Storage Wars

I started a new job last week and had a houseguest all weekend, so I’m just getting caught up on Warehouses of Our Lives.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.47.53 PM

Ciara just walks in there, all, “Oh, this is the same place where we went to that party and where I was taken.” Um, you attended a (terrible) rave in the same place you were held captive and didn’t mention it at the party? That would’ve been great party trivia, if nothing else — and goodness knows that thing needed some spice.

I was legitimately impressed with Vivian Jovanni in the scenes in which Ciara confronted Chase. I don’t know what got into her, but she wasn’t stiff, and the emotions felt raw and real. Surprisingly well done. And it’s good to see Ciara has inherited her mother’s penchant for crazed tirades at baddies. I’m shocked she didn’t pull out a gun and plug him while she had the chance. Those scenes aside, though, the fallout of this utterly unnecessary rape fell very flat for me. Kristian Alfonso did expectedly strong work with Hope processing what had happened to her daughter, but there were so many layers missing from the writing. Doesn’t Hope have any feeling for Chase, whom she’s allegedly helped to raise? That could’ve been any teenage rapist she was railing at.

And then we had this ripoff of The Expendables.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 11.20.20 AM

Credit where credit is due: they’re trying new things visually, and that shootout was different for Days. I found the choreography a little disorienting — you kind of couldn’t tell where people were in relation to one another, which might’ve been a result of shooting it in chunks — but giving us a little action like this does help make it believable that these guys actually have these secret-agent and assassin pasts. Poor Rafe, though, walking in there with JJ and Lani as his backup. JJ couldn’t manage control of 90-pound Ava, and Lani is… Lani. Yikes. What, was Roman not available? I’m sure the shooters would’ve responded well to him marching in there and barking, “What da HELL?”

The beat of Eduardo taking a bullet for Rafe felt right, though, and I liked that weird little moment of Gabi discovering that her mother apparently left for Salem two weeks ago and hasn’t arrived yet. To be fair, this is a woman who couldn’t be bothered to show up when her own daughter died, so I wouldn’t exactly be shocked if she were taking her sweet time getting there, but it’s an intriguing tidbit. (Anyone else think she was going to be revealed as the mastermind of the warehouse shootout?)

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.36.23 PM

This was some creepy shit. It still feels dramatically wrong to me for John’s parents, after all this time, to turn out to be some people we’ve never heard of, but what was lacking in drama with that lame-ass meeting with his mother was almost made up for with the intro of the dad. I bet being an Alamain doesn’t seem so bad now, does it, John?

As for things that (amazingly) did not take place in a warehouse…

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 1.15.31 PM

Maybe Rafe should’ve brought Jennifer along to that shootout, considering she opted to wear a very ornate bulletproof vest to her daughter’s wedding.

The scene in which Julie, Adrienne, and Jennifer gave Abigail her wedding gifts was pretty much pitch-perfect Days, though I found it tonally bizarre to be doing these sweet, emotional scenes in the same episode as that dark, violent shootout. And that isn’t even getting into the logistical fuckery of Gabi’s involvement in both events. “I don’t want Abigail to know that her goddaughter was kidnapped, but go ahead and have your wedding! Just let her think her maid-of-honor is a flaky bitch!” That at least warranted a follow-up scene in which Chad covered for Gabi with Abigail, no?

At least they bothered to explain why Gabi wasn’t there, though. What a pathetic guest list! Steve, Kayla, and Joey weren’t in attendance… nor was Theresa, who designed the dress… and neither was Abigail’s own brother, completely without explanation. But don’t worry, she remembered to invite the guy who killed her beloved Daniel, even though I don’t think they’ve ever had a one-on-one scene. (Also, did the staging seem super-wonky to anyone else? When she walked up the aisle, Theo was way off to the side, Abigail didn’t appear to have a fill-in maid-of-honor, and there wasn’t any officiant standing up there with Chad. So weird.)

Side note: I was watching these episodes while the aforementioned houseguest was in the room, and he burst out laughing when Julie made some declaration like, “And let’s try not to bring up the fact that Ben Weston has escaped from the institution!” Such normal, everyday dialogue! And while I’m on the subject of Ben, what was with Lucas’s “That name gives me the creeps” line? We aren’t talking about Ted Cruz here — the guy murdered your son in cold blood! A little glib, no?

But let’s end on a happy note.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.14.35 PM

Look at these adorable DiMera boys! There’s a sentence I never thought I’d be typing.

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12 Comments on “Storage Wars”

  1. Mo Says:

    Once Ciara and Chase were alone in that warehouse scene I agree it was a strong moment. Everything leading up to it was completely ridiculous though! DAYS already made one of their teens a rapist and another one a murderer, now they have the remainder of the group form an old-fashioned posse and KIDNAP the accused? It felt odd that Super-Sweet Theo or Next American Idol Claire would just agree to take the law into their own hands like that. I guess this IS Salem though and teens are doing things at a younger and younger age these days. So much of what has been wrong with this show in my opinion have been things like this though. A slower pace would allow for these characters to explain themselves a bit better, although I know the snails pace the show was on in the Fall wasn’t a good situation either.

    You are so right about Roman! He’d barge in and bellow “What in the Hell is going on around here?”. Everyone would freeze. The show would go to commercial. Shootout over.

    The guy playing John’s dad is creepy as Hell! I thought it was just Drake Hogestyn in heavy makeup but then realized the guy can actually (over?) act and learned it’s the dude from the Saw franchise. We can only hope he’ll ask John if he want’s to play a game at some point.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That whole vigilante mob of teens felt nuts. What did they think was going to happen? They could’ve at least dragged him to the police station, considering that two of them have parents who work there. And you’re right — they’re missing a lot of the connective beats. I think they’re justifying it in favor of speeding up the pace *and* surprising the audience, but the result is that we aren’t invested in what people are doing because we don’t understand why they’re doing those things.

      John’s dad is REALLY creepy. Good casting ‘get’ for them, I suppose.

      • Shea Says:

        My first thought was please don’t let Joey be the one to get revenge…there is no letting what he would have done to him. As dark as this show has been in the last few months I was truly terrified about what was about to happen when Ciara was alone with Chase. When she was waving that metal bar around I was actually afraid she was going to rape him with it…or that they would give the impression that she did,,,so I relieved she called Hope.

        Again I think the whole rape story was just done for shock value so I wasn’t sure just how much shock they wanted.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Oh god. I didn’t even think of that, but I would hardly have been shocked if they’d gone there. I’m still surprised Hope didn’t just shoot his ass right there.

  2. ADW Says:

    Other than Abigail seeing Ben, the wedding was so boring and the sparse attendance was sad. I got a laugh out of some of the outfits like Adrienne’s boobalicious intergalactic space curtain she squeezed herself into. I don’t get why Eric was there either; Eric is just Jennifer’s friend, I don’t think he has ever said two words to Abigail. Why is nobody (other Nicole) pissed at Eric for killing their precious Daniel? I thought it was odd Steve, Kayla, and Joey weren’t there. Abigail’s cousin, Shawn-Douglas? Abe? Maggie still could have gone without “under the weather” Victor–lies! I’m sure Victor had to come up with an excuse to not have to set foot in the Dimera mausoleum and see the last demon bastard spawn of Stefano marry a Horton. Whether or not Ari was missing, Gabi really doesn’t give a flying you know what about Abigail. Only John, Marlena, Rafe, and JJ (Lani probably wasn’t invited) had a valid excuse. I’m pretty sure JJ arrives late still in uniform. Abigail didn’t show up to Hope’s wedding where she was bridesmaid, so naturally Hope did show up to Abigail’s–haha 😉
    I agree, that was odd that a rookie detective and rookie officer were Rafe’s back up at the warehouse. Why did they not hire extras as SWAT guys? I adore A. Martinez so, I hope Eduardo is not the next funeral on “Deaths of our Lives.” Just a side note on Mama Hernandez, Eduardo talked to Gabi about how they met at an Art Gallery and mentioned that she had a “4th Grade Education” so, maybe Mama got on the wrong bus or drove to accidently Mexico.
    Well, needless to say I’m glad that after 30 years,we are learning who the f— John is now prior to adoption and who his parents are. I’m guessing that John’s Dad was a POW or went AWOL during the Korean War, anything to get away from his wife, the deranged June Allyson. Somebody had a theory that John’s Dad has the same disease as Caroline had and came to Salem looking for the serum which makes sense right now.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I forgot how Abigail flaked on Hope’s at the last minute. Maybe Hope is being passive-aggressive by not showing up — though, in Abigail’s defense, it was later revealed that she’d been kidnapped by a madman and was giving birth at that moment, so she had a pretty good excuse!

      I don’t think Eduardo will die. They seem invested in this set of relationships. I like how this feels like a turning point for him and Rafe. Where the F is Dario, btw?! Did he get on that bus with his mother and get lost?

      I could totally see this thing being about the serum, in some convoluted way. Which I guess is at least a motivation, but boy, does everyone who comes to Salem like to over-complicate their plans.

  3. Jamie Says:

    “That name gives me the creeps” line? We aren’t talking about Ted Cruz here — the guy murdered your son in cold blood! A little glib, no? — I read your recap first, so I didn’t see this when I left a comment over there. 🙂 I couldn’t believe that response from Lucas!

    Vivian Jovanni really did well in those scenes with confronting Chase. She can actually act when she’s emoting and she can cry. It’s in the normal every day scenes where she’s so horrible. It’s painful to watch, honestly.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Honestly, though — has ANYONE discussed the fact that it was Ben and not Aiden who killed Serena, Paige, and Will? We never saw Hope or Chase react, which was ridiculous, but I’d imagine Eve would’ve had a thought on it, given that she and Paige knew Ben from Florida. So maybe Lucas DOESN’T know…

      • Shea Says:

        That is why those missed beats are so annoying! Some of these little details matter! We still have no clue who knows what about the true identity of the necktie killer.

        I know that seeing Steve’s reaction to John being kidnapped Monday seemed kinda out of the blue because apparently these two have had scenes where they discussed John looking into his past that were mentioned in spoilers and recaps but NEVER aired.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I was just relieved to finally have a scene in which John and Steve remembered that they’re working together! I liked the vibe of that J&M/S&K scene a lot.

      • Shea Says:

        Wait….I forgot Deimos was renting Ben’s old apt. Now I remember the scene where the landlord told him the previous tenant was a serial killer….so maybe it is public knowledge?

      • mykleraus Says:

        I think it’s supposed to be public knowledge. We just never saw anyone besides Abigail’s crew, Justin, and Roman reacting to the news. Sloppy writing.

        Speaking of which… when is Deimos moving out of the hotel and into that apartment?

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