What Happened in Salem: Week of March 21st

Another week of stellar, highly moral and sensible decision-making from our favorite Salemites…

Hope broke up the party and then had a heart-to-heart with Ciara about the rape. Hope encouraged her to seek counseling from a professional, such as family friend and bastion of sanity Marlena, who at that very moment was slipping into a black leather jacket and infiltrating the warehouse where Steve and Rafe had gone to rescue John. Despite Marlena’s distractions, they managed to save John and Paul. Yo-Ling, about to be arrested, downed a cyanide capsule and immediately died in John’s arms. No fair, man — it’s very rude to bring party favors if you aren’t going to share, and I’m sure a whole bunch of the audience wanted those capsules at that moment, too.

Read the full recap to catch up on What Happened in Salem last week!

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4 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of March 21st”

  1. ADW Says:

    Hahahaha 😂 So true about Adriana not being there; I guess to be fair, the kids were all adults by the the time she moved away (from West Salem) to wherever with some people whose names I can’t remember (Astrea?).
    Speaking of hypocrites, Victor’s reaction and behavior following Maggie’s reveal of having a daughter=priceless. ROTFLMAO when Brady revealed how he found Summer, “Daniel spoke to you from the other side, so he’s the great auricle of Salem!” 😄

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