Woman on the Verge

Wow, I can’t think of a better way to relax than to lie down on the edge of a stiff, formal couch in a dress and heels — in the very room where I just had a nervous breakdown!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.52.26 PM

You know what would put DJ Wear on the map in a big way? If they introduced sweatpants to the overdressed people of Salem!

The saga of Abigail (seemingly) losing her mind has been terrific, though. Kate Mansi is giving it her all, and Billy Flynn broke my heart in that moment when he realized Abigail was hallucinating. I loved the ambiance and production of Monday’s mansion-centric episode, though I wish they’d sped up the writing a bit so Vision Of Ben had shown up sooner. I can only watch so much of three people walking around a dark mansion, you know? I also enjoy the way they’ve brought Chad and JJ together through all this, even if JJ as a cop still gives me whiffs of Novice Stripper Showing Up to His First Bachelorette Party (which is a party I’d gladly attend, but that’s neither here nor there).

Oh, and how long do we think it’ll be before Jennifer swipes those anti-anxiety pills Fynn prescribed for Abigail?

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13 Comments on “Woman on the Verge”

  1. Simon Parris Says:

    I think you have missed the chance to comment on a momentous event – Mag and Mar were in the same scene yogether!
    Marlena: “Ok I’ll be in the scene, as long as Maggie makes a fool of herself falling over etc. Just don’t expect me to actually help her recover!”

    • Shea Says:

      The MagMar “feud” is funny to me because no one seems to really know if there is one or not. But in Maggie’s defense, Marlena did murder her that one time…LOL.

      • mykleraus Says:

        For real. That’s a pretty good reason! It’s SO strange to me how it’s this thing always lingering in the background.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m waiting to see if there’s Maggie follow-up on Friday’s to do all my Maggie/Victor stuff from this week — but it was hilariously noticeable how, as soon as the action shifted to focus on Maggie, Marlena was like, “My bag’s in the car!!!!” and RAN OUT.

  2. underyourwing Says:

    i feel you on the hello darkness my old fiend theme for too long……and kate. yes. excellent job. but now i am confused! is ben REALLY back and somehow fooled everyone looking for him or am I the dimwit here?
    he still gives me the creeps.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I don’t think we’re supposed to know. He’s on the loose, and Abigail’s visions might or might not be real. Although he’s being very weird if this is the real him!

  3. Mo Says:

    I commend Monday’s show for being different but it was also really really silly! The stuffed gorilla that looked like Ben somehow? Abigail hitting JJ with the fire poker? Abby running down those steep stairs in her chunky high-heels holding a baby? The ladder next to the wall not much taller than JJ? Chad and JJ “protecting” Abby by leaving her alone over and over?! It had it all. I liked it fine and I’m glad Ben is back but it was soapy, silly nonsense as well.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The gorilla KILLED ME!

      Also, it seemed like Chad and JJ were trying to drive Abigail insane as much as they were trying to help her by luring Ben out.

  4. Vking Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Monday’s episode despite its flaws! (I too wondered why Chad and JJ kept leaving Abigail on her own. And the creepy gorilla?) But Abby and Chad killed their scenes! I loved seeing Ben again–I know he is a psycho, but I wish somehow he could stay on the show….along with Eve.

    Side notes: Ciara’s acting improves a bit each day! I also welcomed the flashes of humor when Theresa lost her ring. I wish Days would inject more light, funny moments every now and then. While I still have some trouble accepting Deimos as Victor’s brother–age difference is too wide for me—-Deimos’ amorality is entertaining to watch!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ciara is getting better. Weirdly, she does much better with heavy dramatic material than with everyday stuff. In casual scenes, she seems like a robot, but in a lot of the rape-related anger/sadness scenes, she’s been decent.

      The Ben stuff is really fun. It’s eerie and weird. They’re definitely getting their money’s worth out of having made him psycho.

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