Oh, Baby

That feeling when you realize you forgot to invite your infant son to your wedding.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.38.12 PM

Seriously, that was kind of a glaring omission, no? There wasn’t even a mention of Thomas during the ceremony itself. Why would you not have your baby there? Everyone loves a baby in a tux! And it’s not like they were exactly running out of room for guests. I never feel worse for Salemites these days than at their weddings. Abigail — who is purported to be a beloved member of the community, even if she is kind of a judgy homewrecker — couldn’t even scrape together ten wedding guests? So grim. And then the reception was like five people milling around until enough time had passed that they could bolt, while Abigail gazed at a display of cupcakes no one touched. Have none of these people ever known the pleasures of being in a room full of relatives who’ve had too much house Chardonnay doing the Electric Slide? Jeez.

And what was with Eric high-horsing at Jennifer about the pills and how they muted her reaction to the emotional reading from Jack’s book during the ceremony?

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.59.04 PM

That looks like a pretty appropriate reaction (and a well acted one on Melissa Reeves’ part) to a touching excerpt from your dead husband’s book being read at your daughter’s wedding!

Foolishness aside, the actual ceremony was very nice. JJ walking Abigail down the aisle got me emotional, and the vows were well done. It was smart of them to give Chad and Abigail a wedding now, with these actors still in the roles, because they’ve had a great build, and there’s no telling how that will hold up down the line. Wise not to delay the payoff until we, like 80 percent of the people who received invitations, don’t even care anymore.

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2 Comments on “Oh, Baby”

  1. ML Says:

    The babies on this show are the most well-rested children on the face of the earth – they are ALWAYS napping. Maybe the wedding interfered with Thomas’ nap schedule?

    Seriously though. Thomas was just hanging out in his pj’s, wide wake in his crib, and Abby was all, “Brb, going downstairs to marry your daddy!” They couldn’t have at least thrown tuxedo onesie on him and put him in a baby swing for the festivities?!

    I’m waiting with baited breath to see your reaction to the black and white throwback photo of Maggie on the farm!!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Just wait til he’s 3 and constantly being shuttled off to the kitchen to be fed cookies instead of napping! I thought it was really bizarre that they didn’t have someone walk down the aisle with the baby or at least have Jen holding him. It’s not like they went to a church — it was the damn living room!

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