Maybe That’s What the Y is For

Seriously: why is this dude around? Why are we supposed to care? Why is he having random scenes with Shawn and Lani and Claire?

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.32.35 AM

Fynn (that spelling!) is just the epitome of pointless filler soap character. He’s hot, he’s a doctor, he’s a cad, blah blah blah. That thing with his sex tapes was so gross and forced. It’s a shame, too, because the actor is attractive, and I don’t think I’d mind him if his introduction had been at all organic and/or made sense, but he has no purpose in Salem, and they just keep flinging him at miscellaneous people and scenes. I’m irritated that they cut the scenes in which he and Shawn actually met and bonded, because it was supposed to be the foundation of this alleged friendship. I just… yawn.

This is basically the face I was making throughout Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s episodes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.52.35 PM

The stuff with Philip, Victor, and Deimos wasn’t half-bad, though it came out of almost nowhere and with so little build that it felt anticlimactic even though it should’ve been a big moment. The Andre/Chase scenes were intriguing, mostly because of the creepy, gothic quality, but I have absolutely no idea why Chase would accept food from Andre, and I can’t quite shake the whole child-molestor vibe of the entire thing.

Let’s have a palate cleanser.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.07.03 PM

Ah, that’s better. I might even be in the mood to name some things that I’ve enjoyed. That little guy was actually sucking on the bottle during those scenes, which I found oddly hypnotic. And as gross and unnecessary as Ava raping Steve and him keeping it a secret is, I like that Kayla is being smart and seeing right through everyone’s shit. Ummm… oh, I thought John’s discussion with Marlena about the things he missed out on in his childhood were pretty strong. If that’s the extent of this whole thing… fine, I guess? And even though I might be the only person on the entire Internet, I enjoyed the Hernandez family scenes. The tentative dynamic between Rafe and Eduardo is distinctive, and I really enjoy Gabi when she’s with the two of them. The entire thing just feels fresh but defined, which we’re desperately in need of. And did y’all catch that mention of Dario? Hmmm…

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16 Comments on “Maybe That’s What the Y is For”

  1. Gah! That picture of Philip brings me an inordinate amount of joy… but also hate, because he has such a punchable face.

    I could not agree more to the disgust with Fynn. He basically waltzes into Salem PD, insults Lani, and announces he’s a big ol’ perv who has taped himself getting it on with multiple women and just left this Sensitive Information hanging out on the camera along with footage of God knows what else. Then I was cringing the whole time he was talking to Claire… it just felt… wrong. Not least of all because her FATHER was lurking in the trees nearby watching the 40 year old video auteur giving life advice to his 17 year old daughter.

    SHAWN AND BELLE ARE HORRIBLE PARENTS! Phew! I feel better now 🙂

    Also, I got MAJOR creepy sex offender vibes from Andre towards Chase. Like, he was grooming him or something. Maybe I watch too much Dateline, but it was just gross. And why WAS Andre giving him food? They must have edited out something about him being hungry. It’s not like he’s a homeless waif à la Oliver Twist!

    Don’t eat food from DiMeras, Chase!!!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, what in the ever-loving fuck were we supposed to think seeing Fynn bounce from “sexy” chat about his homemade porn videos to a conversation with naive little Claire? That whole sequence was insane.

      And yeah, did Andre know Chase would be hungry? He had JUST left Hope’s house. It’s not like he’s been roaming the park for weeks on end. Chase couldn’t walk to the damn Town Square and get some invisible fro-yo? He was about to prostitute himself for a damn cheeseburger.

    • Mo Says:

      The show has been so blah recently! Not terrible but not great. At least when it’s terrible you can hate-watch it effectively. Right now it’s just person A goes to Point A and talks to Person B. Boring.

      The only things of interest to me recently have been Chase acting unstable and Jennifer on her pill roller coaster! Jen offered to cook so many people breakfast in the middle of the night (?) Thursday I finally jumped up from the couch and cooked an egg myself. Missy Reeves hasn’t had a decent story in YEARS so here’s hoping this leads to something more than Jack visiting her in her dreams and telling her to stop it.

      I wonder if they gave that scar to Thaao Penghlis as an excuse for his character to act even more repulsive? How to put this gently. There may have been a time when a certain group of people found Thaao Penghlis attractive but I can’t imagine there are many now. With the scar at least the writers can spare his feelings when people call him terrible things.

      Fynn would be a little hotter if his eyebrows were brought under control. I know it’s a small thing but I can’t stop looking at them when he’s on-screen. You are spot on about him being a bland soap character! Reminds me of… the one guy. The one who ran the spa/gym/”shirtless yoga in the lobby” place for awhile? You know… What’s his name.

      • mykleraus Says:

        QUINN! Or was it “Quynn”? Haha. I’m never going to be able to un-see that thing about his eyebrows, so… thanks.

        I hear what you’re saying about Thaao. They’re definitely leaning into the “Andre is a crazy old creep” thing now. Like, I can’t imagine them EVER pairing him with a love interest. I just discovered that he’s 70, though! I had no idea. I guess it makes sense, but I would’ve put him closer to 60, I guess. Same with James Reynolds (Abe).

  2. Shea Says:

    I’m just glad that there were some new interactions yesterday. I am sick of the storyline bubbles so anything that makes characters feel less isolated is a bit of an improvement for me.

    • mykleraus Says:

      True! I was actually relieved at the Chase/Andre, Fynn/Shawn, Shawn/Lani, etc., things just for the sake of variety. And I legitimately enjoyed the Hope/Jennifer scene in Thursday’s episode. I want MORE of that.

  3. VKing Says:

    I must admit I unexpectedly found some comic relief at first when Fynn reported his stolen sex tapes. But then Fynn creeped me out when he made the moves on Lani and then later tried to help Claire. Yuck. I also disliked the “thumbs up” move Fynn made to Shawn when Belle came to talk to Shawn at the station. What renowned heart surgeon would make an immature gesture like that??

    I thought the ukelele (sp) scenes between Theresa and Brady were kind of sweet…as were the scenes with Chad feeding the baby. I like Thao as Andre. Yes he is older, but Thao is attractive and he is a skilled actor. Plus his accent makes him even more interesting..I think Andre really did love his father.

    Speaking of fathers, I too like the scenes with Rafe and Eduardo–those two have chemistry together.

    So glad to hear Days is renewed. Yes the show might be in a bit of a mess right now, but I would take Days over any of those inane talk shows which litter daytime television!

    • mykleraus Says:

      The ukulele stuff wasn’t bad. The actors are managing to sell that material. I just sort of feel like there’s no ‘there’ there with Brady and Theresa. They’re in love now? Theresa is nice? Who cares?

      I would’ve liked the Fynn scenes WAY more if they hadn’t made him so smug about the sex tapes, as if he thought Lani should be impressed that he’s such a stud. The tone felt icky.

  4. fluffysmom Says:

    I enjoyed the Hernandez family scenes too. How about more Eduardo and less Fynn?!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’d be fine with that. I know there’s this belief that the Hernandez family has been eating the show alive since 2009, but I honestly don’t feel it. Would I like them to back off the Hope/Rafe pushing? Yes. But we need non-Horton/Brady families. I think this little unit is interesting.

  5. Dylan Says:

    Where did this “Fynn” character even pop out from? I don’t understand how he even ended up as a contract/recurring (?) character. He’s one of Daniel’s “old friends” from some past life in Australia? I’m lost. I wasn’t watching the storyline when he was introduced.

    • Shea Says:

      He won a contest in Australia to get a role on the show. Yes it is contract but the prize was a short term contract (less than a year). Of course if it works out they can extend the contract. I wish they had not made him a old friend of Daniel’s. I have no interest in seeing him developed as a character but we do need someone around to be a second doctor at the hospital.

    • mykleraus Says:

      He just showed up at the hospital one day and was one of Daniel’s old buddies. Now we learn they lived together in Malibu after Daniel’s first wife died. That’s literally all we know about him.

  6. underyourwing Says:

    i am so waiting for andre to start choking on all the scenery he’s been chewing…

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