Casting Rumors

None of these are in any way confirmed, but I’m putting them behind a cut because you know what they say: where there’s smoke, Hope’s house is probably on fire (again).

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 10.05.35 AM

Let’s start with the most grounded one. Vincent Irizarry (Deimos) posted a photo of himself and Judi Evans on set… and there’s someone in the background who looks a hell of a lot like Freddie Smith (Sonny).

When people began pointing that out, Irizarry went out of his way (multiple times) to clarify that it was “a stagehand” who bears a resemblance to Smith. There’s another Instagram post floating around in which (if you zoom in) it seems that Sonny might also be present in a scene taking place in a hospital room. Personally, I see the one in Club TBD totally being him, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all. There were a lot of rumors about Sonny being recast, but I never saw a casting call that fit the role, and Smith has been open to recurring (and possibly returning) from the moment he ended his contract run.

As for this next one…


There’s now speculation that Chandler Massey is returning as Will Horton. This all appears to have begun with the following post by his (former?) publicist, hinting at a possible return.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.17.03 PM

From what I can tell, this could all be total shit-stirring, though that seems like an odd thing for a publicist to do for no reason. So either Massey is coming back, or he wants to come back, or his ex-publicist is crazy and using him for attention in some way. The clues that Sonny is already back filming do bolster this theory, as does the recent renewal. I could definitely see Corday deciding that the backlash over Will’s death was harmful, or missing the acclaim that “WilSon” brought (which isn’t exactly being heaped on Days with its latest Philip/Belle/Shawn rehash). Corday also stated that any death that happened from September 2015 onward would stick, which is… not something I’d put much stock in, since this is Days. Also, I think it’s possible that part of NBC’s annoyance over the lag between filming and airing is that the show told them they were resurrecting Will, but he won’t be onscreen until, like, next fall.

If I had to place a bet, I’d say that there’s some kind of Sonny and Will reprise coming, possibly just short-term enough to reveal that Will is alive, reunite him with Sonny, and send them off into the sunset. And these ‘accidents’ on social media are actually calculated plants to get the word out there even though it’s far too early to spoil onscreen story.

And now for the final piece of speculation.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 11.10.47 AM

Rebecca Herbst, who has played Liz Webber since the late 90s on General Hospital, has apparently hit an impasse in negotiations with that show and is considering a role on Days. Though it wasn’t clear at first what role she might be up for, speculation seems to have zeroed in on Abigail, who’s definitely being recast once Kate Mansi exits. This seems entirely plausible, and Herbst is a strong actress. She did an incredible job with the tale of Liz’s rape… back in 1998, when she was playing a teenager. Yeah, she looks young, but she’s also 38, making her a full decade older than Mansi (whom I think is playing a few years younger than her actual age of 28). Even weirder, Martha Madison (Belle) actually stepped into Herbst’s role of Liz briefly while Herbst was out a few years ago. So basically: yes, this is probably happening, Melissa Reeves will be playing the mother of someone who’s eight years younger than her, and I’m sure we’ll have an announcement pretty soon.

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16 Comments on “Casting Rumors”

  1. ADW Says:

    I’m ecstatic but, not surprised about Sonny returning. I doubt Will would return because he’s dead, right? Ken Corday stated, “anyone killed since September 2015 will remain dead.” Is it possible that Rebecca Herbst could be cast to play Sarah Horton? Sarah would likely be in her mid 30s now based upon the age she was when she left.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Sarah Horton was the first thing people seemed to mention when the report came out, and she’s the right age(ish) for Herbst, so of course they’ll do something insane and make her Abigail. Because it’s Days!

  2. marypickford Says:

    If they bring both Aiden and Will back from the dead, I swear … !

    I would be happy for WilSon fans. I didn’t see enough of their story to become one myself, but I thought it was a terrible idea to end it the way they did.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Their story wasn’t anything incredible, honestly. Most of what drew people in, IMO, was that this was the first gay couple, the characters and actors were appealing, and there were lots of moments rooted in real emotion. But in terms of strong long-term story, I don’t think theirs was one of the greats.

  3. Cyn Says:

    Maybe the real Will never came home from California, the other guy (who cheated on Sonny) conveniently a DiMera replacement.

    If not Abigail, how about Stephanie Johnson? If Joey is now a teen, then Steph should be in her mid 30’s at least.

    As to the age thing, I think Joy Garret was only 6 or so years older than Stephen Nichols when she played his mom, so they have done it before.

    I’m hoping that Real Andrews will end up being Marcus Hunter, since poor Steve could sure use a friend about now.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s definitely a viable theory — that Will was replaced with a double at some point. (Why? Who cares! The DiMeras’ plans never make sense.)

      I’ve been wondering if we’ll see Stephanie again sometime soon, given the renewed emphasis on Steve and Kayla. She could definitely be useful…

  4. Shea Says:

    I’ve always said that “dead” isn’t necessarily “dead” on any soap but especially not on Days. But I think if you are going to bring someone back you need to wait a while, not bring them back within the same year. It’s going to be convoluted mess to try to explain it and now it looks like they may be doing it with 2 characters? That doesn’t work for me. In fact it makes me cringe like Melaswen…and I wasn’t even watching full time back then.

    I really like Rebecca Herbst but GH has really put her character in a tough spot and I think it has cost her a lot of fans and from what I have seen it has made her the brunt of a lot of internet hatred. (I think Days is close to doing the same thing to Kristisn Alphonso right now.) I do think she is too old to play Abigail so I hope that is not the role she would be taking on.

    • VKing Says:

      What is happening with Kristen Alphonso? Thanks.

      • Shea Says:

        Nothing is happening. I have just been reading a lot of Internet posts from fans reacting to the show and it seems a good number of people are sick of Hope and now that Hope has “murdered” Stefano they think the character is ruined and they are ready to write her off. I have seen people trashing her acting when it is clearly the writing. Rebecca Herbst is in a similar situation where a good number of fans think her character (Elizabeth) has been ruined and so they post things trashing the actress. That is all I meant by my post…sorry if I confused you.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Yeah, people tend to have a tough time separating the performer from the character and the writing…

        I don’t think Hope is even close to ruined. It was a dumb story move, but Stefano tortured her family for three decades. One of these idiots should’ve just shot him dead YEARS ago.

    • mykleraus Says:

      This is why they shouldn’t have killed Will in the first place. It was only a matter of time before they decided to bring him back anyway. It’s ridiculous. I’m still in favor of undoing his death, but it’s going to be asinine.

      RH seems to be getting kicked around a lot on GH. She goes through periods of being sort of backburnered and then gets shoved into other people’s stories, and they’ve gotten her into a lot of weird fanbase stuff. I wouldn’t blame her for bolting if she had an offer from another show.

      • VKing Says:

        Thanks for the clarification!

      • Farah Says:

        Liz is the Nicole of General Hospital. She never gets to be happy. She’s always the scape goat. I don’t want to lose Elizabeth Webber (the only person left of the show’s original family the Hardy/Webber’s). But she has no family left on the canvas (a real disgrace). And she doesn’t have anything friends left either.

        I’m just afraid this is another Sarah Brown, Chrishell Stause, Melissa Archer, Lindsay Hartley, Tamara Braun and Natalia Livingston. Take a popular actress from another show, and then do nothing with them, and fire the actress a year later.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Yeah, I hate that her leaving would remove that last link to the original core of GH, but it’s so decimated anyway…

        I think you’re right about her being yet another of those actresses. The upside of them making her Abigail is that the character already works and has connections.

  5. […] As was rumored — and by “rumored,” I mean “pretty much confirmed via photographic evidence” — weeks ago, Serial Scoop reports that Freddie Smith is returning in the role of Sonny Kiriakis. […]

  6. eunchu Says:

    my name is kimI would love it if Rebecca herbst play Abigail on days

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