The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

It’s so nice when you’re single but the world still gets you a Valentine’s Day gift!

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 9.25.49 AM

I’m pretty sure I’ve had dreams about this sight before.

I continue to be put off by the way they’re handling the fallout of Daniel’s death, though — and not even (or exclusively) from a perspective of just being so sick of him that I want him gone and not mentioned. It does not work that they’re focusing this so heavily on the great love shared by Nicole and Daniel. They weren’t Bo and Hope. And I don’t even mean that in a sense of “I didn’t like them and they sucked” — they simply were not a great love story onscreen. There was no arc there, they didn’t really overcome anything, and the part where they were actually together was once-a-month filler until Daniel was killed off. Arianne Zucker is putting in serious work, and Nicole’s grief is still falling flat for me. This should be about Nicole’s perception of herself and what she deserves (or doesn’t deserve) from the universe. Between the rewrite that she and Daniel had a love for the ages and the very forced Nicole/Brady/Theresa setup, I just can’t invest in this beyond appreciating what an asset Zucker is as an actor.

The rest of the dreams were… whatever. Most of it was stuff we already knew, so it felt more like filler than I think was intended. I liked what they tried with Ciara, and while I’m not sure the actress totally pulled it off, she had her moments. Chad and Abigail’s was basically a microcosm of the brainwashing story. Theresa’s was cutesy but boring, and I’m tired of seeing her assume she isn’t good enough for a 40-year-old recovering addict who’s lived off his father’s and grandfather’s wealth his entire life.

Having Julie and Doug as the framing device for the entire episode, however, did work for me.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 9.34.38 AM

It’s nice to see the show regarding them with the reverence and historical weight that they deserve, after a few decades of them being little more than “Hope’s parents” when the story called for it. I enjoyed them so much that I’m even willing to overlook the utter weirdness of schlepping a bunch of framed photos down to the local coffee house, then setting them up on a table as though displaying them.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 9.18.57 AM

Guys, that’s a bizarre thing to do. And then Julie helpfully exposited that these were donated for the town’s bicentennial and she’s putting them into storage. What?! People’s contributions to the anniversary of the city were… a bunch of framed photographs of their own weddings and various other couples’ studio portraits. Okay, sure. Who else lives in this town besides these 40 or so narcissists, anyway?!

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4 Comments on “The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre”

  1. ADW Says:

    Did you catch that Daniel’s b’day on the tombstone is Shawn Christian’s b’day in real life? Also, I thought Daniel was not breathing when he was brought in and pronounced brain dead on New Years Day as opposed to the Jan 6th? I agree, Daniel’s and Nicole’s “great love” doesn’t compare to ANY of the great super couples over the years. Also, for well over a month Daniel has been dead and gone, now it’s time to move on. We didn’t see this OTT grieving for Bo and Will who are actually more important.
    Doug and Julie are great and I’m glad they still come around. I think we need a young couple like them or even someone close to a Tom and Alice. It’s ridicoulous that so many characters nowadays who are their 30s have already been married and divorced an average of 2-4 times with Sami of course leading by a landslide.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was shocked that they had Daniel be SC’s actual age, based on the tombstone! They almost always age the characters down a little with anyone beyond the young adult set. Daniel didn’t really read as being 51 at the time of his death (SC does look very good for his age), and I find it hard to believe that the doctor who showed up in 2008 and romanced Chelsea was supposed to be, like, 42-43, but it works just as well as anything. The January 6th thing drove me insane. We KNOW the accident happened on NYE. They didn’t sit around handing Maggie tissues for six days!

      I think the bigger problem with the next generation is that they move through these relationships without any real permanence. Julie was divorced/widowed, like, four times before she was 40, but there was a throughline to her story (always leading back to her and Doug). For pretty much everyone under 50, it’s a crapshoot as to where they’re ‘supposed’ to land. Sami is probably the last one to have any kind of visible throughline — even though I could’ve plausibly seen her winding up with EJ, Lucas, or Rafe by the end of her run, at least there was a strong thread holding it all together. Compare that to, say, Brady, who just bounces from one relationship to the next with every shift of the writing staff, or Belle, whom they just keep in this endless go-round that never really progresses.

  2. Shea Says:

    I kinda liked the episode. Sure it was cheesy but it was cute in parts. Why were Doug and Julie at the club? They own the Martin mansion. Let them hang out there.

    I did like the end with everyone at the square. Why can’t we see that more often instead of all the storyline bubbles.

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