Dead Wrong

Half-serious question: why doesn’t Hope just kill Chase herself, or hand Ciara a gun and give her the go-ahead? Everyone else is getting away with murder!

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Steve and Kayla have truly gotten some of the better latter-day supercouple writing I can remember, but this Ava storyline resulting in Joey being a murderer and federal authorities stepping in to get Steve off the hook is absolutely nuts. I did like how they played the fallout of what Joey did with both Steve/Kayla and Joey/Jade (BTW, has Jade been giving anyone some serious Tamara Braun vibes?), but overall, I’m really thrown by what the hell we’re supposed to be taking away from this material.

I’m also thrown by whatever that website Deimos was using to look up information on Nicole Walker, of the Athens Walkers.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 6.55.23 AM.png

Does Salem just have its own Wikipedia for residents? That is insanely thorough! It even lists her sister’s one-time last name (Raines). Is there a page like this about me out there somewhere? (If so, I presume it says Notable Romances: Cheese.) But for real: who is the audience for this? Who compiles it? I must know!

This entire twist of Misty Circle, of the Mykonos Circles, looking just like the late Helena is also bonkers. Victor married the damn woman and never mentioned that she’s a doppelgänger for his dead love? That seems like the sort of thing you’d bring up.

They’ve given both Nicole and Theresa some really lovely scenes with Maggie, which I’ve enjoyed. But it’s cracking me up how Victor was like, “Nicole, you saved my life!” She kind of owes you for the time she had you killed, no?!

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30 Comments on “Dead Wrong”

  1. Barbie Says:

    I do agree this is not the same Days as in yesteryears. The Brady’s would never have swept these crimes under the rug (Hope killing Stephano, Joey killing Ava). They would have tried to come up with a way to handle it ( in other wards it would have never been written this way.. The only way I continue to watch is I am involved with some of the characters so much! I just love watching them. Otherwise most of these short stories are way, way out there to ridiculous and definitely unbelievable.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The morality feels off. I can think of scenarios in which Hope killed Stefano and Joey killed Ava where they’d still be facing consequences and have to get out of them, but they wouldn’t just be cold-blooded killers.

  2. marypickford Says:

    That entry for Nicole cracked me up too! I liked the “notable romances” section. He’s reading soap character bios, I guess. That’s the only place I’ve seen that terminology.

    So much ridiculousness about Nicole being a dead ringer for Helena. Victor never happened to mention it, just like Maggie never happened to mention having a baby back on the farm. It’s so easy for these things to slip our minds.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Like, that was clearly a SoapCentral type of site, right? How weird. They could’ve at least made it a EweSearch results page or something.

      I HATE these retcons. It isn’t that they can’t work on principle, but they aren’t being finessed at all (and any baby Maggie had at 17 would be at least 50 by now!).

  3. Shea Says:

    I actually like Tamara Braun as an actress and I think she does a good job playing unstable women like Ava so I can understand the temptation to bring her back but the storyline should have been different. This one was too close to the original storyline they did except for the ending.

    They should have just had her focusing on hurting Kayla and had her seduce Joey. They could have still had Joey kill her but hopefully in a less brutal manner and they could have still had Steve try to take the blame for it all. But I think we would have had better motivation for Joey killing her if their relationship had actually been sexual and we would not have had to watch her Rape Steve since the show had no intention of treating it like it was a rape. (I know some people don’t view that as rape but he was blackmailed into having sex against his will and in my book that is rape.) It might have been fun to have her kidnap Steve and let Kayla be the one who had to rescue him for a change but these writers aren’t creative enough for anything like that.

    I have had a problem with the way they have written Joey from the beginning. I have a hard time believing that any kid that is part Steve Johnson would be as naive and gullible as Joey has been portrayed. If they were going to make him kill Ava it either needed to be an accident or they needed to show that he was more traumatized by what all had happened.

    The ISA coming to Steve’s rescue was lame but I liked that the ISA director was a woman. Now if she had come in with some kind of proof that Ava had intended to kill Steve and Kayla I might give them a pass but the way it played out was just bad.

    I don’t know where they are going with Jade but she does make me laugh. And I do get see a little hint of a Tamara Braun resemblance there….let’s hope Joey didn’t just make out with his sister…

    • UnderYourWing Says:

      i thought she looked like eva as well ! but she is way too dangerous for beyond basic joey who is so gullible and dense so i see a big mess played out with them…..i also so agree on the rape comment……thanks for pointing that out. what is going on in the twisted lil heads of these writers i wonder? hmmm

    • Cyn Says:

      I have been having the same thoughts about Jade – even the name implies she is a liar. Physically she is similar to Ava, but more than that, her reactions to almost anything are…wierd. You killed someone? Wow-that turns me on – has basically been her attitude. She has been pushing alcohol and drugs on Joey, and was with him the night when he got drunk and killed Ava. What if she encouraged/influenced him while at they were at the oh so sad “rave”? And her reactions to meeting Steve were kind of flirtatious and inappropriate. She could be a niece or a much younger sister of Ava instead of her child. Steve and Kayla should be VERY alarmed about her and Joey.

      • mykleraus Says:

        She seems like a lunatic! They’ve overwriting it a bit, I think, but the actress isn’t bad and the energy of this character could be fun. I’m dreading whoever her parents will turn out to be. And why couldn’t they just have made this girl play Ciara?!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I thought Tamara Braun was great in this run. She brought a really delicious energy and was committed to the role fully. The writing was just so uneven. And I hate that they had her rape Steve. (I agree with you — it was a rape. And regardless, coerced sex is gross.) I wish they *had* just had her seduce Joey, especially since they’re making all the kids 18 anyway. Icky, but interesting and would eff the kid up in a useful way.

  4. Barbie Says:

    The JJ policeman character makes me laugh. He certainly has been given a lot of responsibility for a rookie cop. He should still be on the street mostly writing tickets and handling accidents and robberies. Not deciding if there is enough evidence to have a case or discussing with other police departments about a possible person Salem PD would be interested in. JJ is not my favorite character anyway. A little to much in love with himself.

  5. Denise Says:

    The Nicole bio made me laugh out loud I confess. Though I rolled my eyes when Deeeeiiiimos whipped out that picture of raven-haired Nicole. The guys a creepy a-hole, so of course Nicole is going to fall for him. Poor Eric.

    The Ava storyline was just dumb in my opinion. Why bring her back at all to simply be murdered, and there turns out to be no consequences for anyone – except Steve getting shown the door by Kayla I guess. If that was the writers big idea to keep S&K apart, it’s very lazy. I thought it was going to turn out that Steve WAS working for the ISA all along, and Kayla was going to lose her mind because he lied to her. At least that would have made more sense. And turning Joe into a killer wasn’t my favorite plot twist.

    I’m kind of loving Jade and agree she has a very Ava vibe. Her interactions with Steve and Kayla were very funny. She mentioned having a terrible father so maybe something will come of that – god I hope she doesn’t turn out to be Joey’s sister! There are far too few characters that aren’t related to everyone in town. Every time someone hooks up, you have to watch out for the accidental incest factor!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was DYING at that Nicole thing. It was just so unrealistic.

      I actually liked the dialogue between Kayla and Steve after he got off the hook, but I also wasn’t sure why she got mad at him then. Nothing had changed — she just wasn’t losing him. I thought that whole resolution felt odd and like a hasty wrap-up. Or they just wrote themselves into a corner and hadn’t planned ahead.

      I’m sure Jade will wind up being related to someone. Because they all do! It’s about time for Nicole to have a never-before-mentioned kid, huh?

      • UnderYourWing Says:

        jade looks so unlike nicole it is just a NO……i also think Jade is definitely mental…..and needs a high 5……….in the face….with a chair….. KIDDING. she should be on meds. or marlena’s couch…. the ways they can go with this one could be delicious tho.

      • mykleraus Says:

        If they actually want her to come off crazy and this gets fun, awesome. If it’s just weird writing or strange acting choices… ugh.

      • Dylan Says:

        I think Jade is a hoot. I think she’ll just be around in a recurring capacity like Bev and Rory were. Ugh I would cringe if she ended up being some long lost kid. Haven’t we had enough of that business? Lani slid into Salem and was quickly forgotten, and that was beyond dumb. I remember during her first appearance you already called it that she would be Abe’s long lost daughter, and then a few episodes later it was revealed.

      • mykleraus Says:

        And then nothing happened with Lani, anyway!

        I’m so over the long-lost children reveals. It’s a lazy way of trying to make the audience automatically invested in new characters rather than building that through good, layered writing.

  6. Barbie Says:

    I’m afraid Jade’s personality is a little on the weird side and kind of crazy. I think Joey is so nieve she will get him in trouble eventhough he thinks he can trust her, he won’t know what hit him Steve and Kayla look at her like she is really odd also.

  7. UnderYourWing Says:

    jade needs a checkup from the neck up….no doubt.

  8. Dylan Says:

    Yeah, it’s true. It’s pretty unbelievable that Roman (!) would be OK with covering up these crimes. I know everyone hated Stefano but Roman certainly would not have just looked the other way after Stefano’s last “death”. And how is Joey going to live with himself? I hope they don’t slip that particular plot point under the rug. The whole thing seems very poorly thought out. But at the same time the show is still much more watchable than it was a month ago, when I couldn’t even get through a whole episode. I hope they find a way to play out all the aftermath of these events without the show continuing to be so dark.

    The Maggie retcon is a bit annoying, but I guess this Summer storyline has potential now that they’ve stopped constantly bringing up what a Good Man Daniel was. I like the twist of Summer being a con-artist and somehow working with Dario, but it seems silly to just gut the character (Summer) a few months later, unless the story ends up being a total trainwreck (which is certainly possible).

    Really the most absurd thing to me is this silliness about Nicole being Helena’s doppelgänger – where could they possibly be going with this? It seems like a dead end storyline.

    I don’t even care at all about Belle or her useless storylines. She’s like Sami but without any of the humorous qualities. Just self-involved and ice cold. So far Philip hasn’t been much better, either. And they’ve resorted to this silly thing where everything in their storyline seems to happen in a bubble, and they never interact with anyone outside of their bubble.

    Why can’t they be bothered to play out any of the drama with JJ becoming a police officer? Or something?? I really like JJ but the new writing team seems to have little interest in writing for him. It’s unfortunate. They don’t seem to care much about Jennifer either, with her twice-a-month appearances in which she tries to convince us that she’s addicted to these painkillers (I’m still not convinced by this lazy writing). How come JJ hasn’t noticed that anything is wrong? And why does no one seem to care about how Eric is doing? Salem seems to have forgotten that he even exists.

    Honestly I don’t know what to make of the show right now because I have no idea where it’s going.. which I guess is good since it’s not as predictable as it used to be?

    • Shea Says:

      I agree with you on a lot of points. For about 3 or 4 months I have been complaining about how everything on this show was half-assed. The writing was lazy and full of gaps and shortcuts. I swear there were stories we were supposed to have seen that they decided to edit out…like Adrienne and her breast cancer scare and I think some of the Eric and Jennifer stuff must have been cut because that story has lingered and gone nowhere for too long.

      But I feel like the last couple of weeks have improved. The pacing seems a bit better and there are fewer missed beats in to me so I am hopeful things are improving all around.

      • mykleraus Says:

        It *definitely* feels better and more like traditional soap now. I have a feeling this is the influence of Beth Milstein, who stepped in to work with Griffith while Higley was on leave. I also have to believe there was some sort of power struggle going on in the fall and winter. Too much stuff was starting and stopping. I had actually forgotten about the Adrienne/Lucas pairing until we saw them at Abigail’s wedding. The pacing seems more normal now, and they’re playing more of those in-between beats.

      • Shea Says:

        Hell I forgot Adrienne was Abigail’s aunt when I first saw her at the wedding!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m definitely less bored *and* less confused than I was about two months ago. It feels more like Days, despite a lot of weird choices.

      I think there were plenty of ways to write a story in which a Brady (or Horton) killed Stefano and the police eventually covered it up. Stefano did so much absolutely insane shit — plus got himself out of prison, faked his death, etc. — that it isn’t inconceivable that Roman wouldn’t want to ruin Hope’s life over shooting him. But they had to play it out that way: shooting him because he had Ciara hostage or something. This felt really unmotivated besides “You’re being mean to me!!!” and then the body-dumping felt very callous.

      This Belle/Philip thing is so DOA. You’re right, it all happens in a bubble. Every now and then, Belle bitches to Marlena about her life, but other than that, Shawn *only* exists in that storyline, Belle/Philip’s relationship doesn’t impact anything else, etc. It’s like they shot this entire thing later and just plonked it into a finished show.

  9. ADW Says:

    I still chuckle that her middle name is Stella, I already found that out bc of her invitations to the wedding which never happened. 😂
    I’m confused bc the bio mentions she can’t bear kids. I don’t recall any incidents preventing Nicole from having children; I thought anyone could still have children after a miscarriage/still birth.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I believe both of her pregnancies were shocking because she “can’t” get pregnant because she was SHOT IN THE UTERUS in the early 2000s. No joke.

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