Tell Me Something Good

Is it just me, or did this seem way more like Days of Our Lives this week?

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Those scenes of Nicole and Theresa coming together as friends were great. I’m sure this will wind up with Nicole being Theresa’s maid of honor, since Eve won’t be able to get a flight or whatever, but that felt like an actual, human moment of connection. And if anything good has come out of this current regime, it’s that Nicole looks good again! Good hair, appropriate clothes… it’s been a long, hard road. I’m still not sure why Theresa is so excited about being engaged to Brady, considering that every woman he’s ever given an engagement ring to (with the exception of Chloe) is now DEAD, but do what works for you, girl.

They’re continuing to do something I commented on last week, which is slow the F down and take time for those “in-between” scenes. This week, we had Marlena telling Belle about John’s kidnapping, Dario filling in Nicole on Eduardo’s past, Hope and Rafe discussing recent events without a neon sign flashing onscreen telling us, “THEY’RE A GREAT COUPLE!!!”, and more. They even played the Maggie/Summer scenes in a way that engaged me, which is no small feat considering that I find this story both unnecessary and ridiculous. But Suzanne Rogers is so good that she could sell chowder to Caroline Brady — aside from that insane “And then Mickey and I wound up in a double wedding with Melissa and her gang member boyfriend!” exposition — and the fact that they established that Maggie was told the baby died goes a long way toward explaining why we’ve never heard of this kid before. What it doesn’t do is make any damn sense of the fact that Summer would have to be significantly older than Daniel, since she was born before Maggie met Mickey, let alone got married, adopted and lost Janice, and then joined the hospital’s surrogate program. But I’ll take small victories where I can get ’em.

I’m probably going to get tomatoes hurled at me for this, but I don’t hate the Hernandezes. I thought Mama Hernandez, who shall henceforth be known as Adriana because they finally gave her a name, did really well in the scenes where she saw Eduardo and reacted to his presence. It’s a new dynamic that I find interesting, and I prefer it to the ongoing saga of Deimos and his fetish for playing with his own nipples while Victor tells him to take a hike over and over.

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12 Comments on “Tell Me Something Good”

  1. Days fan Says:

    I loved the Nicole and Theresa scene, too. I wish they had gone this way with Melanie during the Kristin fetus stealing storyline instead of them forcing the brelani couple on us and started some redemption for Theresa then. I liked the little scene with her and Abby about Summer, too. I’m sure it was a relief for Abby to talk or think about someone’s problems besides her own.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the Theresa/Abigail scene. I liked that. I’m still not totally onboard with this personality transplant they gave Theresa, but I like when they utilize her like that.

      • Myrthala11 Says:

        You know I still think the bitchy part of Theresa is still there. It came out yesterday when she didn’t want to call summer. I’ll admit I’m biased, kim&shane are my ship, and I’ve tried really hard to understand where “original recipe” Theresa got her issues, even though I don’t think there has been enough explanation. I do think it’s interesting that there is a segment that think she is evil and I think the worst things she did besides being a royal bitch and drug user where fake amnesia to get JJ in trouble, embezzle, and hit John with over the head with a poker. I don’t think she intended to seriously hurt John but her self serving actions following didn’t help. Nicole pretended that Jennifer caused the death of her child and people still love her. Steve and Jack were both antagonistic characters when they started – ( I still hate jack btw he poisoned school children!) Kristin raped a priest and stole Theresa’s fetus but I’ve seen posts the Kristin should come back and teach her a lesson? Lol even John preferred Theresa to Kristin! Personally, I think they’ve shown that she isn’t as superficial as she seems, (thoughtful gifts she gave to Caroline & Eve, protecting Brady when Anne tried to spike his drink) I’m glad they have softened her heart, let her guard down enough to at least try and trust people.
        At the end of the day, I like complex characters, like Theresa and Nicole struggling to do the right thing but they just can’t shake their instincts to protect themselves first. I loved Abby during the EJ affair and all the conflict – when Nick found out! I’m ok with Maggie’s secret baby. I think if it turns out that Summer is not really that baby that maybe Maggie thinks her baby could be out there alive? None of us is perfect and it’s entertaining to see those conflicts play out on a bigger than everyday life scale. Crappy sets and poor production values aside this is what soaps are about. ( sorry if this goes off topic- I write the way I talk and I’m too lazy to edit it☺️)

      • mykleraus Says:

        I really like Theresa. I feel like they rushed her redemption and cheated the character out of a really compelling arc, but I enjoy her complexity. I also wish they’d built more of a love story for her — this Brady thing just feels very slapdash to me, which is a shame.

  2. Dan Says:

    I actually agree with your assessment. I didn’t see all of this week; I’m not a fan of Pop! airing the episodes on Thursdays when I typically tend to meet up with friends.

    I’ll probably get trashed for it, but I like the Summer / Maggie story. Other than the Daniel element, I can buy the story because they grounded it in Maggie’s history. She was a crippled farm girl who was looked after by a family farm hand named Hank. If she was told the child died, I don’t see why she would tell everyone. And, looking at Mickey and Maggie’s 1970s history, I can buy the idea that an insecure Maggie wouldn’t tell Mickey right away that she had a one night stand with a wandering farm hand and gave birth to a still born child. This isn’t the kind of information the type of woman fighting for Mickey against his desires for his first wife Laura would have provided. Over time, do I think Maggie would have told Mickey? I would like to think so, but I don’t think it desecrates Mickey’s memory if it didn’t happen.

    I still am not sold that Summer is Maggie’s child. The original casting call said she was a con artist, and, when telling Maggie about her past, she said she was no longer a thief. We’ve seen her steal things in the past few weeks. Only Summer saw the test results. The other thing to remember is the casting call was for a short-term role and Summer is already out. Summer creates more conflict than Melissa or Sarah would alone. Now, with that said, I would personally bring one or the other to go up against Summer to give this story a bit more oomph.

    The story beats have been nice though. Maggie allowing Summer to call her Maggie rather than Mrs. Kiriakis. Maggie and Summer’s hug. Summer explaining her own childhood. Summer wanting to know why Maggie never came looking for her.

    I’m also not hating Belle and Phillip. MM and JPL seem to be generating a bit of friction, which neither have done with anyone else.

    I don’t know what to think of Dario and Nicole. JV’s Dario is much older than FSM (who I liked), but they seem to be playing a bit of the criminal element by keeping him connected to Summer and her story. I like that Nicole is still grieving; I don’t believe Daniel was the love of her life, but I believe Nicole believes it. It’s a shame we only get to see this because they refuse to write for her.

    I missed most of the Hernandez stuff but its shocking that they’ve brought on Gabi, Eduardo, Dario, and Adriana in such a short time especially considering the storyline wasteland that Rafe has been in. I think you need Dario and Adriana to tell the Eduardo story properly, which I feel has been a very disjointed story, but I think you also need Eve around to do it justice. I want Eve and Adriana to meet. I want Eve to become obsessed with Gabi, who looks like her dead daughter, Gabi.

    There are layers to play, but I don’t see it happening.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I don’t mind the Summer thing as a con artist story. The Daniel thing is what’s driven me insane — I actually liked the Maggie/Summer conversation quite a bit, but there was SO much yapping about Daniel mixed in there. The age thing is really bothering me, even though I know it’s the sort of thing I should just overlook, but Summer would have to be AT LEAST 55 for this to make any sense. And yeah, I wouldn’t mind one of Maggie’s daughters being around to play that conflict (it’s a little ridiculous how she’s howling over Daniel but hasn’t seen either of her daughters in years).

      I completely agree about the Eve/Adriana angle. It’s such a missed opportunity. It’s actually crazy to me that they wrote Eve out when there was so much organic story for her. They brought her back and were forcing story, and then when the pieces fell into place for it to be more natural, they got rid of her. So odd.

  3. Cyn Says:

    What I don’t like about the Hernandez family – aside from them sucking away all the screen time from other stories, is that this woman has not shown up for really significant family events – you know, like Rafe’s marriage, Arianna’s funeral, the birth of Gabi’s daughter, Gabi going to PRISON, – and yet there is no conflict. None – and there should be to make this story interesting.

    I must disagree about the Summer storyline – it seems pointless especially since it is short term and Maggie already has 2 daughters who we never ever see. We might be interested in getting to know Sarah Horton, but this dreck with Summer is just annoying and makes me want to fast forward on to anything else.

    Worst yet, the story that I am interested in – Steve & Kayla, seems to be getting the minimum amount of airtime. Things that are mentioned in spoilers don’t happen, and we are left hanging. They need some couples therapy to get past all the Ava 💩.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, I’m finding it a little absurd that we have to overlook how many major events Adriana has missed. I know we’re supposed to see her as better than Eduardo, and the actress delivered in the scenes where she confronted him, but there’s a disconnect because she’s been so absent, too.

      Knowing that Summer is already out makes me way less invested in the story. I do wonder if this’ll open the door for Maggie’s real (other) daughter showing up at some point.

  4. kathy Says:

    What good is a soap opera if there aren’t secrets that pop out when needed? I’m just going with the Summer reveal so that I can enjoy Suzanne Rogers on screen for a little while.

  5. ADW Says:

    I remember the scene with Theresa/Abigail just bc Abigail said, “we’re not friends…what’s wrong?” Jennifer said the same exact thing around the time Theresa began her “amends tour” as a tactic to get Theresa to spill something to the Horton gossiping gals and they got her: hook, line, and sinker (Ok maybe they actually gave a s—).
    It’s heart warming to see Theresa still has a friend 😀 w/ Anne evidently out of the picture (again) and Eve just sort of feel off the canvas with out an explanation. Nicole had some issues with the girl friend department too and Chloe is in Chicago. In many ways, Nicole and Theresa are alike as they have been the town pariahs and hated by Victor. We have Nicresa 😉 It’s always good to see a sisterhood of women helping other women as opposed to just the obligatory cat fights usually over a guy.

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