard Steve and Kayla fan. I think they will get better if writing improves. I still have hope. Tina and Steve had a conversation the same day Kayla and Roman had a discussion about Steve at Kayla’ s house where she al out passed out and did later at the hospital.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I wasn’t around for their heyday, but I mostly like them because of the connection between the actors. I can *see* the two of them showing up for work and giving their best despite the material, so it makes me want to invest. (I actually think a lot of the writing they’ve gotten this run has been pretty good, aside from being rushed — and the rape.)

  4. UnderYourWing Says:

    the abigail chad ben thomas story i am invested in…….steve and kayla not so much….what is going to happen with old grumpus and the emotionally fragile possibly crippled yet beautiful sweet soul maggie at that crazy hospital? no more obviousnesses on You Know Who lately either…..yea! and summer (?) is intriguing to me as well…..since she seems to be conflicted confused criminal and not hard on the eyes……

    JJ—no way.
    did Jennifer OD somewhere? maybe she is at chic fil A?? when i lived in Savannah too many years ago to mention I used to LOVE that place……there were no taco bells or even Mcdonalds there at the time…. (Yes, I am an Elder!)

    where are maggie and Stick Up His Butt going to live when they get out of the hospital?? and will Kate’s hormones get the best of her again? Who else can she go to pound town with anymore?

    • mykleraus Says:

      Dying at your Jennifer commentary. The Chic-Fil-A thing never gets old. I had actually never had the food until like five years ago, when they finally came to L.A. It’s good — it makes me mad that I’m not supposed to like them politically!

      I actually find the Summer character sort of intriguing, but the retcon of Maggie’s past and the screwy timeline makes it really hard for me to invest.

      • UnderYourWing Says:

        myk—-the tummy wants what the tummy wants!

      • Denise Says:

        The Chik-Fil-A thing always reminds me of the Kenny Rogers Roasters episode of Seinfeld. Bad chicken! Mess you up!

        Don’t give in!

        Sometimes I wish we didn’t know as much about actor’s personal lives as we do today. It’s like finding out an actor I love is a Scientologist – it’s never the same…sigh.

      • mykleraus Says:

        OMG, I know. You can’t un-see this stuff. And it’s hard to see them onscreen every day and ignore things like that!

    • ADW Says:

      Haha 😄 I’m guessing Maggie and Victor will live with Jennifer unless Demios charges them rent for the pool house or servant’s quarters. Kate will just have to rest up until a new dodgy man to arrives in Salem. I’m pretty sure the only eligible, single men in town whom she hasn’t already had and not related to are Abe, Eric, and Shawn D. Jennifer is probably keeping busy with yoga and Pilates while popping pills in the corner. I find it hysterical Jennifer still wears 6″ stilettos as opposed to flats if her back bothers her so much. It seems Jennifer has been backburned sometime after she stopped stalking Daniel and right after EJ and Sami left. Jennifer left town to visit Laura in Chicago, gone for a couple weeks, and was steadily more scarce since she returned from that trip. They gave Jennifer her own story once agian with the pain pill addiction and Eric but, it sees very paltry screen time.

      They always seem to give actors/actresses their best material on their way out. I think KM is gone next month. Abigail annoyed and/or made bored out of my skull for years with exception of the EJ affair arc. Now she’s going off the rails on a crazy train. Even Sarena and Jordan, two pointless throw-ins were worth watching on their final Days. I’m actually looking forward to a vacation from Abigail for a bit. I think it’s time to switch gears and focus on other Hortons. I certainly think Laura returning will make things a lot more interesting.

      • mykleraus Says:

        It’s always like this with exits. I’ve enjoyed KM and her Abigail, but it took them a long time to find solid, interesting story for her. Her relationships with Chad 1.0 and both Camerons were the definition of blah. The EJ affair was fun, but then they shuffled her back to supporting status when they started up her romance with Ben (which was deathly dull until he became a lunatic). If nothing else, the past year has established the character as a viable lead, which they need to be doing with the younger generation.

        Jennifer’s decrease in screentime seemed directly tied to the failure of “Dannifer.” As soon as they moved off that, she became a supporting character in her kids’ lives.

  5. Shea Says:

    I will always be a huge Steve and Kayla fan but I do think that if you were not watching in 1986-1989 then you probably wouldn’t be too invested in them. At that time I thought Steve was the most complex character I had ever seen on any soap opera. I still think he could be but unfortunately he tends to be written as a caricature of the man he used to be. Watching Steve and Kayla fall in love and seeing Steve heal from the gaping wounds of his childhood was truly a gift.

    I know last summer I was watching some old clips on YouTube before most of it got purged and my husband saw Steve on my laptop…walking on the pier crying. My husband made some comment about his crying and I told him that I think Steve Johnson probably cried more than any other male on any soap opera ever has…there were just so many wounds from his past that we saw him deal with. The loss of the eye and history with Bo and Britta, the baby brother he promised to take care of who was ripped away from him at the orphanage, the abusive father that he tried to kill when he was only 5, the mother who gave him away to stay with her abuser…the story just unfolded and we got to watch Steve deal with each facing each old wound and we saw him finally learn how to open up and love Kayla and let her love him.

    I was watching GH later when Stephen and Mary Beth were both there but Mary Beth was miscast as a bad girl / manipulator type and although Stephen was brilliant as Stephan Cassadine when GH tried to pair them it felt all wrong.

    I admit I didn’t even watch their second run on Days. I tuned in for a few weeks and just couldn’t do it. Too much of the show was just unwatchable to me back then and I didn’t stick around.

    I think they are getting some much better material this time around and I think Stephen and Mary Beth really work hard to get the most out of whatever they are given at this point. I keep hoping they will find more ways to reference the true history of these two characters rather than writing in fabricated memories like the one they put in a week or two ago about the silly western award thing and I really want to see some meaningful flashbacks.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Everything I’ve read and seen of the original Steve/Kayla story strikes me as incredible. Just nuanced and complicated at every turn. It’s a shame they haven’t been able to recapture that, though I think these writers do ‘get’ the characters decently. I still think it was a mistake not to have Kayla move on with another man EITHER time they came back to the show. It was a natural story, and I think Steve’s character would shine when contrasted against a ‘safe’ choice type of guy.

  6. Michelle Says:

    The Tina actress pops up all over the place, most recently I’ve seen her on a show called Switched at Birth. What I remember her most is from an episode of Friends, Monica hires a stripper for Chandler who she later finds out is a hooker, the Tina actress played the stripper/hooker.

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG, now I know why she was so familiar. I WORKED ON SWITCHED AT BIRTH. Hahahahaha!

      • Michelle Says:

        Cool! I really enjoyed that show the first few seasons but then it kind of got away from the premise and went full on soap.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Yeah, it was a REALLY strong show for several seasons. Great place to work, too. I’m behind on the current episodes but should catch up before it ends.

  7. ADW Says:

    Exactly, helping Tina IS “Steve’s job.” I recall right after Bo passed, John and Steve decided to start up a P.I. business together. What happened to that? I don’t think they handled a single case/client yet. I realize John likely has savings, investments, money from selling Basic Black, and Marlena. How is Steve even put gas in his Harley?

    • mykleraus Says:

      The only time they’ve “worked” together is when Marlena got her dumb ass taken captive and Steve was part of the rescue mission!

      • ADW Says:

        Haha 😄 Marlena (and others) thought her “days” of being kidnapped were over since Stefano was dead.

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