That’s (Not) So Rave-in’

What in sad Party City hell was that rave?!

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.52.42 PM

I’m depressed just looking at the screenshot. And that’s only half the space! But don’t worry, there wasn’t any denser a population of partygoers or props in the other half. Did no one think to hang a few black curtains and tighten up the room? Twelve people in the Horton living room will look a hell of a lot more crowded than twelve people in the Grand Canyon. The staging was just so sad and ridiculous that it (almost) made me long for the days when The Gays played beer pong in the Town Square.

Speaking of the gays: what in the world was with Paul’s scenes on Thursday? His conversation with Lani seemed like a blatant “We have to meet these two people’s contract guarantees and need some other scenes to fill airtime” — which can sometimes be fun, if unlikely characters have a conversation and there’s a common thread or insight revealed. But the dialogue there might as well have been, “Hello, I’ve been asked to fill airtime.” “Yes, me too!” It struck me as strange that Lani knew who Paul was but didn’t seem to know that he’s gay. Did they not get that groundbreaking issue of Sonix in Florida?

I haven’t seen Friday’s episode yet, so I can’t comment on whether there was any payoff to — and by payoff, I mean, “content that made sense of” — Paul’s run-in with Random Emo Teen (Henry?). Nor can I comment on Joey smothering Ava in her hospital room, although I will say that if I’d been promised a rave and then gotten dragged to that grim affair, I probably would’ve turned homicidal, too.

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12 Comments on “That’s (Not) So Rave-in’”

  1. Mo Says:

    Looks like The final four employees in an empty Spencer’s Gifts that went out of business at a mall…

  2. underyourwing Says:

    YEA JOEY of course pops takes the rap… inventive. then again
    is eva really DEAD DEAD or is she just dead???

  3. Jamie Says:

    Who is the girl that invited Joey to the “rave”? I’m trying to find the actresses name online as she looks very familiar.

  4. ADW Says:

    The “rave” was ridiculous, I guess it was so underground that only about a dozen kids heard about it. This party might have appealed to the Salem U kids too; as I mentioned before all of the college-aged kids died, vanished, or dropped out. I think they could have used some more scenery and strobes. On a positive note, it was better than the rave they had on Saved by the Bell the College Years. Also, I’m glad they weren’t playing dub step or trap.
    I don’t think Lani really cares that is gay. Hold up, wasn’t Lani supposed to be on a dinner date with Shawn? Did he cancel or was she having a pre-date cocktail to take the edge off?I haven’t seen Friday’s show yet either.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I just thought it was odd that Lani made those comments about Theo having trouble with a girl, just like ALL young men do, and didn’t seem to notice Paul’s reaction. But I honestly couldn’t tell what was intentional and what was poor writing and direction. Weird scenes. There wasn’t even any context for them.

      I still LOL at the thing about all the Salem U students dropping out, vanishing, or dying. I guess these kids don’t really need to worry about the application process, though!

  5. Dan Says:

    I don’t watch much, but I remember Henry admitted to being bullied. I thought he was going to be a closet-case who was tormenting Theo.

    The balance on this show (huge sets, no extras) is hilarious. I miss the show when everything was blue but the story was good.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, he was part of that whole bullying talk. I wasn’t entirely sure what the point of including him was (I thought maybe he’d wind up being Ava’s kid?), but I guess they’re going to use him to keep Paul busy in some minor way for a bit.

      • ADW Says:

        Yeah, I thought Henry and Chase were tag teaming when it came to bullying Theo based on Henry’s reaction. Henry looked like a sad dog with his head down as he was getting reamed out by his owner for peeing and pooing on the nice Persian rug*. Then, Henry abruptly sympathized about being bullied too. Also, Chase seemed much chummier with Henry than the rest if the group during the teens little truth or dare party at TBD. I seriously thought Henry was going to be the son of some prominent judge in Salem (I saw 2 castings calls for those characters a while back). Chase found out about Hope’s arrest for killing Dr. Malcom from a kid at school and I thought he might have heard it from Henry (I didn’t know his name at time); I’m pretty sure Chase said the kid’s name who was spreading the rumors was “Evan” though.
        I had no idea that TPTB was going to create another gay character but, that’s fine with me 😀 I could see Paul helping Henry come out and being a “big brother” figure to him as opposed to a lover.
        Friday’s episode mentions Sonny returning which confirms what we already know. I would like to see Paul and Sonny together down the road because they strike me as being more compatible than WilSon.
        Btw the teens need jobs! Maybe Sonny will recruite some of them to work at TBD. Perhaps, Belle will try to coax Claire and Ciara to work at The Edge? The legal age to drink in Salem is 18, right? Maybe Claire will come around a sing at the club (much like Eve did at one of the bars back in the day) oh dear God, if I have to hear Claire sing again I will shove chop sticks in my ears. 😝

        *Speaking of rugs, Jennifer’s rug in her living room sure have had quite a rough treatment! Paige slammed the chocolate cake on it last summer; the other day Ciara broke glass and her Margherita on it. This time Jennifer was probably too high to give a damn IF Hope even told her about it.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That living room has really been through it this year! At this rate, I’m sure there will be bloodstains from a murder on that carpet by summer…

        I caught the Sonny mention, too. It seemed a little odd for Justin to be like, “Your great-nephew has run two restaurants, so he’s qualified to be CEO of your international corporation!” Then again, at least Sonny has had a JOB at some point.

        I have a feeling that the Paul/Henry interaction is meant to keep Paul (and “the gay scene”) onscreen for a while as casting and stuff is sorted out. I don’t mind the idea of Paul paying it forward by helping a troubled kid, though the way they’ve slipped Henry into the show is so low-key and weird.

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